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InsideHoops NBA [HOME] 2002






IMPORTANT NOTE: The site design changed multiple times in 2000, 2001 and 2002. FORGIVE THE APPEARANCE of some of these older articles.


Examining possible playoff matchups
Lets check out some of the possible playoff matchups we could see in 2003. They're sweet. Dec 31.

Team by team New Year's Resolutions
With the New Year upon us, NBA teams will be making adjustments in either their playoff runs for the championship, or their tanking plans for the #1 pick in the draft. I've taken it upon myself to suggest a few New Year's resolutions... Dec 30.

Clippers need holiday cheer
Fan editorial. The Clippers have a holiday gift in Lamar Odom's return, but should they made a trade? This fan editorial suggestions a pretty major trade, where they'd give a lot, but gain a lot in return. Dec 29.

Chicago playoffs possible
Chicago is thinking postseason, baby, and other playoff contenders should be afraid of a team that could do some serious damage in the playoffs. Coach Bill Cartwright believes it can happen. As for the rest of the world, that's a different story... Dec 27.

The gift that keeps on giving
NBA fans must have been awfully good this year. Dec 26.

NBA rules analysis: make him earn a defensive stop
"Make him earn it at the line." Those seven words sum up much of what is wrong with the NBA: a regulatory design that punishes athletic artistry and well-honed skills while rewarding thuggery and the deliberate breaking of rules. Dec 24.

Observations from Chicago vs. New Jersey
Easily-digestable notes from Bulls vs. Nets matchup in the Swamp Monday night. Dec 24.

Around the NBA
On the awesome Nuggets, expansion and the new owner, and lots of other stuff in the latest Amico Report. Dec 20.

Vote for deserving all-stars
The most qualified guys should always play, regardless of popularity, position, or chances to win the game...

Players wearing other players' jerseys
The insane proliferation of the throwback jersey has had a weird effect on me lately. Everywhere you look, outside, on TV, wherever, someone is wearing a cool-because-it's-ugly Alex English jersey or a totally nonsensical Kobe "MPLS" deal.

Nuggets, Rockets, 76ers Trade
See the complete trade and reactions.

Christmas Rivalries
Remembering the old days.

Yao Ming: the Dynasty's Evolution
The Ming Dynasty is rising. Had to say it.

All-Star Voting: pick the fun players
When voting for starters in the All-Star game, why pick the best players who aren't going to put on a show? Pick the fun players! Read.

Santa, please help the Cavs
A writer in Ohio wants the Cavs to receive some extra help.

Vince Carter: no vinsanity lately
Fan editorial. What in the heck has happened to Vince Carter? You remember him, right? Vince Carter, who would be in so many Sportcenter highlights that you swore he was playing more than one game a night...

Early NBA team awards
Fan editorial giving out some awards like Most Disappointing and Most Surprising teams so far this season.

Around the NBA
Looking all around the league, in the latest Amico Report. Timberwolves, Lakers, lottery stuff and more.

Hubie's Grizzlies
It is an understatement to say that the Grizzlies are not playing well. They didn't play well under Sidney Lowe and they aren't setting the league on fire with Hubie Brown...

Mike Dunleavy's NBA start
It's been a slow beginning to Mike's NBA career. But, with the Warriors, there's plenty of time to develop.


NBA basketball articles from November, 2002

Combustible Elements: the Bob Whitsitt Story
The Blazer roster is loaded with talent, but unfortunately much of it has problems getting along with other players or the law.

Big 5-0 approaching big 4-0
David Robinson's life and career has been full of milestones and hurdles. Guess what NBA fans? The Admiral has easily jumped over each hurdle in full stride, quieting his critics...

Around the NBA
The Sixers are rocking. The Mavs are rolling. Would LeBron James fit in Cleveland? Looking all around the league, in the latest Amico Report.

Grizzlies need rebounds
Fan editorial. The Memphis Grizzlies are having trouble grabbing a rebound. And on another note, Kelly Wise needs a job.

Hitting 2000 and 1000
Looking at NBA stat benchmarks, and players of the past who pulled them off, as well as which current guys with a shot at doing it.

Nets need fans or new home
The Nets are a fantastic team to watch, yet fans aren't showing up at their home arena. What gives?

The mis-education of LeBron James
A lengthy look at all the hype surrounding LeBron James, marketing, teams in need, etc.

Shaq is baq
The Big Aristotle has returned to the NBA. With his size, strength and quickness, Shaq is unguardable. Unless you step on his toe.

Around the NBA
Looking at the Dallas Mavericks and plenty of other stuff in the latest Amico Report.

Stats of every first round NBA draft pick
How are this year's NBA rookies doing? Read some commentary and a list of every first rounder's season stats.

Colorblind NBA commentators?
A contributor looks at how commentators and analysts tend to compare players of a certain color to other players of the same color, even when the comparison doesn't work. Read.

Nets dominate NBA all-star ballot
New Jersey Nets players pack the new ballot.

Celtics Baking
Slowly, Vin Baker is finding his role, as the Boston Celtics string together a bunch of good games.

MVI: Most Valuable Injury
Shaq's early-season injury woes may not mean anything when it matters most.

Philly rising
Fan editorial, on the 76ers slowly improving.

Commentary: end foul-outs!
A detailed look at whether the entire concept of players fouling out of games is a good or bad thing.

Around the NBA
A look at the Sonics, Hawks and plenty of other stuff in the latest Amico Report.

East playoff predictions
Fan editorial predicting the eight teams that will make the Eastern conference playoffs.

Searching for the next Pau Gasol
A quick look at some of the new NBA foreigners.

Around the NBA
In the Amico Report. Ultra-early observations.

Wizards potential sky-high
The Washington Wizards are loaded with potential for success this season.

How important is an athlete's age?
Looking at the importance of how many times Earth has rotated around

NBA basketball articles from October, 2002

Nets: Rod Thorn's greatness
The Nets GM has made such great moves these last two years, other Atlantic division GM's aren't quite sure where the top of the ocean is.

Analyzing the MVP candidates
Fan editorial breaking down NBA most valuable player candidates.

Grizzlies and Nuggets previews
NBA team previews for the new season.

Mr. Invisible: these guys don't get press
A detailed list of top players who don't get much publicity despite their contributions.

Rockets and Timberwolves previews
NBA team previews for the new season.

Mavericks, Spurs and Jazz previews
NBA team previews for the new season.

Bulls and Cavaliers previews
NBA team previews for the new season.

Bucks and Pistons previews
NBA team previews for the new season.

Raptors and Hawks previews
NBA team previews for the new season.

Hornets and Pacers previews
A look at summer changes and the new season.

76ers, Knicks and Heat previews
A look at summer changes and the new season.

Celtics and Magic previews
A look at summer changes and the new season.

Nets and Wizards previews
A look at summer changes and the new season.

Ten Reasons why the Jazz will once again make the playoffs
A fan editorial. The title says it all. At least a few of these reasons are valid.

Indiana Pacers name game
An insightful read, for those looking for extra bits of useless yet sorta cool information.

In-depth power rankings
A contributor provides his own power rankings, with a full paragraph on each team.

Grizzlies on the rise
A review of the recent past and also the present Memphis Grizzlies. Read up.

All around the NBA
A look at lots of stuff around the league, in the latest Amico Report.

Curse of the Mummy
Who is to blame for the latest Antonio McDyess injury? Did the Nets use voodoo to shift their bad luck over the river? Did Pat Ewing somehow do this? Perhaps it's just the fault of McDyess' knees? Read.

A Fan: How to beat the Lakers
Fan editorial on the not-so-easy steps to beating the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. No, we don't edit fan editorials, we just post them.

Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp
A tale of two different paths.

NBA Humor-mill
A not-so-serious look around the league.

Sonics Preview
Fan editorial analyzing the Sonics, position by position.

All around the NBA
On David Stern, Caron Butler and the Heat, much more, in the latest Amico Report.

In defense of Jim Paxson's Cavaliers
Consider the recent moves Cleveland has made, and look at the positive reasons why they were done.

Indiana must rise
Last year, the Pacers only won about half their games. Injuries were a factor, but the team still had the talent to do better. Will they step up this year?

Cavs injuries may be a sign
Right away, a few Cavaliers get hurt.

In world competition, bring out the best
Next time, lets do the job right.

Blaming team USA players is the wrong approach
A basketball coach provides you with an in-depth, extensive look at all issues relating to team USA and international competition.

Champs' summer a successful one
Fan editorial pointing out that the Lakers did what they needed to do this summer.

All around NBA training camps
In the latest Amico Report.

Dear Kiki: change the name, too
This guy is tired of being laughed at when he calls himself a Denver Nuggets fan. Feel his pain.

NBDL players hoping to invade the NBA
An solid number of NBDL players are successfully making the jump to NBA training camp rosters


NBA basketball articles from September, 2002

Thanks for the Memories... Big Fella
A New York AP writer and self-described Patrick Ewing fan shares some memories.

Thanks for the Memories... Magic
Fan editorial. Magic Johnson is entering the basketball hall of fame. Read about everything that is Magic.

Around the NBA
A self-interview, Mourning and more, in the latest Amico Report.

Indiana Pacers' year to shine
This could be the season Indiana returns to the NBA finals. Read why.

Patrick's Other Legacy
Fan Editorial, on Ewing.

Pressure on George Karl
This has not been the finest year for Milwaukee's coach.

NBA East Underrated in the Fun Department
Fan editorial laying out why there's plenty of fun to be had in the Eastern conference this season.

NBA Free Agent Sale
A look at the best free agents remaining at each position, with commentary on each player.

Ewing becomes Wizards assistant coach
Ewing retires as a player and immediately begins a career in coaching.

Suns still need size
The Suns search for good big guys continues.

Stackhouse fills Washington need
Jerry Stackhouse should immediately help Washington. And what happens if Michael Jordan defies age this year?

NBA Inside Stuff show moves to ABC
NBA Inside Stuff moves from NBC to ABC.

All around the NBA
Examining lots of stuff, including the Wizards, Mourning and more, in the latest Amico Report.

Comparing USA teams
Fan editorial: Two USA basketball teams that didn't live up to the billing: the 2000 Olympic team and the 2002 World team.

NBA role players
Are having good role players as important as having a franchise player?

All Around the NBA
Besides various league stuff, comments on last night's Argentina upset win over the USA, in the latest Amico Report.

A Philly Return to Finals?
Fan editorial on changes the Sixers have made this summer and a look at their future.

When Does Potential End?
A fan wonders at what point potential ends and the player




NBA basketball articles from August, 2002

All Around the League
Touching on tons of issues around the league, in the latest Amico Report.

Jalen Rose Ready for Starring Role
Rose is Chicago's key veteran and ready to take everything to the next level.

Five Lakers Who Should Step Up
To help the possibility of a 4-peat, a few Laker role players should feel free to contribute more than is expected of them.

Cavaliers Arming Themselves
In their quest to build something respectable, Cleveland needed to keep Ricky Davis. Baby steps.

All Around the NBA
Touching on issues around the league, in the latest Amico Report. Jordan, the Wizards, various rumors, the Hornets, and much more.

Let the Kids Play
Fan editorial stating that the United States should go back to using college kids. And, for the fun of it, a high school kid or two.

All Around the NBA
Touching on tons of issues around the league in the latest Amico Report. The Pacers, Heat, Hawks, Trail Blazers and much more.

The Clip Show Keeps Growing
Fan editorial: a look at the Clippers and all the fun. Provided the team owner keeps everyone in town, the sky is the limit with this squad.

Five Early 2002-03 Season Predictions
A contributor makes a few early observations.

The Best Pure Point Guards
Fan Voice: Comparing two legendary NBA point guards - their backgrounds and styles.

Vinsanity is Great, but Others are Greater
Fan voice: editorial stating that Vince Carter is a top player in this league, but some other players add more to the puzzle.

All Around the NBA
Touching on all the recent trades, and various other league stuff, in the latest Amico Report.

Garnett and Webber have More to Do
Fan editorial that puts out various truths about two of today's stars. One needs to step up when it counts, the other needs more help.

Clippers Win the Andre Miller Trade
The Cavaliers got an exciting young player, but the Clippers may soon be able to take their game to the next level.

Ultra-Short NBA Players Needed
Muggsy Bogues got old, and Earl Boykins needs a job.

RUN TMC Part Two?
Examining the Warriors roster, with a look back to what could have been the good old days.

All Around the NBA
Touching on tons of league issues, in the latest Amico Report.

Orlando Magic Look
A basic look at the team.

The Real D-League
The impact of European basketball players in the NBA, and how their flow into the league will continue.

NBA Ramblings
With a solid dose of sarcasm.


NBA basketball articles from July, 2002

Jordan Should Feast Like a King
Fan editorial that analyzes a dream scenario that places Michael Jordan on the Kings.

Warriors... Come Out and Play....
Read all about the new Golden State Warriors coach. He's had major success in lesser leagues and is ready to make the jump.

All Around the NBA
Touching on tons of issues around the league, in the Amico Report.

Sixers Rant
Fan editorial on how the 76ers seem to love defensive players, yet aren't concerned with adding offense.

Building That New Expansion Team
Fan editorial that looks at possible expansion in Charlotte, builds it from scratch, slaps a name on it, and sends it out to the slaughterhouse.

Player Advice for the Summer
What should Jordan, Vinsanity, Wally and a few other guys be doing this summer?

Ten Unheralded Free Agents
A contributor to InsideHoops discusses some lesser free agents who can still fill a team need.

The Denver Nuggets - Future Champs
Well, it's possible, at least. A writer explains how. It's a fun time in Denver.

Wins Coming From the West?
From Jerry West, that is. A contributor breaks down all their fun parts that make up the Memphis Grizzlies.

Enjoy it While it Lasts
Fan editorial that basically taunts all non-Laker fans, yet rings truthful enough to be worth posting.

Breaking Down the Sixers
Fan editorial (a totally unedited fan editorial, in fact) on the squad in Philly.

All Around the NBA
Touching on a zillion different issues in the latest Amico Report.

Allen Iverson Situation
A reaction to how The Answer is doing things these days.

Patchwork in New York
Does getting Antonio McDyess give the Knicks a real building block, or just a temporary fix? We'll break down the Knicks sometime soon, but today we leave it to a contributor.

2002 Draft Review From the Future
A contributor reviews the first 14 players taken in the NBA draft, several seasons from now.

All Around the NBA
Touching on the Cavs and Andre Miller, Yao Ming, NYC point guards, summer league commentary, and more, in the latest Amico Report.

An Optimistic View of the Bulls
If all goes well next season, here's what we could see happen in Chicago.

All Around the NBA
Looking at a zillion different issues, with comments on every team's draft, in the latest Amico Report.

Draft Reaction
Fan editorial on what went down at the draft.


NBA basketball articles from June, 2002

Butler Ready to Serve Facials
Caron Butler has finally made it. Both his game and his heart are ready for the next level.

Scouting Dajuan Wagner, Caron Butler
Scouting reports on Wagner and Butler.

Love, Drafts & Basketballs
A fan looks at the situation in New York.

Dunleavy Ready for Next Step
Mike Dunleavy, Jr. wasn't sure if he wanted to leave Duke, but after seemingly wrestling with the decision for weeks (or at least doing it for extra PR), he's entering the NBA.

Have Baggage, Will Travel
DeAngelo Collins, a high school kid with more than your usual share of personal issues, is trying to make the jump right to the pros.

Drew Gooden and Kareem Rush Breakdowns
Examining these players in detail - their skills, and NBA scenarios.

Breaking Down the Clippers Summer
Fan editorial on that other team in Los Angeles and what they need to do this summer.

All Around the NBA
Current Lakers vs 90's Bulls, Barkley speaks, the draft and more, n the Amico Report.

Lebron James to Recover
The kid suffered an injury last week, but will bounce back.

Would a New Champ Spice Things Up?
A writer hopes for something different.

Three Crackpot Ways to Fix the Knicks
A contributor has some answers for Knicks troubles. We're just not sure they're all legal.

PETA Goes After Shaq for Bad Hunting
This is animal, not basketball, related.

Chicago Should Go for Williams
Chicago should be getting themselves a new point guard.

All Around the NBA
Looking a the playoffs and much more, in the Amico Report.

Lakers go up 3-0, Bryant Emerges
The pain will be over soon.

Nets Building a House?
In games one and two, the Nets got looks, but threw enough bricks to build a new home.

Stopping Shaq is Virtually Impossible
O'Neal is even tougher to stop than NJ thought. This after game 2.

Sorry NJ, Lakers Have Edge
After game one, with a look at the entire series.

A Few of My Favorite Things
Looking at some NBA player quotes about the playoff, and examining some related issues.

All Around the Playoffs
A contributor from back when Inside Hoops was young and innocent returns to discuss the latest.

New Jersey Will Win it All
Before you jump to conclusions, read the actual article.

The Giddy Nets Fan
True Nets fans have been waiting a long time.

Celtics Must Again Wait
Boston made a great run this year, but a shot at it all will have to wait.



NBA basketball articles from May, 2002

All Around the NBA
Touching up on tons of issues around the league in the Amico Report.

Refs Need Time in Driver's Feet
A look at charges, blocking fouls, and other tough decisions that refs have to make. And what can be done to improve the calls.

Joumana Kidd Reacts
Jason Kidd's wife heard some nasty chants in Boston. We were there in New Jersey when she spoke to a few media members about it. Here is the quote that summarizes it all.

Another Piece Gone From Chicago
Losing your voice.

And You Thought the Lakers Were Done Already?
The Lakers pull out all the stops to give themselves new life in the series (from after game 4).

Is Chris Webber a Superstar?
Or does he need a championship ring before that label can be applied?

All Around the NBA
Touching on lots of NBA teams and issues, in the Amico Report.

Scott Layden 101: How to Create a Mess
This guy doesn't seem particularly happy with the job Mr. Layden has done with the Knicks.

A Competitive NBA Finals?
Examining the final round, in advance.

Top Free Agents this Summer
A fan reviews the top free agents available this summer. You can see the Inside Hoops free agent watch by clicking the link on the linksbar, to the upper left.

Nets Hoping to Break New Ground
The Celtics are used to the finals. The Nets are used to watching them on television.

Mavericks Need Defense
A recap of the Dallas situation.

Lakers vs Kings Conference Finals Breakdown
Examining the individual matchups.

From Disneyland to Graceland: Jerry West's Odyssey
Jerry West was a great player, has been successful as a general manager, but now his biggest test lies ahead with the Grizzlies.

Is the Zen Master Overrated?
Phil Jackson has had incredible success in his career, but is it due to the players he's had, or his coaching ability? Or both?

Mike Bibby Making the Difference
The Kings point guard has stepped up beyond all expectations when it's counted the most.

Hornets Reach the End
Quickly running through Hornets history, up to their present status.

Being Antoine Walker
A fan points out that, like it or not, Antoine Walker rocks.

Three-One Across the Board
A glance at each of the four matchups.

Instant Replay, Here We Come...
Hopefully, that is.

The Bright Side of Being a Lottery Team
Missing the playoffs isn't the worst thing in the world if you weren't going to compete for a championship anyway. Lets look at each lottery team's situation.

Getting Good Shots
Logic holds true when it comes to getting good shots and winning.

Lakers Still Team to Beat
The Lakers dropped one in Los Angeles but should recover soon.

Around the NBA Playoffs
Checking up on tons of NBA playoff news, issues and results, in the Amico Report.

The Truth
You can't handle Paul Pierce. Neither can the rest of the league. And it's only just beginning. He was underestimated in the draft, and has steadily proven himself.

NBA MVP Breakdown
Examining all the top contenders and what they do for themselves and their teams.

Old Warrior Deserved Better
Ewing deserved a championship ring.

Battle of Baskets
Fan editorial breaking down the exciting, upcoming battle between the Kings and Mavericks.

Utah Jazz Changing their Tune
It had to happen someday. The Jazz aren't far from changing the core of their team.

Timberwolves Reign of Error Continues
Another Minnesota examination. What's the future of this squad?



NBA basketball articles from April, 2002

Don't Blame Garnett
People talk about KG's big salary and how it puts the clamps on Minnesota, but don't blame him for their playoff exits.

NBA Western Conference Season Review
Most disappointing teams, breakthrough players, underrated and overrated players, and much more.

A Risk Worth Taking
A Now that Tyson Chandler is showing some very impressive signs, was the Elton Brand trade that bad?

Philly Can't Handle the Truth
A fan responds to an earlier editorial and points out that Philly is having a rough time containing Paul "the Truth" Pierce.

NBA Eastern Conference Season Review
Most disappointing teams, breakthrough players, underrated and overrated players, and much more.

Shaq not the one to Hack
Some other NBA stars are having problems at the free throw line.

Chicago's Return to Glory
One way Chicago can shorten their road to recovery.

Iverson Ready to Answer
You know the Sixers don't want go to out in round 1. Watch for Allen Iverson to try to take over the series.

Drew Gooden Making Moves
Read up on this special player who is expected by all to go lottery.

NBA Playoffs Preview . Preview 2

In the Paint
Looking back on past NBA playoffs, leading up to this one, and picking the "all plugger" team of guys who come in and make like worker bees.

The Bucks Stop Here
Milwaukee's season wraps up.

Nets Report
Nets report - a briefing.

The Kings Own You
A fan breaks down the Sacramento Kings, analyzing the players and speaking on the competition.

In the Paint
Checking out all the hot rookies this year, and breaking down their seasons. Gasol is the clear rookie of the year, but other guys deserve some attention.

Western Playoffs Preview
The first of many upcoming previews.

In the Paint
There's a fight for the playoffs party in the Eastern conference, and you're all invited.

Grant Hill picks the All Grant Hill Team for Inside Hoops
We met with Grant Hill and had him name the 6 NBA players he'd pick for his own team.

Lefty Legends of Lore
A very cool article breaking down left-handed legends in the world of basketball.

The Real NBA MVP
Who is the real MVP? Duncan carries the Spurs, McGrady carries the Magic, plus you've got Shaq, Kobe, Paul Pierce, and others. Who deserves the award?

Cavs a Contender?
With Miller, Davis and a lottery pick, could Cleveland's future be bright?

All Around the NBA
Touching on tons of issues.

A Tale of Two Teams
The Portland Trail Blazers have undergone nice changes this season, and emerged as a team to be reckoned with.

Do the Clippers Need a Change?
Looking at the Clippers present situation, and what's coming up with free agency this summer.


NBA basketball articles from March, 2002

Michael Jordan Grounded?
Our hero seems to be grinding to a halt.

Passing the Torch
Is Toronto where NBA coaching careers wind down?

Knicks & Nets Briefing
Checking in on the Knicks and Nets.

Around the NBA
Touching on tons of NBA issues in the latest Amico Report.

NBA Rants
Touching on various NBA issues, shot by shot.

The Lakers: it's Happening Again...
Haven't we been through this before?

Around the NBA
In the Amico Report.

Nets Report
A quick update on the New Jersey Nets.

Dallas Mavericks - NBA Champs?
Can this team win the whole thing? Examining their squad, the Kings, Blazers and others.

Around the NBA
In the Amico Report.

The Mavericks Story
A review of this team's past and present.

Much Ado About Nothing
NBA rule changes did not bring about doomsday as feared.

Cheating Players and Announcers Who Love Them
The title says it all.

Around the NBA
In the Amico Report.

Rebuilding the Knicks
Analysis of the team and all the steps required to fix them.

Breaking down the trades, two weeks later
Grading each team on the trades they made just before the deadline two weeks ago.

Ray Allen is NBA's most efficient gunner
In-depth statistical analysis using a really cool analysis system. Stat freaks, this is a must-read.

Around the NBA
In the Amico Report. Checking the Wizards, LeBron James and more.


NBA basketball articles from February, 2002

Fan Response to "That Missing Championship Piece"
An editorial response to a previous editorial, below.

The NBA Week
Each day's top matchups.

That Missing Championship Piece
Examining that chase for a ring.

What is each NBA team best at?
A list of each team's top statistical category.

Around the NBA
In the Amico Report.

This Week's Top Matchups
Each day's best games, analyzing each team.

Response to "Why Kobe Got Booed"
Another educated NBA observer responds to the Bryant article below. Read that one first and then click above.

Fan Editorial: Why Kobe Got Booed
A fan sounds off on what went down in Philly and why.

All Around the NBA
In the Amico Report.

Examining the Blazers and 76ers
Checking out two teams that have a similarity or two.

East All-Star Player Interviews
West All-Star Player Interviews

This Week in the NBA
Examining the best NBA matchups of each day this week.

NBA Midseason Report
Around the NBA in the Amico Report.

Unstoppable NBA Offense... that Nobody Wants
A contributor touches on offenses past and present - the triangle offense in particular. Note that this is unedited, but still a solid read.

NBA Awards Contenders
A fan presents his complete list for top MVP, Rookie and Defensive Player of the Year candidates, with analysis.

This Week in the NBA
A look at the top matchups each day.

NBA All-Star Selection Analysis
Who deserved it, who didn't, in the Amico Report.



NBA basketball articles from January, 2002

League Beginning to Feel the Heat
There's a comeback brewing in Miami, and things could get shaken up in the East.

Trade Talk for Every Team
A outside contributor checks up on each team's needs and potential moves as the trade deadline approaches.

Preview of the NBA Week
The hottest matchups of each day, and a review of the teams involved.

All Around the NBA
In the Amico Report

The NBA Week
Checking out the top games for the rest of the week.

The New Jordan Rules
On Michael Jordan's comeback and what he's done with the Wizards this year.

Time For Issel to Go (older unseen article worth reading)
On Dan Issel and the situation in Denver. Nice perspective on what happened.

The Case Against Rebuilding
Examining what rebuilding really means, specifically for the Knicks.

The Shaq Rules
A contributor sounds off on the Shaq fight and suspension.

All Around the NBA
Around the NBA in the Amico Report.

NBA Week Preview
Checking out the top NBA matchups of each day.

NBA Predictions and Realities
In the Amico Report.

High School Kids Going Pro - Not As Bad as You Think
A look at the success various high school seniors have had in jumping straight to the NBA.

This Week in the NBA
A preview of each day's top matchups.

League Checkup
Touching on all NBA issues worth touching upon in the latest Amico Report.

Lets See How the Kiddies Are Doing
A fun article examining all the key newcomers to the NBA this year.



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