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InsideHoops NBA [HOME] 2004

NBA Articles




NBA articles from Dec, 2003

Dwyane Wade Interview
[Miami Heat] D-Wade is an awesome rookie. Although his Miami Heat aren't winning, Wade's come into the league with a bang. Check the exclusive interview. [Dec 31]

Williams came in the Knick of time
[NBA Commentary] The Knicks may have found their point guard. Read about hopes and expectations for Frank Williams. [Dec 29]

Frank Williams Interview
[NBA Interviews] New York Knicks point guard Frank Williams is an exciting young player. Read the interview. [Dec 26]

Clippers Report
[Los Angeles Clippers] Team news and notes. Elton Brand, Corey Maggette and the rest. [Dec 26]

Spike Lee Interview
[NBA Interviews] At the Knicks press conference where it was announced that GM Scott Layden was gone and Isiah Thomas was hired, interviewed the most famous Knicks fan on Earth. [Dec 23]

Sixers trade Monty Williams to Orlando
[NBA News] Orlando sends second round pick in return. [Dec 25]

Orlando trades D.Harvey to Phoenix
[NBA News] The Orlando Magic traded forward Donnell Harvey to the Phoenix Suns for a 2004 second round draft pick. [Dec 23]

Fantasy Basketball: Advice for ladies
[Fantasy Basketball] In this ridiculous edition, the Answerman helps women trick guys to make dumb trades. [Dec 23]

Around the NBA
[Amico Report] Are the Blazers good or bad? Does Rasheed Wallace help a team? What's with his complaining? Plus reader mail and much more. [Dec 20]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Weekly Column] Huge NBA column with this week's top ten and bottom five NBA team rankings, odds of certain head coaches losing their jobs, a very special Christmas wish list, Darko Milicic and much more. [Dec 19]

Pacers Report
[Indiana Pacers] Team news and notes. [Dec 18]

Warriors Report
[Golden State Warriors] Team news and notes. [Dec 18]

Do the 2004 NBA Dunk Contest right
[All-Star Weekend] An early look at the 2004 NBA Slam Dunk contest. Here's who should be in it and why. [Dec 18]

Only the West this post-season?
[Fan Editorial] The West is so good this season that one fan thinks the East should be left out of the playoffs entirely. [Dec 17]

Ricky Davis, now a Celtic, must step up
[NBA Trade Analysis] Cleveland sends Ricky Davis, Chris Mihm, Michael Stewart and a draft pick to the Celtics; Boston sends Eric Williams, Tony Battie and Kedrick Brown to Cleveland. [Dec 16]

NBA Talk
[NBA Commentary] Sam Amico looks around the league and picks various issues to discuss. Like the Amico Report, only shorter and with thicker paragraphs. [Dec 16]

Clippers Report
[Los Angeles Clippers] Previewing Clippers games this week, a look at hot Clippers and various team news and notes. [Dec 16]

Has NBA shooting really gone south?
[NBA Commentary] Looking at shooting and scoring in the old days, how it's changed over the last few decades, and the reason for the changes. [Dec 15]

Fantasy Basketball: Mailbag
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman opens his mailbag and responds to the madness within. [Dec 15]

Rick Brunson traded to Bulls
[NBA News] The Toronto Raptors have traded Rick Brunson to the Chicago Bulls for Roger Mason. [Dec 15]

Indiana Pacers a title contender
[Analysis] A look at what makes the Pacers special. [Dec 14]

Throwing 'Bows
[Weekly NBA Commentary] The top ten and bottom five teams in the league, Rasheed Wallace's long interview, Antoine Walker on Ainge trading him, Karl Malone and Mark Cuban quibbling, and more. [Dec 12]

Warriors Notes
[NBA Team Notes] Looking at the latest Golden State Warriors news and notes. Brian "The Custodian" Cardinal and more. [Dec 12]

NBA All-Star Voting Results
[All-Star Game Voting] As usual, fans get to vote for the starters in the NBA All-Star game. Here is a list of the results so far in the voting. This is not final, just a look at how the voting is going so far. [Dec 11]

Around the NBA
[Amico Report] Looking at the interesting situation in Clipperland, LeBron James' privacy, Jiri Welsch, Vin Baker, Brian Cardinal and much more. As always, a giant-sized article. [Dec 11]

Suns fire coach Frank Johnson
[NBA News] The Phoenix Suns have fired head coach Frank Johnson. Replacing him is assistant coach Mike D'Antoni. [Dec 10]

Brent Barry Interview
[NBA Interviews] met with Barry for an exclusive interview about zone defenses, the NBA offense and more. [Dec 10]

Mike Miller Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Memphis Grizzlies are having a very good season, and Mike Miller is a big reason why. met with Miller for an exclusive interview. [Dec 9]

College Hoops Players of Week
[NCAA] See which college basketball players rocked this week. Plus, the game of the week and player nicknames in the Wooden Watch on [Dec 9]

Pacers Report
[Indiana Pacers] Recent Pacers news and notes. Jermaine O'Neal is rocking and the team is rolling. [Dec 8]

Clippers Report
[Los Angeles Clippers] Recent Clip Set news and notes. Elton Brand is back and not taking prisoners. [Dec 8]

Fantasy Basketball Answers
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman helps you with your team, giving million-dollar advice for far below half price. [Dec 8]

Old School Meets No School
[Memphis Grizzlies] Bonzi Wells joining Hubie Brown's Grizzlies makes for an interesting union. [Dec 8]

Raptors trade just what doctor ordered
[Trade Analysis] Looking at the recent Raptors trade which brought Jalen Rose, Donyell Marshall and Lonny Baxter to Toronto. [Dec 7]

Around the NBA: Amico Report
[Weekly NBA Commentary] A look at the Memphis Grizzlies and their respectable season, Bonzi Wells, Brad Miller's all-star play, the Cavs, Mavs and more in this week's Amico report on [Dec 5]

Ron Naclerio Interview
[Basketball Coaches] He's the man who taught Rafer Alston and was pretty much responsible for the whole Mix Tape craze, handing over the first amazing footage of Skip to And 1. He's worked out the likes of Elton Brand, Ron Artest and countless other big names. Meet Naclerio in this exclusive interview. [Dec 5]

Throwing 'Bows
[Weekly NBA Commentary] A look at first round matchups if the playoffs started today, looking at the best big and small players in each conference and more in this week's Throwing 'Bows on [Dec 5]

Spurs release Anthony Carter
[NBA News] Carter has knee issues so the San Antonio Spurs have bought out his contract and released him. [Dec 5]

Hubie Brown Interview
[NBA Interviews] Bonzi Wells just got traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, and presents an interview with coach Brown just hours after the trade was made. [Dec 4]

Blazers trade Bonzi Wells to Grizzlies
[NBA News] Portland traded Bonzi Wells to Memphis for Wesley Person and a draft pick. [Dec 4]

Most Popular NBA Jerseys
[Info] A list of the most popular NBA player and team jerseys so far this season. See what's being bought. [Dec 3]

Mike Sweetney Interview
[NBA Interviews] and Knicks rookie Mike Sweetney talked about getting used to the league. [Dec 3]

John Salmons Interview
[NBA Interviews] and Sixers guard John Salmons talked about this and that in a quick interview. [Dec 3]

Bulls-Raptors trade Rose, Davis, others
[NBA News] The Toronto Raptors have acquired Jalen Rose, Donyell Marshall and Lonny Baxter from the Chicago Bulls for Antonio Davis, Jerome Williams and Chris Jefferies. [Dec 1]

NBA articles from Nov, 2003

Around the NBA
[NBA Commentary] Coach-player relations in Cleveland and Chicago, Scott Skiles, Keith McLeod, looking at potential Bobcats, Jason Williams' continued improvement, and Zach Randolph destroying everyone in the latest Amico Report. [Nov 28]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Commentary] A look at Ron Artest, the circus that is head coaching, worthy all-stars, the mystery of Kwame Brown and more. [Nov 28]

Bulls hire Skiles as new coach
[NBA News] The Chicago Bulls have hired Scott Skiles as their new head coach. [Nov 28]

Orlando Magic sign Rod Strickland
[NBA News] Veteran point guard's help is needed. [Nov 25]

Chicago Bills fire Bill Cartwright
[NBA News] Struggling Bulls fire their coach. [Nov 24]

Alonzo Mourning retires from basketball
[NBA News] New Jersey Nets center Alonzo Mourning is retiring from NBA basketball due to medical reasons. [Nov 24]

Toronto Raptors have split personality
[NBA Analysis] The Toronto Raptors at home are playing quality basketball. When they hit the road, it gets ugly. [Nov 24]

Real Bulls season starts Dec. 1
[Fan Editorial] A Chicago Bulls fan examines the Bulls, proposes some possible trades, and says keep Cartwright for now. [Nov 24]

Shaq Interview
[NBA Interviews] and other media in Madison Square Garden conducted a full-length interview with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Shaquille O'Neal. Read the whole thing. [Nov 22]

Throwing 'Bows
[NBA Commentary] New weekly column. Similar to the Amico Report, only, well, different. It rocks. Extensive piece on the Nets losses, Bonzi Wells' acting up, Vin Baker's success, Tyrone Nesby and much more. Check it. [Nov 22]

Knicks beat Sixers in Garden party
[Game Recap] recaps the Knicks-76ers game Saturday night in New York. But besides this, we'll soon post exclusive interviews with Mike Sweetney, John Salmons and Marc Jackson. [Nov 23]

Raptors grab win in New Jersey
[Game Notes] presents quick to-the-point key observations from the Saturday Nets-Raptors game. Warning: Chris Bosh rocks. Read on. [Nov 23]

Ron Naclerio Interview
[Coaches] He's the man who taught Rafer Alston and was pretty much responsible for the whole Mix Tape craze, handing over the first amazing footage of Skip to And 1. He's worked out the likes of Elton Brand, Ron Artest and countless other big names. Meet Ron Naclerio in this exclusive interview. [Nov 21]

Fantasy Answers
[Fantasy Basketball]'s legendary Answerman goes through some reader mail. [Nov 21]

Kobe Bryant Interview
[NBA Interviews] and other media in Madison Square Garden conducted a full-length interview with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. Read the whole thing. [Nov 20]

College Basketball: The Spin
[NCAA] Predicting the 2004 NCAA basketball tournament's field of 65 teams in the weekly column The Spin. [Nov 20]

Media frenzy in Lakers' locker room
[NBA Interviews] Prior to the start of the Lakers-Knicks game in Madison Square Garden, a Rick Fox interview was conducte. There was a giant media hoard, and a reporter, a TV guy and a camerman exchanged some heated words, interrupting the interview in the process. It was a a circus. Read our play-by-play recap. [Nov 20]

Fantasy Basketball Player Rankings
[Fantasy Basketball] ranks centers. [Nov 19]

Johnny Davis Interview
[NBA Interviews] A press conference with the new coach of the Orlando Magic. Read his comments on Doc Rivers, the team and everything else. [Nov 19]

Orlando Magic fire Doc Rivers
[News] Orlando has fired head coach DoC Rivers and replaced him with assistant coach Johnny Davis. [Nov 18]

Around the NBA: Flipping Out
[NBA Commentary] The Amico Report looks at Ron Murray and the Sonics, NBA television commentators, division two and three NBA players, league realignment and more. [Nov 16]

Nets handle Knicks in Jersey
[Game Recap] In the first meeting of the season between the two teams, a slow first half turned into a hard-fought, entertaining second half and finale. [Nov 15]

Warriors sign Sean Lampley
[News] Golden State adds 14th player to active roster. [Nov 14]

NBA All-Star Game Voting
[NBA All-Star Weekend] Voting for the starters of the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, which will take place at Staples Center in Los Angeles, has begun. See the listed players, and click the link to vote. [Nov 14]

Sebastian Telfair has priorities in order
[High School] Star point guard Sebastian Telfair has committed to college - at least for a year. But the thought of jumping right to the pros has crossed his mind repeatedly. Read the story. [Nov 14]

Yao Ming Interview
[NBA Interviews] and Houston Rockets center Yao Ming recently sat down for an interview. The highlight of his summer? Going home to eat real Chinese food. [Nov 14]

The Spin: College Hoops Preview
[NCAA Preview] Looking at the best teams and players in the country. Included are the essential All-NCAA Team lists, key notes about top teams and much more in the debut of Keith Lipscomb's The Spin on Enjoy. [Nov 12]

League Attendance
[Info] The Hawks, Nets and Warriors need more hometown fans! But generally, the NBA is doing great. We do love this game. See the actual league attendance stats. [Nov 12]

Jermaine O'Neal Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] and some other media surrounded the Pacers star to discuss stuff. [Nov 12]

Link: David Robinson's retirement
[San Antonio Spurs] Key link to article on the event on another site. Close window when done reading. [Nov 12]

Shawn Kemp now USBL owner
[NBA News] news: Shawn Kemp is now a part of the Oklahoma Storm ownership team. They're in the USBL. [Nov 11]

Fantasy Basketball Help
[Fantasy Basketball] The Answerman looks at a reader's roster and comments on it, flips it, flops it, suggests trades, and maybe does something else. [Nov 11]

Bucking the competition
[Milwaukee Bucks] The Bucks have come out to start the season with a bang. Losing to top teams but beating everyone else, this squad has hustle, heart and is fighting hard. [Nov 10]

NBA Power Rankings
[Power Rankings]'s official league rankings - every team from top to bottom. Extremely subjective, especially at this early point in the season. [Nov 10]

Cartwright was right to bench stars
[Editorial] Chicago's Jalen Rose and Jamal Crawford should cry a bit less and play a bit better. [Nov 10]

Talkin' NBA
[Commentary] Like the Amico Report, only different. In this feature Amico looks at the Mavs, NBDL and much more. [Nov 8]

Knicks beat Kings in thriller
[Recap] Madison Square Garden went from fairly quiet to loud to completely bonkers as fans were threated to an exciting Knicks victory. The four quarter was awesome, and we strongly recommend you watch the replay on MSG network television. [Nov 8]

Fantasy Basketball: Interruption
[Fantasy Basketball] The legendary Answerman talks about not being too fooled by stuff that happens in the first week of the NBA regular season. And as usual, some bonus dating advice is included. [Nov 8]

Kenny Anderson Mini-Interview
[Interviews] and Kenny sat for a brief talk on being a key part of the Indiana Pacers. [Nov 7]

Sacramento Kings Briefing
[Info] Various Kings team notes. [Nov 7]

Heat sign Tyrone Hill
[NBA News] Miami gets some toughness. [Nov 7]

NBDL Draft 2003 Results
[NBDL] The National Basketball Development League (NBDL) just had its 2003 draft. Check out the results. You'll know a lot of the players. [Nov 7]

Around the NBA
[NBA Commentary] The latest Amico Report looks at the Mavs and their offense (and lack of defense), Michael Redd and the surprising Bucks, McGrady talking about Van Horn, the NBDL draft and CBA signings and more. [Nov 6]

Jahidi White and Brevin Knight traded
[NBA News] The Phoenix Suns have traded Brevin Knight to the Washington Wizards for Jahidi White. [Nov 6]

Nyan Boateng Interview
[Interviews] Nyan Boateng is a two-sport high school star in New York. He plays next to Sebastian Telfair on the basketball team, and absolutely dominates the entire state of New York in football. The kid plays wide receiver, corner, does all the kicking as well as the kick returns, and his team just finished the regular season with a 9-0 record. Read this exclusive interview. [Nov 5]

Paul Pierce Interview
[Interviews] In this exclusive interview, Pierce suggested the NBA get rid of the three-point line. You heard me. Read and enjoy. [Nov 5]

Wed's Fantasy Focus
[Fantasy Basketball] Daily briefing on something important in the world of fantasy basketball. Today, Tim Duncan. [Nov 5]

Ten things that won't happen
[Fan Editorial] A fan predicts ten things that will not happen this season. Topics include Rookie of the Year, Tim Duncan and more. [Nov 5]

Is Karl Malone really a Laker?
[Commentary] A Jazz fan going out of his way to watch Karl Malone as he plays for the Lakers. Isn't it really wrong? [Nov 4]

NBA Rookie Watch
[Feature] ranks the rookies based on their play so far but with their potential also in mind. [Nov 3]

Fantasy Basketball Answers
[Fantasy Basketball] The legendary Answerman answers questions about drafting a team. [Nov 3]

Around the NBA
[Amico Report] A look at the season start, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers, rookie Willie Green, refs and more. [Nov 2]

NBA articles from Oct, 2003

LeBron James debut awesome
[News] Notes and quotes on the fantastic NBA regular season debut of Cleveland Cavaliers rookie LeBron James. [Oct 30]

NBA Pacific Division Preview
[Season Previews] A look at every team in the Pacific division, changes over the summer, and predicted order of finish. [Oct 30]

NBA Midwest Preview
[Season Previews] Looking at the Midwest division, team by team, with predicted order of finish and explanations, in the Amico Report. [Oct 28]

Have patience with LeBron
[Commentary] Give LeBron James time to develop his game before judging his talent, abilities and potential. [Oct 27]

Shaq vs. Kobe
[Commentary] Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal are taking very heated jabs at each other. It's getting ugly. [Oct 27]

Michael Dickerson retires
[News] Assorted injuries end his short career. [Oct 26]

Invasion of the talent snatchers
[Commentary] The Dallas Mavericks as well as the Western conference in general continue to snatch talent - usually from the East. [Oct 25]

Your letters
[Fantasy basketball] The Answerman responds to mail regarding fantasy basketball and the upcoming season. [Oct 25]

Pat Riley steps down as coach
[News] Pat Riley has resigned as coach of the Miami Heat. He will remain team president. Stan Van Gundy takes over the coaching job. [Oct 24]

Jerry Sloan Interview
[Interviews] Do you have lowered expectations of the Utah Jazz this season? Don't tell that to Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, because he's not having it. An exclusive. [Oct 24]

NBA Central Preview
[Season Previews] Looking at the Central division, team by team, with predicted order of finish and explanations, in the Amico Report. [Oct 23]

NBA Atlantic Preview
[Season Previews] Looking at the Atlantic division, team by team, with predicted order of finish and explanations, in the Amico Report. [Oct 22]

Mavs-Celtics trade analysis
[Analysis] Opinions of the trade of Antoine Walker and Tony Delk from Boston to Dallas in exchange for Raef LaFrentz, Jiri Welsch, Chris Mills and Dallas' 2004 first round draft pick. [Oct 21]

Walker gone
[Fan Editorial] Celtics fan trade analysis of the deal sending Antoine Walker and Tony Delk to Mavs for the players mentioned below. [Oct 21]

Celtics trade Walker to Mavs
[News] Boston has sent Employee Number Eight and Tony Delk to Dallas in exchange for Raef LaFrentz, Jiri Welsch, Chris Mills and Dallas' 2004 first round draft pick. [Oct 21]

Vin Baker Interview
[Interviews] By now you've probably seen the amazing physical transformation Boston Celtics forward Vin Baker has made. presents an exclusive interview with Vin about how he made it happen. [Oct 19]

Flip Saunders Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with Flip about the new-look Timberwolves. How will all these stars mesh? [Oct 17]

Hubie Brown Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with Brown about the Grizzlies, the emergence of Pau Gasol and more. [Oct 17]

Larry Brown Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with Brown about this year's Pistons squad. [Oct 17]

Kevin O'Neill Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with O'Neill about Vince Carter and the rest of the Raptors. [Oct 17]

Around the NBA
[Commentary] A look all around the NBA, at various teams, players and rookies. On LeBron James, various players being signed and cut in preseason and much more in the latest Amico Report. [Oct 16]

NBA Realignment
[Analysis] The NBA will probably have six divisions next season. Here is a look at what they might look like. [Oct 16]

Olowokandi mini-interview
[Interviews] A mini-interview, to be exact. Olowokandi smiles at the thought of leaving Los Angeles, and in this exclusive interview tells that Kevin Garnett has added a new weapon to his game. [Oct 16]

Fantasy Basketball: how to draft
[Fantasy] The Answerman shares his expert views on drafting players for your fantasy basketball team. [Oct 15]

Kevin Garnett mini-interview
[Interviews] A mini-interview, to be exact. Exclusive to KG reveals that he's definitely considering joining the 2004 U.S. Olympic basketball team. [Oct 15]

Kings Preview
[Team Previews] The Kings have been one of the NBA's most talent-stacked teams for a while now. What needs to happen for these guys to get over the hump in the West and reach the promised land? [Oct 14]

Latrell Sprewell Interview
[Interviews] Although he didn't play, Latrell Sprewell last night was in Madison Square Garden as a member of a visiting team. Check out everything he had to say about not being a Knick anymore and adapting to his new team. [Oct 12]

Clippers sign Glen Rice
[News] LA Clips add some outside shooting. [Oct 10]

Preparing for fantasy basketball
[Fantasy] has fantasy articles almost every week, and rankings all season. Here's the opening feature from the Answerman. As an added bonus, you guys out there get dating advice. [Oct 10]

Knicks sign Mutumbo
[News] New York has signed Dikembe Mutumbo. [Oct 9]

Free Agency's 99-cent bin
[Analysis] Check out some amusing commentary on the remaining free agents. They are grouped by "section" for easy reading. [Oct 9]

Rush on roundball
[Commentary] An imaginary interview with Rush Limbaugh from a long-time contributor to Read. [Oct 9]

Suns extend Marbury's contract
[News] Phoenix gives Stephon a long contract extension. [Oct 8]

Central Division Preview
[Division Preview] Can the Pistons compete for a title? Will Vinsanity reign again? What magic can Rick Carlisle work with the Pacers? See a team-by-team preview of the central division. [Oct 7]

Grizzlies Preview
[Team Preview] Is Pau Gasol ready to become an established star in this league? How about Mike Miller? This team could be ready to rock. Read the preview. [Oct 7]

Grizzlies extend Mike Miller's contract
[News] Memphis has given Mike Miller a six year contract extension. [Oct 4]

Lenny Cooke 49 points 17 rebounds in first overseas game
[News] broke the news that Lenny Cooke signed with Philippines PBA team. Now, Cooke has played his first game. Details inside. [Oct 4]

Hawks sign Stephen Jackson
[News] Atlanta signs Jackson. [Oct 3]

Utah Jazz Preview
[Fan View] A look at this season's Utah Jazz. It isn't expected to be pretty, but at least they have Kirilenko. [Oct 3]

Philadelphia 76ers Preview
[Fan View] A look at this season's Sixers. Allen Iverson finally has his big second scoring option. What will this mean? [Oct 3]

NBA Preview - Atlantic
[Division Preview] A 2003-04 NBA season preview of the Atlantic division. Each team's summer changes, probable starters and general outlook. [Oct 1]

NBA Preview - Toronto Raptors
[Team Preview] A 2003-04 Raptors season preview. This team is bouncing back from injuries, but how high can they rise? [Oct 1]

Spurs broadcast team
[News] The San Antonio Spurs broadcast team for the upcoming season has been announced. [Oct 1]

Sonics season preview
[Fan view] The Sonics season should, at least, be interesting and entertaining. Better than nothing. [Oct 1]

NBA articles from Sept, 2003

Heat sign Cherokee Parks
[News] The Miami Heat sign big man Cherokee Parks. [Sept 30]

Memphis and Phoenix trade
[News] The Memphis Grizzlies have traded point guard Brevin Knight, forward Robert Archibald, and center Cezary Trybanski to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for forward Bo Outlaw and center Jake Tsakalidis. [Sept 30]

Will Lakers' math add up?
[Commentary] While we at Inside Hoops fear the new Lakers, there are some out there doubting whether the team will adapt to each other quite so easily. Read on. [Sept 29]

NBA TV coming to you
[News] NBA TV will soon be available on Time Warner, Cablevision and Cox Communications cable television systems. [Sept 29]

Hawks hire four coaches
[News] Atlanta has hired four assistant coaches to work with head coach Terry Stotts. They are Larry Smith, Jim Boylan, Armond Hill and Mike McNeive. [Sept 29]

Heat sign Austin and Crispin
[News] Miami adds Ike Austin and Joe Crispin. [Sept 29]

Mr. Chibbs in Indiana
[Commentary] The signing of Kenny Anderson is the smartest move the new Bird-led regime in Indy has made since firing Zeke as their coach and hiring Rick Carlisle... [Sept 26]

Hawks re-sign Jason Terry
[News] As expected, Atlanta keeps JT. [Sept 25]

Around the NBA
[Commentary] Influx of international players into the NBA, European basketball, Utah getting Raja Bell, NBA television commentators, training camps, letters and more in the latest Amico Report. [Sept 25]

76ers extend Iverson's contract
[News] Allen Iverson will remain in Philly. [Sept 25]

Miami signs Bimbo Coles
[News] Coles will play limited bench minutes. [Sept 24]

Orlando signs Donnell Harvey
[News] Magic will benefit from Harvey's energy. [Sept 24]

Hot Sauce Interview
[Streetball] Hot Sauce is the most famous full-time streetball player on the planet right now. His moves are, in a word, sick. presents an exclusive interview. [Sept 23]

Pogo Joe Caldwell Interview II
[Legends] The man defended Julius Erving better than anyone. The man made NBA all-star teams. Read what Jumping Joe (or Pogo Joe, depending on who you ask) had to say about watching Michael Jordan, how much trash Wilt Chamberlain did or did not talk, and much more. Also see part 1 of the interview. [Sept 20]

Remaining free agent rankings
[Free Agency] The top ten remaining free agents, and the honorable mentions, with a bit of unorthodox commentary. [Sept 20]

Sonics hire Jack Sikma
[News] Seattle hires him as special assignments coach. [Sept 19]

Pacers sign Kenny Anderson
[News] Indiana gains a much-needed backcourt veteran. [Sept 19]

Around the NBA
[Commentary] An extensive look at the Phoenix Suns. How good can these guys get? Also Jason Terry, Raptors, Mutombo and much more in the latest Amico Report. [Sept 18]

B-Real Cypress Hill Interview
[Entertainment] and rap star B-Real of Cypress Hill sat down for an exclusive interview. This kicks off the new section known as Inside Hoops Entertainment. [Sept 17]

Jazz fail to grab Jason Terry
[Commentary] The Utah Jazz tried but failed to sign Jason Terry. Where does that leave a franchise so used to success? [Sept 16]

NBA Runaround
[Commentary] Tracy McGrady's no-holds-barred comments in a magazine interview, what may happen with Nick Van Exel and more in the latest NBA According to Ellis. [Sept 15]

Lithuania are European Champs
[Eurobasket 2003] Lithuania beat Spain on Sunday to win the 2003 European Championship. [Sept 14]

Taking the easy road in LA
[Fan Editorial] Is it right that Payton and Malone jumped on board with the Lakers? One fan dislikes it. [Sept 12]

Around the NBA
[Commentary] Breaking down the Knicks and all their power forwards, digging Allen Iverson, responses to the all-time player lists, the Indiana trade rumors and more in the latest Amico Report. [Sept 11]

Black Widow Interview
[Streetball] Alimoe, also known as the Black Widow, tore up Rucker Park for a long time before joining the And 1 mixtape tour. presents an exclusive interview. [Sept 11]

Heat re-sign Malik Allen
[News] Miami keeps their power forward. [Sept 10]

The rise of Europe
[International] The rise of Europe in the basketball world has been steady. This is a look at the game in the U.S., the developments in Europe and more. [Sept 9]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
[Legends/Profile] The career stats and highlights of the former Lew Alcinder, who in the basketball world, lasted forever. [Sept 8]

Mousey Interview
[Streetball] Mousey is one of the most well known coaches in EBC at Rucker Park history. met with him for an exclusive interview. [Sept 7]

Wilt Chamberlain
[Legends/Profile] The career stats and highlights of the Big Dipper, an unstoppable basketball force. [Sept 7]

Around the NBA
[Commentary] Looking at the Utah Jazz and their not-so-amazing current rosterl, Jermaine O'Neal and Larry Bird, each team's best players ever and more in the latest Amico Report. [Sept 5]

Heat sign Rafer Alston
[News] Alston, nicknamed Skip to my Lou, should get key minutes in Miami as a backup point guard. [Sept 5]

Hawks sign Jacque Vaughn
[News] reports that Atlanta signs the former Hawks point guard. [Sept 4]

Spurs hire Mario Elie
[News] San Antonio has hired Elie as an assistant coach. [Sept 4]

Calling for backup
[Analysis] The Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves both boast a top-tier NBA superstar. Also, both teams needed additional firepower. Mission accomplished. [Sept 4]

Pacers hire Carlisle
[News] As expected, the Indiana Pacers have hired Rick Carlisle as their new head coach. He was once a Pacers assistant coach under none other than Larry Bird. [Sept 3]

Jumping Joe Caldwell Interview
[Interviews/Legends] The second pick in the 1964 draft (just ahead of Willis Reed), Joe Caldwell is one of the coolest players of all time - both on and off the court. An incredible defender and terrific all-around talent, the man deserves recognition. recently met with Joe for an interview. [Sept 3]

NBA Runaround
[Commentary] A look at USA basketball, the release of Isiah Thomas by the Pacers, Michael Jordan's job search and more in the latest NBA According to Ellis. [Sept 2]

Leandro Barbosa impressive
[Commentary] Suns rookie Leandro Barbosa has been adding to his international experience playing for the Brazilian national team at the Olympic regional qualifying tournament. [Sept 1]

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