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NBA Articles




NBA Articles / May, 2004

Around the NBA: Amico Report
[NBA Commentary] Looking at the best possible NBA finals matchups, Dennis Rodman vs. Ben Wallace, Dwight Howard preaching religion on top of basketball, your mail and much more. [May 28]

NBA All-Interview Teams
[NBA Awards] Professional basketball writers name the NBA players that give the best interviews. [May 28]

NBA Draft Lottery Interviews
[NBA Lottery] Read 10 interviews with NBA team reps at the 2004 NBA draft lottery after the results were official. Orlando interviews are separate (see below). [May 27]

Orlando GM John Weisbrod Interview
[Orlando Magic] The Orlando Magic just won first pick in the 2004 NBA draft. Here's the in-depth reaction from Orlando general manager John Weisbrod. [May 27]

Johnny Davis Interview
[Orlando Magic] The Orlando Magic just won first pick in the 2004 NBA draft. Here's the fairly quick reaction from Magic coach Johnny Davis. [May 27]

NBA Draft
[Orlando Magic] The NBA draft first 14 picks official order: 1. Orlando, 2. LA Clippers, 3. Chicago, 4. Charlotte, 5. Washington, 6. Atlanta, 7. Phoenix, 8. Toronto, 9. Philadelphia, 10. Cleveland, 11. Golden State, 12. Seattle, 13. Portland, 14. Utah. will update our 2004 NBA mock draft Thursday night. Profiles of prospects coming Thursday night and all day Friday. [May 27]

Sacramento Kings Postmortem
[Sacramento Kings] Once again, the Kings go out early. What's the future for Chris Webber, Vlade Divac and this team team as a whole? Don Drysdale breaks it down. [May 26]

NBA Power Rankings
[NBA Fans] ranks the entire league, as they stand right now, not taking into account free agent situations or draft picks just yet. [May 25]

New Grizzlies Logo
[NBA News] See Memphis' new look. [May 25]

Around the NBA
[NBA Commentary] Why the Spurs lost, more on the Spurs and Lakers, Richard Hamilton being underrated, the Wolves having a shot against the Lakers, your mail and more in the latest Amico Report. [May 20]

Bulls hire Jim Boylan
[NBA News] Chicago adds an assistant coach. [May 19]

Rasheed Wallace Interview
[NBA Playoffs] After Detroit's Game 6 win over New Jersey, met with Rasheed Wallace for an in-depth, exclusive interview. If you have some time, dive in and read one of the most personal, insightful Rasheed interviews of all time. Only brings you content like this. [May 17]

Pistons beat Nets, force Game 7
[NBA Playoffs] Raw, unedited, live game notes from Nets-Pistons Game 6 Sunday night in New Jersey. [May 17]

NBA Draft Early Entry List
[NBA Draft] presents the complete, official list of underclassmen who have declared themselves eligible for the 2004 NBA Draft. [May 14]

Throwing 'Bows: The Playoffs
[NBA Commentary] Looking at each series in the NBA playoffs, Julius Erving possibly the Raptors GM, booing Luke Walton (or not), the Pacer being really good, the Spurs not sweeping the Lakers and much more. [May 14]

Around the NBA
[Amico Report] Making the league better, open Nuggets tryouts, Rasheed Wallace, Hawks changes, overrated international playersFisher's shot with 0.4 seconds left and more. [May 14]

Throwing 'Bows: Olympics
[NBA Commentary] Who should and should not be on the USA Olympic basketball team. Highly opinionated, as always. [May 13]

Suns extend coach D'Antoni's contract
[NBA News] Phoenix gives coach Mike D'Antoni a two-year contract extension, through 2006-07. [May 12]

Inside the locker room
[NBA Playoffs] Nets player lockers have a customized message about each player. See what's said for each guy. [May 12]

Jason Kidd Interview
[NBA Playoffs] See what Kidd had to say after the Nets' Game 4 victory over the Pistons in New Jersey. [May 12]

Shaq's free throw odyssey
[NBA Analysis] The story of Shaq's career free throw shooting, ups and down, trials and tribulations. Great stuff. [May 10]

Could the Lakers-Spurs go seven games?
[NBA Analysis] A basketball coach tries to find the Lakers some help in their battle against the Spurs. [May 9]

Hawks fire coach Stotts
[NBA News] Atlanta fires coach Terry Stotts. [May 7]

Around the NBA
[NBA Commentary] Declaring for draft without hiring agent is admission of insecurity, ranting about the state of the game and more in the latest Amico Report. [May 7]

Dorell Wright on the rise
[High School] High school baller Dorell Wright has been turning heads, perhaps enough to jump straight to the pros. Learn about him. [May 6]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Commentary] Breaking down the Spurs-Lakers, position by position. Plus, other NBA notes, your fan mail and more. [May 3]

Acid test for Lakers
[Los Angeles Lakers] The Lakers have prepared for this all season. Now the Spurs provide the ultimate test. [May 3]

Extended round unnecessary
[NBA Commentary] The extended first round (best-of-five to best-of-seven) isn't necessarily good for the playoffs. [May 2]

Around the NBA
[NBA Commentary] In the Amico Report: The glory of the Memphis Grizzlies, various playoffs notes, reader mail, the USBL and much more. [May 1]

NBA Articles / April, 2004

Throwin' 'Bows: The Mailbag
[NBA Commentary] Tons of fan mail, and typically brilliant MJD responses. [Apr 28]

Official All-Rookie Teams
[NBA Awards] See the honored players. [Apr 27]

Around the NBA Playoffs
[NBA Weekly] In the latest Amico Report, why the Mavs will beat the Kings in round one, your mail and much more. [Apr 26]

Official All-Defensive Teams
[NBA Awards] The official 2003-04 NBA All-Defensive teams have been announced. [Apr 26]

NBA Playoffs
[NBA Playoffs] On Sunday, the Spurs, Pacers and Nets swept their first round opponents out of the playoffs. And the Lakers took a 3-1 series lead over the Rockets. [Apr 26]

All that Jazz
[Utah Jazz] On the team, their future, moves needed this summer, and the fact that several non-playoff West teams would have made it in the East. [Apr 26]

Official All-NBA Teams
[NBA Awards] The official 2003-04 All-NBA teams have been announced. See the players. [Apr 26]

NBDL championship
[NBDL] Asheville beat Huntsville on a top-of-the-key bank-shot with 1.8 seconds left. Read the recap. [Apr 25]

Glamour vs. Grit
[NBA Commentry]The Lakers and Spurs contrast nicely, and are the best playoff rivals in the league. [Apr 23]

2004 NBA Mock Draft
[2004 NBA Draft]'s updated draft prospects rankings list. Any day now we'll apply teams and make it a true mock. But this list serves its purpose well. [Apr 22]

Throwin' 'Bows Mailbag
[NBA Commentary] On LeBron and the rookie of the year award, comparing Richard Jefferson, Bruce Bowen and Lamar Odom, and lots of other stuff. [Apr 22]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Commentary] Pondering defensive player and MVP awards, predicting each playoff series and more. [Apr 21]

Stephon Marbury Interview
[NBA Playoffs] The Nets just beat the Knicks in New Jersey to take a 2-0 series lead. See what New York star guard Stephon Marbury had to say after the game. [Apr 21]

Nets-Knicks game 2 notes
[NBA Playoffs] Raw, unedited live game notes from tonight's Knicks-Nets matchup. Skim this. [Apr 21]

LeBron James wins Rookie of Year
[NBA News] It's official. LeBron, then Carmelo and Wade. See the exact breakdown of votes. [Apr 20]

Around the NBA Playoffs
[NBA Commentary] The Lakers and their amazing roster, alternative matchups to watch other than the obvious stuff, rookie of the year, your mail and more in the Amico Report. [Apr 20]

Fantasy: What we learned
[Fantasy Basketball] A look at what we learned about various players over this season from a fantasy perspective, from your host, your hero, the Answerman. [Apr 20]

Richard Jefferson Interview
[NBA Playoffs] The Nets beat the Knicks to take Game One of their first round playoff series. See what Richard Jefferson said after the game. [Apr 18]

Brian Scalabrine Interview
[NBA Playoffs] The Nets beat the Knicks to take Game One of their first round playoff series. See what Brian "Veal" Scalabrine said after the game. [Apr 18]

Colangelo interview on Suns sale
[NBA News] The Phoenix Suns are being sold. Current owner Jerry Colangelo and other key players (including Steve Kerr) spoke about every issue under the sun. [Apr 16]

NBA Draft order
[2004 NBA Draft] Lottery odds are here. And exact order of picks for the first round after the lottery, and the complete second round. [Apr 16]

Local coverage of lottery teams
[NBA Links] See what some local writers who cover non-playoff teams had to say via this collection of updated links. [Apr 16]

LeBron James Interview
[NBA Interviews] presents a full-length LeBron James interview from Madison Square Garden on the final night of the 2003-04 NBA regular season. [Apr 15]

Omar Cook interview
[NBA Interviews] Cook tells what he thinks would have happened had he stayed longer in college. [Apr 14]

Boris Diaw mini-interview
[NBA Interviews] A quick talk with the Hawks rookie. [Apr 14]

Mike Sweetney mini-interview
[NBA Interviews] A quick talk with the Knicks rookie. [Apr 14]

Bob Sura's triple-double disallowed
[NBA News] The NBA has spoken. [Apr 13]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Should Richard Jefferson be on the USA Olympic team? LeBron James the rookie of the year? That and more in this weekly commentary on the league. [Apr 13]

Throwin' 'Bows Mailbag
[NBA Weekly] NBA fan mail with responses that will make you want to write your own fan mail. [Apr 13]

Hawks issue apology for rap
[NBA News] The Atlanta Hawks have issued an apology for playing an unedited DMX rap song. [Apr 13]

Most popular NBA jerseys
[NBA Jerseys] See the 25 most popular NBA player jerseys and 10 most popular NBA team jerseys of the season. [Apr 12]

David Stern interview
[NBA Interviews] NBA commissioner David Stern spoke with the media to discuss the upcoming playoffs, NBA draft issues and much more. [Apr 12]

NBA Power Rankings
[NBA Teams] ranks the entire league, top to bottom. [Apr 11]

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament
[NBA Pre-Draft Camp] See recaps from three of the four P.I.T. days. Final day recaps coming tonight. [Apr 11]

Saturday afternoon NBA briefing
[NBA Notes] Upcoming NBA games, race for playoff positioning and more. [Apr 10]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] Coach of the year, the Grizzlies being better than the Lakers next year, Portsmouth, fan mail and much more in the latest Amico Report. [Apr 9]

Taliek Brown Interview
[Portsmouth] met with Taliek Brown of the NCAA champion UConn Huskies for an exclusive interview about winning it all, his teammates, the UConn women's team and more. [Apr 8]

Hall of Fame, here we come
[Hall of Fame] The next inductees into the Basketball Hall of Fame will be Clyde Drexler, Jerry Colangelo, Bill Sharman, Lynette Woodard and Maurice Stokes. [Apr 5]

Throwin' 'Bows Mailbag
[NBA Commentary] NBA fans write in and have their questions graced by the wisdom of MJD. [Apr 5]

Jason Collier Interview
[Atlanta Hawks] Sixty seconds with with Hawks center Jason Collier. [Apr 5]

Sunday afternoon basketball report
[NBA News] A look at last night's games, the upcoming PIT draft camp and more. [Apr 4]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] The NBA needs a true minor league, Chris Webber is hurting the Kings, Tracy McGrady isn't being a leader and much more in this massive weekly commentary on the league. [Apr 3]

Memphis Grizzlies walking the walk
[NBA Commentary] The Grizzlies have exceeded all expectations and are rolling into the playoffs for the first time. [Apr 2]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] The Miami Heat are shocking the world. Plus draft stuff, your letters and much more in the Amico Report. [Apr 1]

Gifts for each NBA team
[NBA Teams] Gifts for all 29 teams. [Apr 1]

NBA Articles / March, 2004

Hawks promote Dominique Wilkins
[NBA News] Dominique Wilkins is now the vice president of basketball for the Atlanta Hawks. [Mar 31]

NBA Central Division Notes
[NBA Notes] Streaks, trends for Central NBA teams. [Mar 31]

Iverson out for season
[NBA News] Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson is out for the rest of the season to rest his knee. [Mar 30]

Theo Ratliff Interview
[Portland Trail Blazers] met with Blazers center Theo Ratliff for an exclusive interview, regarding his current team and leaving the Hawks. [Mar 30]

Fantasy Playoffs Help
[Fantasy Basketball] Answerman helps you win your league - or at least think you might before cruel reality strikes you. [Mar 30]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] The NBA's all-unsightly team, Lake show is prime time, the mighty 10 and more. [Mar 28]

NBA Atlantic Notes
[NBA Notes] Notes, trends, streaks and observations for Atlantic division teams. [Mar 28]

Chris Bosh Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Half a minute with the rookie Raptor. [Mar 27]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] The Amico Report looks at the surprising Bucks, the Lakers and Kobe, the Rockets and Franchise and more. [Mar 26]

Wednesday afternoon briefing
[NBA News] Karl Malone has never lacked confidence Plus, upcoming televised matchups, about last night and more. [Mar 24]

NBA Pacific Notes
[NBA Notes] Notes, trends, streaks and observations for Pacific division teams. [Mar 23]

NBA Rookie Watch
[NBA Rookies] ranks the top rookies, with stats and comments. [Mar 23]

Monday Afternoon Briefing
[NBA News] The upcoming tv schedule, recent news, review of yesterday's games and more. [Mar 22]

Nets sign Anthony Goldwire
[NBA News] Nets sign guard to 10-day contract. [Mar 22]

Coleman to injured list
[NBA News] 76ers move Derrick Coleman to injured list. [Mar 22]

Chris Webber and Rick Adelman Interviews
[NBA Interviews] exclusive interviews with Sacramento Kings star and coach. [Mar 20]

Marko Jaric likely out for season
[NBA News] The Clippers guard is out 3-4 weeks. [Mar 19]

Fantasy Playoff Tips
[Fantasy Basketball] Answerman lays it down. [Mar 15]

Bulls sign Jannero Pargo
[NBA News] And waive Rick Brunson. [Mar 15]

Hawks sign Mamadou N'Diaye
[NBA News] For rest of season. [Mar 15]

Raptors activate Jalen Rose
[NBA News] Toronto activates Rose. [Mar 14]

Heat activate Wang Zhi-zhi
[NBA News] Miami activates Wang. [Mar 14]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Are the Grizzlies contenders?... They're all scared of Bruce Bowen... Image is nothing... top ten... meek five... [Mar 13]

Hawks sale approved
[NBA News] The NBA Board of Governors today approved the transfer of ownership of the Atlanta Hawks to Atlanta Spirit LLC. Approval by the NBA clears the way for Time Warner to sell the Hawks to the Atlanta-based partnership. [Mar 12]

Orlando switches general managers
[NBA News] Orlando Magic general manager John Gabriel has resigned. Replacing him is John Weisbrod. [Mar 12]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] The Amico Report ponders an NBA age minimum, and posts tons of reader responses. [Mar 11]

Timberwolves Today
[Minnesota] Last night's game, today's preview, and news that the Wolves will host a 2004 summer league. [Mar 10]

Knicks extend Kurt Thomas' contract
[NBA News] Knicks fans, Kurt will be around for a while. [Mar 9]

Phil Jax: Cracks in the mirror
[NBA Commentary] There are issues with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, whether they'll affect the team's championship hopes is another story. [Mar 9]

Suns for Sale? Colangelo speaks
[NBA News] The Suns owner clears the record on news that the team is seeking new minority owners. [Mar 8]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] On teams tanking the season, Vin Baker, Chicago cutting Blount, the top ten, the meek five and more. [Mar 7]

Raptors sign Rod Strickland
[NBA News] He's a dinosaur. [Mar 5]

Around the NBA
[NBA Notes] In the latest Amico Report: The good and bad of the Golden State Warriors, the NBA draft, the legend tht is Earl Boykins and more. [Mar 5]

Thursday afternoon briefing
[NBA Notes] Rasheed Wallace return to Portland tonight for battle, various other notes. [Mar 4]

Knicks hire Kareem
[NBA News] The New York Knicks have hired Abdul-Jabbar for scouting, player evaluation and more. [Mar 4]

Knicks-Sixers game notes
[Raw game notes] Raw, unedited, editorial-style notes and observations from Wednesday's Knicks-Sixers game in Madison Square Garden. [Mar 4]

Bulls need turnaround
[Fan Editorial] The Chicago Bulls are a mess. [Mar 3]

Tuesday afternoon briefing
[NBA Notes] Various NBA news and notes and a look at key games tonight and tomorrow. [Mar 2]

Full NBA Rookie Report
[NBA Rookies] Looking at every player taken in the first round (and some taken in the second) of last year's draft. [Mar 1]

Fantasy Answers: The Mailbag
[Fantasy Basketball] Picking a league, trades, more. [Mar 1]

NBA articles from Feb, 2004

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Examining the teams New Jersey beat during heir streak, the West playoff race, the top ten, meek five, your mail and more. [Feb 27]

Timberwolves Report
[Minnesota Timberwolves] On the big three, Wally fitting in with the team and more in this Wolves commentary. [Feb 27]

Thursday evening briefing
[NBA Notes] On national tv tonight and tomorrow, latest news and results and more. [Feb 26]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] The Amico Report looks at Peja Stojakovic and the Sacramento Kings, Dennis Rodman, the Hawks and more. [Feb 26]

NBA Player Ratings
[NBA Players] The top NBA players at each position. [Feb 25]

Raptors need return to form
[Fan Editorial] The Toronto Raptors are falling. Besides playing as they were before, woul Anthony Mason be a good addition to this squad? [Feb 24]

Clippers Report
[Los Angeles Clippers] News and notes on the Clip Set. The latest on Elton Brand, the team as a whole and more. [Feb 24]

Throwin' 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Danny Ainge, the Rasheed deal, final all-star weekend thoughts, the latest top ten teams rankings, the meek five teams, your mail and much more. [Feb 21]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] The Amico Reports looks at yesterday's trades and everything else happening around the league. [Feb 20]

Rasheed traded to Pistons
[NBA News] Done deal. Atlanta gets a first-round draft pick (owed to Detroit from Milwaukee), Bob Sura and Zeljko Rebraca from Detroit, and Chris Mills from Boston. Detroit gets Rasheed Wallace and Mike James. Also, Boston gets Chucky Atkins, Lindsey Hunter, a first-round draft pick and cash go from Detroit. [Feb 19]

Interview with Atlanta's Billy Knight
[Atlanta Hawks] See exactly what the Atlanta Hawks goals are with all these moves they're making. [Feb 19]

Atlanta Hawks waive Terrell Brandon
[NBA News] Done deal. Hawks get rid of Brandon. [Feb 19]

Utah/Orlando trade Giricek/Stevenson
[NBA News] Done deal. Orlando gets DeShawn Stevenson and future second round pick. Utah gets Gordan Giricek. [Feb 19]

Utah/Phoenix trade Keon/Googs/more
[NBA News] Done deal. Phoenix gets Keon Clark and Ben Handlogten, Utah gets Tom Gugliotta, two conditional first-round draft picks, a 2005 second-round draft pick and cash. [Feb 19]

New Orleans/Orlando minor trade
[NBA News] Done deal. Orlando gets Sean Rooks, New Orleans gets Shammond Williams. [Feb 19]

Fantasy Trade Scenarios
[Fantasy Basketball] Looking at possible trades you might consider making in your league. [Feb 19]

Darko Milicic Interview
[NBA Weekly] met with Detroit Pistons rookie Darko Milicic to discuss his playing time and development. [Feb 18]

Knicks Mini-Interviews
[New York Knicks] Dikembe Mutombo and new Knick Tim Thomas discuss the latest. [Feb 18]

Hawks cut Doleac
[NBA News] Atlanta waives Michael Doleac, signs Mamadou N'diaye (10-day contract). [Feb 18]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Top ten teams, the meek five, general thoughts about all-star weekends and more. [Feb 16]

Throwing 'Bows: The Mailbag
[NBA Weekly] Read amusing email sent to Throwing Bows and insightful, informative responses. [Feb 16]

NBA All-Star Game Notes
[All-Star Weekend] Notes taken during the All-star game, from start to finish. Editorial-style, raw and unedited. [Feb 16]

Knicks trade Van Horn, three-team deal
[NBA News] The Knicks get Tim Thomas and Nazr Mohammed. The Bucks get Keith Van Horn. The Hawks get Mike Doleac, Joel Pryzbilla and a NY 2005 second-round draft pick. [Feb 16]

Hall of Fame finalists
[Hall of Fame] The 16 finalists have been announced for the 2004 inductions into the Basketball Hall of Fame. [Feb 16]

Jones/Richardson Dunk Interviews
[All-Star Weekend] Here's what new slam dunk champion Fred Jones and runner-up Jason Richardson said to the media after the contest was over. [Feb 15]

Kobe Bryant Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Kobe's a starter for the West all-star team. Check out what he had to say. [Feb 15]

Ray Allen Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Sonics guard Ray Allen knows he missed a lot of games this year, but he played like an all-star when actually on the floor. [Feb 15]

NBA All-Star Saturday Results
[All-Star Weekend] presents raw, unedited notes taken live during the events as they happened. Three-point shootout, slam dunk contest and more. [Feb 15]

Shaq Interview
[All-Star Weekend] See what Shaq said to the media about Kobe, the Lakers, Yao Ming and more. [Feb 15]

Allen Iverson Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Philly's The Answer is back for yet another all-star game. See what Iverson said to the media. [Feb 15]

Sam Cassell Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Cassell is finally an all-star. See what he had to say about it. [Feb 14]

Michael Redd Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Milwaukee's Redd raised his game in a big way this season. [Feb 14]

NBA Celebrity Game Notes
[All-Star Weekend] Editorial-style game notes from Friday night's NBA Celebrity game. [Feb 14]

LeBron James Interview
[All-Star Weekend] LeBron spoke wth the media after the Rookie Challenge game. LeBron's rookie team lost to the sophomores, but he put on a great show. [Feb 14]

Amare Stoudemire Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Amare spoke wth the media after the Rookie Challenge game. His team won, and Amare dominated. [Feb 14]

All that Jazz
[Utah Jazz] Andrei Kirilenko a deserving all-star, team outlook, trade possibilities and more. [Feb 13]

Afternoon NBA Briefing
[NBA News] Notes about all-star weekend. [Feb 12]

Fantasy Basketball Help
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman reviews players who you may have to get rid of. [Feb 12]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] In the latest Amico Report: Rasheed Wallace and the Hawks, the new Blazers, state of the game, mail, more. [Feb 12]

Carlisle keeping pace in Indiana
[Indiana Pacers] Editorial on the Pacers' season and the effect of coach Rick Carlisle. [Feb 11]

Rasheed and Shareef traded
[NBA News] The Atlanta Hawks have traded Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Theo Ratliff and Dan Dickau to the Portland Trail Blazers for Rasheed Wallace and Wesley Person. [Feb 10]

Theo Ratliff could help Blazers
[NBA Trade Analysis] Though not a star, Theo Ratliff gives the Blazers their best true center in a long time. [Feb 10]

Josh Smith Interview
[High School] In an exclusive interview with, high school basketball star Josh Smith reveals his current thoughts on skipping college and going straight to the NBA. [Feb 9]

Frank has Nets winning
[New Jersey Nets] The Nets are undefeated since Lawrence Frank became head coach. [Feb 9]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] The top ten, the meek five, your mail, Steve Francis and Yao Ming, good benches, ugly benches and much more. [Feb 7]

Around the NBA
[NBA Weekly] In this week's Amico Report, forget about NBA age minimum, draft comments, fundamentals lacking, more. [Feb 6]

Warriors Report
[Golden State Warriors] Quick team news and notes. [Feb 6]

Jermaine O'Neal Interview
[Indiana Pacers] and other media spoke with Jermaine O'Neal in Madison Square Garden. This is just part one. O'Neal thinks Isiah will eventually return to coaching. [Feb 5]

Fantasy Basketball Help
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman responds to your em-mailed questions about specific league situations. [Feb 5]

NBA Midseason: The MVP Race
[NBA Analysis] A writer looks at the top ten MVP candidates and several onorable mentions. Up next are rookie rankings. [Feb 4]

Ricky Davis Interview
[NBA Interviews] In an exclusive interview with Boston's Ricky Davis blasted Cleveland, his former team, for having no system and no organization. [Feb 4]

2004 NBA All-Star Reserves
[All-Stars] See the bench players for the 2004 NBA All-Star game. Fans voted for the starters. Coaches voted for the reserves. The six players to be first-time all-stars are Ron Artest, Sam Cassell, Andrei Kirilenko, Jamaal Magloire, Kenyon Martin and Michael Redd. [Feb 3]

NBA Midseason: The Letdowns
[NBA Analysis] Changes from last season to where certain teams are now, and the NBA's most disappointing players of 2003-04. Coming soon are MVP and rookie rankings, and much more. [Feb 3]

Clippers Report
[Los Angeles Clippers] Team news, notes and previews. [Feb 3]

Should fans get to vote?
[All-Star Game]Editorial examining whether or not fans should continue to get to vote the starters in the NBA All-Star game. [Feb 2]

Should Sac trade Webber?
[NBA Analysis] Should Sacramento trade Chris Webber? Let's examine ten trade scenarios with teams around the league. Huge, two-page feature. [Feb 1]

NBA articles from Jan, 2004

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Feed Yao Ming, Byron Scott and coaching changes, 86 the Sixers, best and worst offseason moves, rankings, mail and more. Two-page feature. [Jan 31]

All-Star Game Starters
[All-Star Game] See the final results of fan voting for the starters of the 2004 NBA All-Star game. The big surprise: Yao Ming starting at center for the West over Shaq. [Jan 30]

O'Brien's resignation was just a matter of time
[Boston Celtics] The timing of Celtics coach Jim O'Brien's resignation was the most interesting aspect of the move. [Jan 29]

Fantasy Answers
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman look at this season's surprise and disappointing fantasy players, examining each player's situation. [Jan 29]

Afternoon Briefing
[NBA Notes] NBA league news and notes. [Jan 27]

Pacers News and Notes
[Indiana Pacers] Quick Pacers report. [Jan 27]

Nets name Lawrence Frank interim coach
[NBA News] The New Jersey Nets have fired head coach Byron Scott. Assistnt coach Lawrence Frank has been named interm (temporary) head coach. [Jan 26]

Byron Scott Interview from Sunday
[NBA Interviews] Sunday in New Jersey the Nets beat the Boston Celtics in convincing fashion. After the game, coach Byron Scott had his usual media press conference. presents our complete transcript. [Jan 26]

Throwing 'Bows
[Weekly Commentary] Dennis Rodman and Charles Oakley, the Pacers compared to the Kings, the top ten, the meek five and more. [Jan 23]

Cuban-Maloofs Interview
[NBA Interviews] A terrific media conference call with Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Kings owners Joe an Gavin Maloof. [Jan 23]

Fantasy Answers
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman helps a fantasy player with his squad. Read his advice. [Jan 23]

NBA Western Report
[NBA Interviews] A look at every team in the West, with report card grades and explanations. [Jan 21]

Jon Bender Interview
[NBA Interviews] talked to Indiana Pacers forward Jon Bender about his game and the team. [Jan 20]

Sprewell reaches 15,000
[NBA News] Latrell passes key mark. [Jan 18]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] The top ten, the meek five, Don Chaney getting chucked out the window, ridiculous all-star ballot, more. [Jan 17]

Around the NBA
[Amico Report] Darius Miles and other Cavs, Ray Allen and the first-class Sonics, Yao Ming, the Wolves and more. [Jan 16]

All That Jazz
[Utah Jazz] Jerry Sloan is doing an incredible job coaching his team, but some actual healthy players would help. [Jan 16]

Allan Houston Interview
[New York Knicks] Houston's full-length reaction to the Knicks coaching change. [Jan 15]

Don Chaney fired
[New York Knicks] The Knicks fired coach Don Chaney and hired Lenny Wilkens. Read initial analysis. [Jan 14]

Fantasy Basketball: The Inbox
[Fantasy Baasketball] Answerman cleans out his inbox. [Jan 13]

NBA All-Star Voting Results
[All-Star Weekend] Just a little bit of time left to vote. See the results so far. This voting is for the starters in the 2004 All-Star game. [Jan 12]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Weekly] Five reasons to stick with the NBA over NCAA, criticizing Iverson for getting hurt, the future of the Suns, coach of the year candidates not named Jerry Sloan, and more. [Jan 9]

Spurs sign Charlie Ward
[NBA News] Ward officially signs with San Antonio. [Jan 9]

Maurice Taylor Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Houston Rockets forward Mo Taylor spoke with Thursday about the team. [Jan 9]

Warriors Report
[Golden State] Some quick news and notes. [Jan 9]

Around the NBA
[Amico Report] Stephon Marbury and the Knicks, Penny Hardaway and what he used to do, Suns still looking for change, Darius Miles on the trading block and more. [Jan 8]

Clippers Report
[Los Angeles Clippers] News and notes on the LA Clippers. Plus, quick previews of upcoming games. [Jan 8]

Marbury traded to Knicks
[NBA News] Stephon Marbury and Penny Hardaway have been traded to the Knicks for Antonio McDyess, Charlie Ward and Howard Eisley. Other players and picks were involved. See the complete trade, and quotes from both teams. [Jan 6]

Suns president discusses deal
[NBA News] Phoenix Suns president Bryan Colangelo speaks on the Stephon Marbury trade and takes questions from local media. See exactly what Phoenix is doing. [Jan 6]

Suns coach discusses deal
[NBA News] Phoenix Suns coach Mike D'Antoni speaks on the Marbury trade and takes questions from local media. [Jan 6]

Skiles working Eddy Curry hard
[NBA Commentary] Chicago Bulls coach Scott Skiles is doing his best to see that Eddy Curry can be all that he can be. [Jan 5]

Fantasy Basketball Resolutions
[Fantasy Basketball] New year's resolutions for fantasy basketball players. Helpful reminders on what to do. [Jan 5]

LeBron James Interview
[NBA Interviews] and a few other media outlets recently met with NBA superstar LeBron James for a full-length interview. [Jan 4]

Wang Zhizhi Interview
[Miami Heat] Hailing from China, Wang has worked hard to hang around in the league. But, as he says, he just loves playing basketball. Check the exclusive interview. [Jan 2]

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