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NBA Articles




Note that only some interviews are here. All interviews can be found on this page.

NBA basketball articles from June, 2003

Knicks Swishing and Dishing
It was a fantastic Draft night for the New York Knicks. Inside is a review of the team right now. June 27

Wade to Rock Miami
The Heat draft Dwyane Wade. June 27

Celtics and Grizzlies Trade
During the 2003 NBA Draft the two teams trade drafted players Troy Bell, Kendrick Perkins, Marcus Banks and Dahntay Jones. June 27

Warriors Draftees
Team adds a foreign high-flyer and additional help. June 27

InterNational Basketball Association
As basketball players around the world keep getting better, the NBA keeps getting more of an international flavor. June 24

Clipperdom Enigma
Fan editorial on the Clippers. Their roster, free agency, who they should keep, possible trades and more. June 24

The League: What We've Learned
The Answerman, who specializes in fantasy basketball analysis, reviews what we learned about some key players. June 23

ESPN NBA Draft Lottery Picks
ESPN draft analysts Greg Anthony and Jay Bilas make their lottery draft predictions. June 22

Randy Ayers is new 76ers coach
Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers have a new head coach. It's Randy Ayers, a former assistant. Learn about him. June 21

Denver Nuggets right on schedule
A detailed account of the Nuggets from the draft lottery leading to their upcoming draft pick and all the moves they may be able to pull off this summer thanks to a potentially active GM and tons of salary cap room. June 20

All Around the League
The Spurs, upcoming draft, various rumors and much more in the latest Amico Report. June 19

Raptors Have Their Coach
Kevin O'Neill was hired today. Read about him. June 18

Coaching Jobs - Summary
Teams that won and lost in the coaching department. June 18

League in Good Hands
Future is bright with Kobe, McGrady, Iverson, etc. June 18

Ginobili and Jackson Interview
Right after winning the championship.
Media conference after Finals game six. June 16

David Robinson Interview
Right after winning the championship. His last.
Media conference after Finals game six. June 16

Jason Kidd Interview
Right after losing the championship.
Media conference after Finals game six. June 16

Byron Scott Interview
Right after losing the championship.
Media conference after Finals game six. June 16

LeBron James Interview
From the Chicago pre-draft camp
Media conference about the upcoming NBA draft. June 14

Carmelo Anthony Interview
From the Chicago pre-draft camp
Media conference about the upcoming NBA draft. June 14

Chris Bosh Interview
From the Chicago pre-draft camp
Media conference about the upcoming NBA draft. June 14

NBA Coaching Changes
Why all the madness? June 13

Amare Stoudemire Toe Surgery
The procedure went fine. June 12

NBA Basketball Report
Finals, free agency, the draft and more.
In the latest Amico Report. June 12

Jason Kidd Interview
Right after game four
Media conference after New Jersey's game four win. June 12

Richard Jefferson Interview
Right after game four
Media conference after New Jersey's game four win. June 12

David Robinson Interview
Right after game four
Media conference after New Jersey's game four win. June 12

Gregg Popovich Interview
Right after game four
Media conference after New Jersey's game four win. June 12

Toronto Raptors Editorial
Fan editorial on a possible Raptors trade
Will they deal their lottery pick? June 12

Jason Kidd Interview
Recorded the day before game four
Media interview, in-depth. See how Jason Kidd feels about the finals now that he's had time to think about everything. June 11

Byron Scott Interview
Recorded the day before game four
Media interview, in-depth. See how Byron Scott feels about the finals now that he's had time to think about everything. June 11

Gregg Popovich Interview
Recorded the day before game four
Media interview, in-depth. See how Popovich feels about the finals now that he's had some time to think about everything. June 11

Bruce Bowen Interview
Recorded the day before game four
Quick discussion with Bowen on the finals. June 11

Finals Game Three
Media interviews from after game 3: Tim Duncan Interview , Tony Parker Interview, Dikembe Mutombo Interview .
June 9

Minnesota Shuffle
Numerous Timberwolves trade rumors have been circulating ever since their most recent first round exit. Here, the team is examined, and some rumors are analyzed. June 9

Finals Game Two
Interviews from after game 2: Kerry Kittles Interview, Dikembe Mutombo Interview, Tim Duncan Interview, Tony Parker Interview . June 7

NBA Runaround
A look at the Spurs-Nets finals series, the Detroit Pistons and their coaching change, trade rumors involving Denver and Chicago, and more in the latest edition of The NBA According to Ellis. June 6

All Around the NBA
On the NBA finals, plane trouble for the Nets when going to San Antonio, the next Clippers coach, Rick Carlisle and the Detroit moves, Houston and Atlanta's coaching issues, the draft and more in the latest edition of The Amico Report. June 6

Finals Game One
Interviews from after game 1:
Tim Duncan Interview, Gregg Popovich Interview , Jason Kidd Interview , Kenyon Martin Interview , Byron Scott Interview . June 5

Predicting the Recaps of Game One
That's right. This isn't a prediction of game 1. This is a fill-in-the-blank template predicting all the game 1 recaps that will be in print tomorrow, from your man, the Answerman. Check it out. June 4

Tim Duncan Interview
Media teleconference with the superstar. June 3

2003-04 International Preseason
The NBA will play a few overseas preseason games next season. Check out where. June 2

NBA basketball articles from May, 2003

Kenyon Martin
Fantasy basketball take on K-Mart by Answerman. June 2

Jason Kidd Interview
A conference call with Kidd answering NBA finals questions. May 31

Byron Scott Interview
A conference call with Scott answering NBA finals questions. May 31

Around the NBA Playoffs
The latest Amico Report looks at everything going on in the post-season, as well as the Cavs winning the lottery, the available coaches to fill needed jobs, the draft and more. May 29

NBA Playoffs
Fantasy basketball take on the playoffs, focusing on Drew Gooden, Tayshaun Prince and other rookies, how coaches prepare for the playoffs and much more, from the Answerman. May 28

Danny Manning Interview
InsideHoops met with Manning in a brief exclusive talk. Danny sounded off on a few NBA rules, wondered about how refs call one thing but not another, and claimed that college hoops is more physical than the NBA. May 27

NBA Runaround
LeBron James getting a gazillion dollars before playing in the league, the lottery, the playoffs, the Cavs, the Wolves perhaps trading Kevin Garnett and much more in The NBA According to Ellis. May 27

Bill Walton on Inside Hoops
"Throw it down, Inside Hoops, throw it down!" Two audio files. You click the link, then click 'open' file. First, Walton calls for Inside Hoops to step up to the plate. Then, after we've clearly done so, Walton's enthusiasm is clear.

Around the NBA Playoffs
Discussing the Nets and their playoff run, comparing Ron Artest and Eduardo Najera, Kevin Willis and the Spurs, the Lakers, the writer playing pickup basketball with Steve Kerr long ago, and much more, in the latest Amico Report. May 22

John Stockton Tribute
Answerman, the fantasy basketball guru, discusses the man, the myth, the fantasy league star that was John Stockton. May 20

Utah Jazz Changing Tune
With John Stockton's retirement, Utah has needs to fill. May 20

California Dreaming
Examining the Lakers, Phil Jackson, and the remote possibility of a very special addition to the team. May 19

NBA Coaching Rumors
InsideHoops reviews possible coaching changes. May 18

NBA Draft Underclassmen
Official list of eligible underclassmen for the 2003 draft. May 17

NBA Analysis
All around the NBA playoffs, the draft lottery and more in the latest typically giant-sized edition of the Amico Report. May 15

Dave DeBusschere passes on
Legendary former Knick Dave DeBusschere has died. Friends and family have expressed their thoughts. May 15

First Annual Bill Walton Awards
ESPN and ABC's Bill Walton presents his alternative set of NBA awards. Name that import, deadhead award, Larry Bird award, best hustler, much more. May 14

NBA Runaround
Looking at Jordan, the Wizards, Antoine Walker, Cavs, Phil Jackson, the playoffs and more in the latest NBA According to Ellis. May 13

Southpaw Sunday
A look at the effect some left-handers in the NBA as well as other sports recently had. May 13

Unheralded Defenders
A look at some NBA players who are known to be decent defensive players but deserve more credit. May 12

Webber's injury opens doors
Does Chris Webber's injury mean that the real NBA finals is the Spurs-Lakers series? May 11

Eric Williams Interview
InsideHoops met with this key Boston Celtics player and recalled a halftime a year earlier when Williams and a loud-mouthed fan jawed at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Williams shares with InsideHoops what that type of confrontation is like. May 11

NBA All-Interview Teams
The best players and coaches to talk to. May 10

The Late Lake-Show
Looking at the Lakers playoffs, their matchup with the Spurs and more, while considering the recent past. May 9

All-Defensive Teams
The league's best defenders. May 9

All Around the NBA Playoffs
A billion playoff observations, in the latest Amico Report. May 8

All-Rookie Teams
The rookie teams have been announced. These are the best rookies from the 2002-03 NBA season. May 8

All-NBA Teams
The league's best players have been announced. May 7

NBA Runaround
The NBA according to Ellis. On the results of the first round of the playoffs, and predicting the second round. May 6

InsideHoops Music Picks of the Month
That's right. We're expanding into entertainment. Each month we present music picks. Not full reviews. Just stuff we come across worth recommending. A link to this section will soon be added to the left linksbar. May 6

First Round Playoff Review
Lets run through each series and figure out what we learned, and what we already knew and received confirmation of. May 5

Duncan wins MVP
Tim Duncan has won the NBA's MVP award. May 5

John Stockton Retires
Read about 10 articles on his retirement here. May 3

Never Underestimate a Phil Jackson Team
Just when you start having doubts about the Lakers, remember who is on the team, but also consider the man on the sidelines. May 2

All Around the Playoffs
Looking all around the NBA playoffs, with tons of observations, fan mail and more, in the latest Amico Report. May 2

Gilbert Arenas Most Improved Player
Golden State's Gilbert Arenas has won the NBA Most Improved Player of the year award. May 1


NBA basketball articles from April, 2003

Bobby Jackson Top Sixth Man
Sacramento Kings guard Bobby Jackson has won the NBA Sixth Man of the year award. Apr 30

NBA Runaround
A look all around the NBA playoffs in the latest edition of The NBA According to Ellis. Apr 29

Popovich Wins Coach of Year
The Spurs coach receives the award. Apr 29

Coach John Starks USBL Interview
Sonya, otherwise known as the Inside Hoops Chick, caught a USBL game and met with new coach John Starks (yes, the former Knick) to discuss stuff. Apr 29

Stoudemire wins rookie of year
Amare Stoudemire wins award. Apr 25

Lakers' Annual Rite of Spring
Is the dynasty be winding down? Or is everything in place? Apr 25

Ben Wallace wins Defensive Player award
As expected, the man in the middle for the Detroit Pistons received recognition. Apr 24

Barkley and Van Gundy Speak
A long, terrific press conference. Apr 23

NBA Runaround
Playoff predictions, awards in The NBA According to Ellis. Apr 21

Nets Crush Bucks in Game 1
Editorial-style game notes. Apr 19

Don't Ignore Nash's Athletic Ability
A large piece on the Mavs, Wolves, Walton and more. Apr 19

Around the NBA Playoffs
Amico Report playoff predictions and season awards. Apr 18

Tom Tolbert's Playoff Predictions
Tolbert's predictions. Apr 18

Michael Jordan Tribute
Thanks for the memories. Apr 16

Knicks Season-end Quotes
Quotes recorded after the team's final game of the season. Apr 16

Knicks keep coach
New York has signed Don Chaney to a multi-year contract. Apr 15

Caron Butler Interview
InsideHoops met with this young rising Miami Heat star to talk about the league, his game and more. Apr 15

Steve Mills Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met with Madison Square Garden's president of sports team operations for a quick chat about the building. Apr 15

Jerry Krause Look
Krause's past and why he does deserve some props. Apr 15

John Paxson Named Bulls GM
The former Bull now runs the show. Apr 14

NBA Runaround
The NBA according to Ellis. On the Lakers, Mavericks, Western and Eastern playoff races, Jerry Krause and more. Apr 14

Fantasy Basketball Late Season
Late season report. On some special utility players. Apr 14

Allen Iverson Interview
InsideHoops and other media spoke with Allen Iverson Friday about his team and their injuries, the loss, and playoff seeding. Apr 12

David Stern Speaks
David Stern on the future of NBA TV coverage. Apr 11

Around the League
All around the NBA in the latest Amico Report. Apr 11

Theo Ratliff Interview
InsideHoops met with Ratliff to discuss what he knows best, the art of defending and blocking shots. Apr 9

Fantasy Basketball Answers
The latest from the Answerman. Apr 9

Allan Houston Comments
Not an article - Allan Houston's post-game comments to the media after New York's win over Atlanta. Apr 9

Big Ben Knocked Over
Ben Wallace's recent injury hurts the Pistons at a really crucial time. Apr 8

Jerry Krause Resigns
The man behind the Chicago Bulls has left the building. Apr 7

Michael Jordan: Then and Now
A contributor's editorial quickly remembering the old Jordan days, and bringing us up to date on the current Wizards situation. Apr 6

Larry Smith Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met with the Rockets assistant coach (currently acting as head coach while Rudy T. heals) and discussed Yao Ming and more. Apr 4

Around the NBA
Looking at the Atlanta Hawks, Dirk, and lots of other top stories in the latest Amico Report. Apr 3

Special: Watching Hoops While Not Neglecting Your Woman
For the guys, by the Answerman. Apr 2


NBA basketball articles from March, 2003

Fantasy Basketball Answers
End of season answers concerning minutes played. Apr 2

Nets hammer Rockets
Yao Ming was huge in the first half but absent in the second. Richard Jefferson got his first triple-double. Check the raw dog-style game notes, and read nearly Steve Francis talking crap about the Nets allegedly running up the score.

Timberwolves playoff hopes
Minnesota aims to at least finally escape the first round in the playoffs, if not pull an upset in round two and reach the Western conference finals. Mar 30

John Starks Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met with Starks and caught up. Mar 29

All Around the League
Looking at the Detroit Pistons and a dozen other hot stories in the latest Amico Report. Mar 28

Wizards: One Last Push
Fan editorial: Michael Jordan wants this team in the playoffs. This fan thinks it'll happen. Mar 28

Fantasy Basketball Help
Playoff fantasy league tips, with each tip appliable to both fantasy basketball and dating women. A must-read. Mar 27

Mark Madsen: future all-star?
Not really, but the writer makes a case. Mar 24

Fantasy Basketball Answers
Talking about talent distribution, in more ways than one, from Answerman. Mar 24

Put Iverson on the Olympic Team
He'll show up on time. Honest. Mini-feature. Mar 24

NBA Predictions
Predicting who will win awards and the title. Who deserves MVP? Most improved player? More. Mar 21

Fantasy Basketball Answers
From the Answerman. Mar 21

All Around the NBA
LeBron James, the dislike list, Ricky Davis, more. Mar 19

NBA Observations
Ten random observations about the league. Mar 17

Clippers Down as Usual
A quick glance at the Clippers. It isn't pretty. Mar 17

All Around the NBA
Looking at the Memphis Grizzlies, giving personal opinions on Dirk, Pierce and others, noting a certain Spur who came up big recently and much more in the latest Amico Report. Mar 14

Nets Handle Celtics in Swampland
Atlantic division foes battle. Alternative-style game report. Mar 14.

Players who might benefit from some NBDL run, and some NBDL players who may soon be to help an NBA team. Mar 12

Picking the U.S. Olympic Team
A look at the players already named to the team, and other guys who should be playing. Mar 11

NBA Draft Early Entry Policy
Examining it, and recommending some changes. Mar 11

Los Angeles Clippers: The Pleasure of Defeat
A look at the Clippers. Despite a hugely talented roster, it isn't a pretty picture. But at least the owner is profiting, right? Mar 10

Chicago Bulls goes as Jalen Rose goes
Fan editorial: The Bulls will go as far as Rose will carry them. Mar 9

Stephon Marbury Rocking
Mini-feature on Starbury. Mar 7

NBA Report - Around the League
Looking at Ray Allen, Jay Williams, and much more, in the latest Amico Report. Mar 6

Kobe Bryant Rocking
Every superstar has his critics. Lets address some Kobe Bryant issues. Mar 3.

NBA Fan Game Experience
Fan editorial about going to an NBA game. This fan reviews his entire night, including spotting hot women, buying a game program and more. Mar 3.

NBA basketball articles from February, 2003

Indiana Pacers Stumbling
This extremely talented team has hit a roadblock. Feb 28.

Fantasy Basketball Answers
Questions and answers with the Answerman. Feb 28.

All Around the NBA
Looking at tons of teams, players and issues, in the latest Amico Report. Read up. Feb 27.

Fantasy Basketball Answers
The Answerman addresses some of your concerns. Feb 26.

LA Lakers Rising
And you counted these guys out? The only surprising thing in the Lakers rise up the standings is that Kobe Bryant had played even better than even his biggest fans thought he could. Feb 24.

Kobe Bryant an MVP?
Consider what he's done lately, notice the steady Laker rise in the standings, and you have to add Kobe Bryant to a realistic list of MVP candidates for the season. But right now, one guy definitely belongs ahead of him on the list. Feb 24.

Fantasy Basketball Spins
A contributor analyzes the deadline trades. Feb 22.

NBA Trades
The 2003 NBA trade deadline has come and gone. Read who got moved, and analysis from local beat writers. Feb 22.

Nets Battle Pacers in Rugged Matchup
InsideHoops observations from this top matchup. Feb 21.

All Around the NBA
NBA analysis on tons of teams, players and issues, in the latest Amico Report. Feb 20.

NBA Teams of the Future
A look at some squads with youth and potential. Feb 18.

San Antonio Spurs Rolling
This team is once again proving to be dangerous. Don't sleep on the Spurs. Feb 17.

Olympic Basketball Team Picks
An article on who should be on the team. Note that this was written just before it was announced that Mike Bibby and Karl Malone are expected to be the next additions. Feb 17.

Corey Maggette-O
Fan editorial on how good this kid is, and which team in particular should go after him. Feb 17.

NBA Season - Second Half
A look at teams trying to squeeze into the playoff race, and their issues. Feb 16.

Damon Stoudamire Sitting
Mighty Mouse isn't playing much lately. Feb 14.

All Around the NBA
Looking at lots of teams, players and issues in the giant-sized Amico Report. Feb 13.

All-Star Weekend Pros and Cons
2003 NBA All-Star Weekend pros and cons. A contributor's list. Feb 12.

Phoenix Suns Report Card
Grading their first half performance. Feb 12.

Iverson and Sixers Need Answers
Surely the Philadelphia 76ers are a better team than their mediocre 25-24 record indicates... Feb 11.

Top 52 Things About the All-Star Game
This was actually written before Sunday's All-Star Game. Hindsight is 20-20. Read. Feb 11.

NBA All-Star Game Quotes - West
Western conference interview quotes from after the 2003 NBA All-Star game. Feb 10.

NBA All-Star Game Quotes - East
Eastern conference interview quotes from after the 2003 NBA All-Star game. Feb 10.

LeBron James a Slam
This weekend, LeBron James put on an incredible show at the Prime Time Shootout. Read about him, his future and more. Feb 10.

NBA All-Star Report
Looking at the All-Star weekend, in the latest Amico Report. Feb 8.

Kobe Bryant Rocks Madison Square Garden
It was a crazy night in New York, first with Kobe Bryant putting on an incredible show, then with the Knicks making a huge comeback. Read the raw, unedited InsideHoops game notes. Feb 7.

Boston Celtics Needing Improvement
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the Celtics need to rely on Herculean efforts from Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce most game... NBA / Feb 6

Poetry in Motion
A poetic summary of the masterpiece that was Sacramento vs Dallas. Read. NBA / Feb 5

The Answer Man
Have fantasy basketball questions? The Answer Man responds. NBA / Feb 4.

LeBron James Latest
How do the actions of LeBron James' mom differ from Allen Iverson's? What mistakes are being made? True, James is still going pro and will do fine, but there are issues. Read up. NBA / Feb 3.

NBA basketball articles from January, 2003

LeBron James no Longer Prep Player
LeBron James has been declared ineligible to continue playing high school basketball due to accepting jerseys as a gift. Jan 31.

NBA Players Needing Improvement
Which talented NBA players are not giving their teams the proper boost? NBA / Jan 30.

Knicks Fighting for Playoffs
Did anyone really think the Knicks would go down without a fight? . NBA / Jan 30.

Amare a Gem
The kid is rocking his rookie class. NBA / Jan 29.

Michael Jordan's Swan Song
His Airness is gliding away. NBA / Jan 29.

Joe Johnson Rising
After some early growing pains, the kid in Phoenix is showing signs that better things are on the horizon. NBA / Jan 23.

Cavs Playing for LeBron
Seeking LeBron James. But how many years will it take James to become a star, and would he still be with Cleveland? Jan 21.

Second Half Predictions
A fan editorial with predictions for the rest of the season. NBA / Jan 21.

Cleveland Sends Lucas Packing
After lots of losses and confusion, the Cavaliers have fired coach John Lucas. Read why. NBA / Jan 20.

Olowokandi Not Yet a Star
A contributor analyzes Michael Olowokandi's NBA accomplishments and judges his alleged salary demands. NBA / Jan 20.

Handling the Bulls
Are rotations being handled properly in Chicago? Or is more consistent use of players needed? A contributor speaks. NBA / Jan 19.

NBA Reality Show
The NBA is developing a "reality" television show. Read the release. NBA / Jan 17.

Shaq vs. Yao
Friday night, Shaq and the Lakers face Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets in what should be a terrific battle of men in the middle. Jan 16.

Knicks on Playoff Edge
Are the Knicks a struggling fanchise or merely one step away from the playoffs? Their inconsistencies make it hard to tell. Jan 14.

Around the NBA
The Blazers, Suns, Warriors and much more, in the latest Amico Report. Jan 13.

Helping the Lakers
While it's expected that the Lakers will eventually return at least partially to the glory of their recent past, they can still use some help. A contributor reviews possible candidates. Jan 13.

Modest Boston Proposal
See which player a writer thinks the Boston Celtics should consider acquiring. Jan 10.

Raptor Woes
Toronto has had an injury or two. Or three. Or twenty-five. Jan 10.

Artis Gilmore Hall of Fame material?
Gilmore ranks with the best centers in several categories, like field goal percentage and style. Jan 9.

Mid-season surprises
A look at the top surprises of the season so far, as well as stuff that isn't quite so shocking. Jan 9.

Game of the Week
Thursday, the Kings visit the Nets in this week's hottest matchup. Read the story. Jan 8.

Bryant sets record
Kobe Bryant put on a three-point shooting exhibition last night that put his name in the NBA record books. Jan 8.

Bonzi Wells Underrated
This Blazer is loaded with game. Jan 7.

Yao Ming's Diverse Votes
Analysis of all the NBA All-Star sarter votes coming in for Yao Ming. Jan 6.

Looking back at the James Posey trade
Examining the player and the trade. Jan 4.

For 2002 articles, click here.


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