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nba basketball news rumors

InsideHoops NBA [HOME] 2003

NBA Articles




NBA articles from August, 2003

Sebastian Telfair Mini-Interview
[High School] This famous Lincoln Brooklyn point guard has been dominating the New York City basketball world, and is one of the nationally top-ranked players in his class. presents a quick exclusive interview. [Aug 30]

Around the NBA
[Analysis] Breaking down the firing of Isiah Thomas by the Indiana Pacers, and Larry Bird's role in this, the possible Rick Carlisle replacement, USA basketball notes and more in the latest Amico Report. [Aug 29]

USA beats Mexico
[Olympic Qualifiers] Team USA beats Mexico 96-69 and are now 7-0 in the 2003 Americas Olympic Qualifying basketball tournament in Puerto Rico. So far, only the Argentina game was close. [Aug 28]

Breaking down the recent Warriors trades
[Analysis] A look at the recent Warriors trades with the Mavericks and Pistons, examining the deals from all sides. Jamison, Van Exel and Cliff Robinson were among those involved. [Aug 28]

Trade: Curry for Hunter
[Analysis] The Toronto Raptors have traded Lindsey Hunter to the Detroit Pistons for Michael Curry. [Aug 28]

Pacers get rid of Isiah Thomas
[News] The Indiana Pacers have let Isiah Thomas go. They'll pay his final year's salary but will find a new head coach. [Aug 27]

USA beats Argentina, but barely
[Olympic Qualifiers] Team USA beat Argentina, their toughest opponent in the Olympic Qualifiers. The score was far too close for comfort. Read the full story. [Aug 27]

Raptors name assistants
[News] Toronto has hired new assistant coaches. [Aug 27]

Lamar Odom joins Miami Heat
[News] On Tuesday, Lamar Odom was welcomed as the newest member of the Miami Heat basketball team. [Aug 27]

Calbert Cheaney joins Warriors
[News] The Golden State Warriors have signed Calbert Cheaney, who shot extremely well from the field last year. [Aug 27]

USA beats Canada
[Olympic Qualifiers] Team USA beat Canada to win their first game in the second leg of the Olympic Qualifying tournament. Allen Iverson was unstoppable and put on a clinic. Read the full story. [Aug 26]

Main Event Interview
[Streetball] Waliyy Dixon, known in the streetball world as Main Event met with Inside Hoops, talking about basketball life. [Aug 25]

USA now four for four
[Olympic Qualifiers] USA men's senior team beat the Virgin Islands to win yet again. Allen Iverson scored 17. The first round of the qualifying tournament is nearing the end. The second round begins almost immediately afterwards. See full recap. [Aug 24]

USA wins three of three
[Olympic Qualifiers] USA men's senior team beat Venezuela to win their third Olympic Qualifying game. Full recap. [Aug 23]

USA gains second win
[Olympic Qualifiers] USA men's senior team beat the Dominican Republic to win their second Americas Olympic Qualifying game. Full recap. [Aug 22]

Trade: Sura for Cliffy
[News] The Warriors have traded Bob Sura to the Pistons for Cliff Robinson and Pepe Sanchez. [Aug 22]

Around the NBA
[Commentary] A look at some top teams and the various changes they've made this year, the new interesting things about the upcoming season, other summer stuff, initial top prospects for next year's draft and more in the latest Amico Report. [Aug 21]

USA wins first qualifying game
[Olympic Qualifiers] USA beat Brazil to win their first game in the Americas Olympic Qualifying tournament. [Aug 21]

Slamball Weekly Recap
[Slamball] A look at the Slamball game of the week, and review of other action around the league. [Aug 21]

Bulls sign Kendall Gill
[News] Chicago signs Kendall Gill to a contract. [Aug 20]

Clippers add assistant coaches
The LA Clippers just hired a slew of assistants. Aug 20

EBC Rucker Park Championship
Inside Hoops squeezed into Rucker Park for the 2003 EBC championship game. Would Marbury, Telfair, Jamal Crawford and Rafer Alston all battle? The battle of all battles did not happen. Read this exclusive report. Aug 19

K.Martin added to Team USA
New Jersey Nets forward Kenyon Martin has been added to the USA men's senior team, replacing Karl Malone. Aug 19

Jamison-Van Exel Trade Official
The Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors trade involving Antawn Jamison and Nick Van Exel is a done deal. Aug 19

Earl Boykins signs with Nuggets
The contract is for five years. Aug 19

Richard Jefferson Mini-Interview
Inside Hoops and other media interviewed Richard Jefferson after Team USA's exhibition game win over Puerto Rico in NYC. Aug 18

USA Beats Puerto Rico
The U.S. senior men's basketball, with Iverson, McGrady, Duncan and other superstars, beat Puerto Rico Sunday afternoon in an exhibition game at MSG. Also see box score. Aug 18

NBA Power Rankings
Updated rankings of the entire league from top to bottom. Aug 18

Jermaine O'Neal Interview
Recorded just after a U.S. senior team practice scrimmage against Puerto Rico. O'Neal discusses how the team is coming together and other related issues. Aug 16

Allen Iverson Representin'
With all the heat Allen Iverson has taken over the years, quite often simply due to his personal style, it's a pretty cool thing to see him enthusiastically represent the country. Aug 14

EBC Playoffs
The Entertainer's Basketball Classic final four was Wednesday night at Rucker Park. was there and brings you the results. Who else was there? Stephon Marbury, Sebastian Telfair, Jamal Crawford, Theo Ratliff and others. Read our exclusive report. The championship game was rescheduled for Monday night. Aug 14

Harlem Shake presents an exclusive interview with the man known in Harlem for inventing the Harlem Shake, a dance that has spread far beyond the island of Manhattan. Aug 13

Bone Collector Interview
Streetball: Bone Collector is one of the illest street basketball players on the planet. And if you forget, he'll be sure to remind you. An exclusive. Aug 13

Slamball Weekly Recap
Slamball: A review of this week's top matchup, plus a summary of other key action. New feature on Aug 13

Vince Carter Interview
On taking heat for injuries and media criticism, the U.S. Qualifying team, the Raptors past and present and more. Aug 12

Hawks keep GM and Coach
The Atlanta Hawks have hired interims Terry Stotts and Billy Knight as head coach and general manager. Aug 12

Theo Ratliff Mini-Interview
The Hawks player exclusively told that the trade of Glenn Robinson was as much about chemistry as it was about clearing salary cap space. Aug 12

Tracy McGrady Interview
On the U.S. Qualifying team, the Orlando Magic, a blurb on Kobe Bryant and more. Aug 11

Tim Duncan Interview
On the U.S. Qualifying team, what they have to do to get ready, a blurb on Kidd not signing with the Spurs and more. Aug 11

NBA Runaround
On Florida being extremely nasty in the summer, various NBA trades that have taken place, and a few other NBA notes in the latest NBA according to Ellis. Aug 11

West dominant over East
In conference comparisons, the West has been stronger than the East for quite some time. But things got even more lopsided this summer. Will this trend ever reverse? Aug 10

James Posey to Memphis
James Posey is officially with the Memphis Grizzlies. The Houston Rockets chose to not match the offer sheet. Aug 9

Pacers hire Ron Rothstein
Ron Rothstein is now an Indiana Pacers assistant coach. Aug 9

Heat sign Wallace and Woods
The Miami Heat have signed John Wallace and Loren Woods. Aug 9

Sixers sign Green and Korver
The 76ers have signed rookies Willie Green and Kyle Korver. Aug 9

If you ran the NBA
In the latest Amico Report, see what changes tons of individual fans would make in your favorite basketball league and mine, the NBA. Aug 8

NBDL front office movin' on up
Besides players occasionally making the leap, NBDL front office staff often move on to greener pastures, including the NBA. Aug 8

Gilbert officially a Wizard
The Golden State Warriors have declined to match the Washington Wizards offer to Gilbert Arenas. Done deal. Aug 8

USA Pan Am team loses Bronze
Puerto Rico beats USA Men's Pan American basketball team, USA fails to win a medal, losing the Bronze game. Aug 7

USA Pan Am team loses, can't win gold
USA Men's Pan American basketball team loses to Brazil 92-80, will compete with Puerto Rico for Bronze medal. Aug 6

Nuggets getting to the point
A fun thing to watch this summer is the Denver Nuggets. Why? The possibilities. Consider all the possibilities. Examine the roster and see who may be added. Aug 5

USA Pan Am Team Beats Uruguay
Men's team wins close game, move onto medal round. Aug 5

Nets name new assistant
Don Newman is the new New Jersey Nets assistant coach. Aug 5

USA Pan Am Team Loses
The U.S. Men's Pan American basketball team loses by one point to Puerto Rico in their second game of the tournament. This game was wild. Aug 4

Power Rankings
A contributor provides his set of league rankings, top to bottom, with explanations. These rankings are pretty solid. Official InsideHoops rankings coming out in a day or two. Aug 4

Streetball in the EBC at Rucker Park: K-Martin, R-Jefferson, S-Telfair, J-Crawford, others flood park for incredible game
And is the only media source on the web or in print to tell you about it. Read about this star-studded game that went two overtimes. Aug 4

USA Pan Am Team Wins Opener
The U.S. Men's Pan American basketball team beats Argentina in their first game of the tournament. Emeka Okafor and Rickey Paulding are among the USA players. Aug 3

Around the NBA
Huge roundup and commentary on everything going on with the league, including the revamping of the Timberwolves, the hype behind LeBron and the Cavs, and much more in the latest Amico Report. Aug 1

Nuggets Get Andre Miller
The Clippers decided not to match Denver's offer to Andre Miller, so the Nuggets have a new point guard. Aug 1

USA Pan Am Teams Ready
The 2003 USA Basketball men's and women’s Pan American Games teams arrived in Santo Domingo on Wednesday to a welcome reception from the host country. Aug 1

NBA articles from July, 2003

Spurs Add Bench Players
San Antonio has signed Devin Brown and Anthony Carter. July 31

In Defense of Whitsitt
Trader Bob Whitsitt has proven time and time again that he's able to win trades and acquire talent. July 31

John Strickland Interview
Strickland played briefly in the NBA and for eight years has bounced all around Europe and South America. He's also a permanent fixture in the streetball world. caught up with him. July 30

Celtics and Cavaliers Trade
Boston sends JR Bremer, Bruno Sundov and a conditional second round pick to Cleveland for Jumaine Jones. July 30

Clippers Re-sign Corey Maggette
The Los Angeles Clippers have matched the Utah Jazz offer to Maggette, re-signing him. July 30

Vince Added to Olympic Qualifying Team
Vince Carter has been added to the US Olympic qualifying team that will play in August. He replaces Kobe Bryant, who had surgery and was expected to miss the tournament. July 29

Darius Miles Interview
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Darius Miles met exclusively with at the end of the summer league in Boston to discuss his quest for physical fitness as well as new teammate LeBron James. July 28

Jarvis Hayes Ready for Wizardry
This Washington rookie has the ability to do big things. Read about him and some observations from summer league action. July 28

Scottie Pippen Back with Bulls
His return should help in numerous ways. July 26

Brad Miller Sign-and-Trade
All-star center goes from the Indiana Pacers to the Sacramento Kings. Also involved in the three-team trade were Ron Mercer, Scot Pollard, Hedo Turkoglu and Danny Ferry. July 24

Around the NBA
Review and analysis of recent NBA trades, signings, analysis for all teams involved, summer league action and much more in the latest Amico Report. July 24

Giant Trade is Reality
Huge trade includes Latrell Sprewell, Keith Van Horn, Glenn Robinson, Terrell Brandon and Marc Jackson. Also, see analysis from local team beat writers from each involved team. July 24

Speedy Signs with Warriors
Point guard Speedy Claxton has signed with the Golden State Warriors. He'll try to replace what Gilbert Arenas provided last season. July 23

Etan Thomas Interview and Washington Wizards big man Etan Thomas met to catch up on the team and their new coach. July 23

Lakers Reloaded with Big Guns
The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA's current version of the New York Yankees. We're talking basketball, not trials. July 22

Gilbert Arenas Signs Offer
Arenas has signed an offer sheet with the Washington Wizards. The Warriors will have a tough time matching the offer. July 22

Boston Fans Get Their Walter
A few days ago, fan favorite Walter McCarty re-signed with the Boston Celtics. July 22

Kandi-Nesterovic Comparison
NBA centers are always in demand. Two big names at the position who are changing teams are Michael Olowokandi and Rasho Nesterovic. July 21

USA Junior Team Finishes 5th
USA juniors beat Puerto Rico, finishes 2003 FIBA Junior World Championship in fifth place with a 7-1 record. July 21

LeBron James Interview
A media session interview with James after a Cleveland Cavaliers summer league game in Boston. July 20

Paul Silas Interview
InsideHoops and the new coach of LeBron James met to discuss the rookie's early showings. Is James a point guard or what? Silas shares his views. July 19

Kobe Bryant Charged
Kobe Bryant has officially been charged with sexual assault. Hours after the announcement, he spoke to the media. Related: statements from Kobe and his wife, and court documents (pdf file) with the charges. July 19

Around the NBA
Going all around the world of free agency, summer league performers, players on a roll and much more in the latest Amico Report. July 18

USA Juniors Lose to Australia
USA Juniors Basketball team suffers 106-85 loss, now eliminated from medal contention. July 17

USA Juniors beat Lithuania
With 47 points from Daniel Brown, USA men's juniors team beats Lithuania, now 5-0 in the 2003 Junior World Championship. July 16

Hot or Not in Boston Summer League
A review of players doing well, and players in need of improvement in the Boston Summer League. Games of Monday. July 15

All That Jazz
The Utah Jazz are in rebuilding mode. When was the last time that happened? They've got a long way to go. Will Corey Maggette be their savior? July 15

USA Juniors beat Puerto Rico
USA men's juniors team beats Puerto Rico, now 4-0 in the 2003 Junior World Championship tournament. July 15

Loving to Hate a Team
Fan editorial about one guy's extreme dislike of just about everything associated with the Los Angeles Lakers. If extremely opinionated fan editorials are not your thing, skip this and read the non-editorials above and below. July 14

ABCD Camp Wrapup
High School Basketball: The 2003 ABCD camp for top high school players has concluded, and was there to cover the action. The Seniors All-Star game rocked, and the week as a whole was a great success. July 13

USA Juniors win yet again
USA men's junior team beats Nigeria, now 3-0 in the 2003 Junior world championship. July 13

The Truth? Dick Vitale Can't Handle the truth!
A former European coach looks at Dick Vitale's opinions regarding American college basketball players vs. overseas imports. July 12

USA Juniors Team wins again
USA men's junior team beats China, now 2-0 in the 2003 Junior world championship. July 12

Larry Bird Joins Pacers
Indiana has hired Bird as their new president of basketball. July 11

USA Junior Team wins Opener
The USA men's junior basketball team won their opening game in the 2003 Junior World Championship tournament. July 11

Around the NBA
A look at tons of teams and players, all the various summer league action, free agent news and notes, potential signings and trades, and more in the latest Amico Report. July 10

Bulls Want Return to Glory
It's a long road for the Chicago Bulls back to the top of the world. Here, the next few steps are examined. July 9

Lakers Refueling
The Los Angeles Lakers aren't sitting back and relaxing this summer. They're adding big guns to their already impressive collection. Look out. July 9

NBA Runaround
Looking at summer leagues, the debut of LeBron James, free agent discussions and the future of the Lakers, Juwan Howard and others, Kobe Bryant being arrested and much more in the return of The NBA According to Ellis. July 7

Global Games Gold
The USA Juniors win this year's Global Games. July 6

USA Basketball Section
Check out the brand new section. July 6

Preps to the Pros
A look at high school players jumping right to the NBA, how many first rounders have been prep kids, how successful these players have been, and much more. July 4

Around the NBA
Looking at free agency, possible trades, summer league info and a million other things in the latest Amico Report. July 4

Lenny Cooke Interview
After going undrafted in 2002, Cooke has been training, working out and dominating the USBL. He wants in the big league. Read this exclusive interview. July 3

East Team Needs
A look at the needs of Eastern conference teams; the positions on each team that need an upgrade. July 2

Minnesota Moves
Despite a lack of draft picks and the disappointment of Joe Smith, the Timberwolves have managed to be pretty successful. In the regular season, at least. July 2

Wizards Hire Hubbard
The Washington Wizards have hired Phil Hubbard as an assistant coach. Read about him. July 2

Charles Jones Interview
You remember CJ. On Long Island University he led the entire nation in scoring two years in a row, before playing for two NBA teams and then heading to Europe and the USBL. InsideHoops caught up with him for an exclusive interview. July 1

Mile High July
It's time for Denver Nuggets to shine - in free agency. The team has rookie Carmelo Anthony and hoards of salary cap room to work with. And Kiki V. as a GM. Check out all the possibilities.



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