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Streetball in EBC at Rucker Park: Great Star-studded Game




Last Wednesday was an incredible streetball day at the Entertainer's Basketball Classic (EBC) at Rucker Park. Kenyon Martin. Richard Jefferson. Jamal Crawford. Eddy Curry. Sebastian Telfair. And others. presents an exclusive set of totally unedited game notes.

The red team (S.Carter): Eddy Curry, Kenyon "K-Mart" Martin, John "The Franchise" Strickland, Sebastian "2 fast 2 furious" Telfair, Jamal "True Essence" Crawford. And limited minutes from Smush Parker, Jamal "Mel Mel the Abuser" Tinsley, Seth "Up North" Marshall and Brian Reece (UNC).

The purple team (So So Def): Richard Jefferson, The Maniac, Ol' Black Magic, Brandin Knight.

It's ON!

The very first play of the game once the red team got the ball was a Kenyon Martin alley-oop, with the pass being delivered by Sebastian Telfair.

The second play of the game was another Telfair pass to Martin for a two-handed dunk.

Red team jumped to early 12-6 lead, seven of those baskets being dunks.

That set the tone of the game.

Highlights and Game Notes from

- John Strickland posted up Richard Jefferson, tries to back in, spins and shoots, but Jefferson jumped high and swatted the sh*t out of the shot.

- Jamal Crawford is starting off well, putting on a show, pulling off sick dribbles, penetrating and dishing. He's showing no emotion. All business.

- Smush Parker is missing shots.

- The score is 28-25, red team up.

- Ol' Black Magic, being guarded by Sebastian Telfair, puts the ball threw his legs repeatedly, unleashes repeated fake crossovers, picks the ball up and bounces it off Telfair's head, penetrates, and draws a foul. You need to know Ol' Black Magic. He's a point guard, kind of chubby-looking, yet as quick as can be, flashy, with a sick handle and good shot, and he gets the job done. considers him probably the best guard in the EBC this year.

- Telfair answers, repeatedly. As does Black Magic.

- Richard Jefferson is really into the game. Full intensity. In one play he got a rebound, drove the full length of the court -- making sure to slow down slightly while looking back to mock a defender who tried to steal the ball -- and hits the layup with the foul.

- Eddy Curry is doing a good job clogging the lane for the red team, but the purple team

- At the half it's 41-37, red team up.

- Brandin Knight is playing horribly.

- Richard Jefferson tried to pull up for a jumper over Kenyon, but Martin jumped so high that it caused Jefferson to change his shot and miss.

- Besides Ol' Black Magic, a great player on the purple team is "The Maniac," a Hakim Warrick-sized skinny forward. considers him the probable MVP of the EBC this summer.

- Also awesome is Ol' Black Magic

- Early-mid second half, an alley-OOP pass got thrown to Richard Jefferson, who flew as high as he has in any NBA season highlight. Jefferson caught the pass and reverse-dunked it with two hands over a defender. Jefferson landed and while running down the court starts pumping his fists, yelling like a madman. Awesome.

- Jefferson is doing a lot of posting up, banging the defenders hard, spinning and shooting.

- As the announcers pointed out, it's "too easy" for K-mart. Each time he catches the ball under the rim, a two-handed dunk is almost guaranteed.

- Ol' Black Magic is unleashing incredible moves.

- Brandin Knight has gotten tons of minutes all game long and has been absolutely horrible in every way imaginable. I actually feel sorry for him. Seriously.

- Kenyon Martin had the ball at the top of the key, with Jefferson guarding him. Richard yelled "yeah, shoot it!" to him, daring Martin to shoot. K-Mart passed.

- No Sign of Smush Parker in the second half. He showed nothing in the first.

- All game long, John Strickland, an favorite, has talked trash to anyone who will listen. He's argued with players on the other team, coaches of the other team, fans sitting near the other team, trees located outside the park, the ball, the fence, the bleachers and birds as they fly by. It's funny. What's up John. I know you're reading this.

- Rod Strickland just arrived at the park. Not to play, just to watch. He was armed with food, with a few friends by his side. The announcers made sure to point it out so fans could applaud.

- The score is 73-72, with one minute left in the game.

- After a tip-in by team red with 7 seconds left, and a tip-in at the "buzzer" (there's no actual buzzer) by team purple, we have overtime. The tip-in felt a second or two late, but this game is great, so the fans aren't comlaining.


- John Strickland is now talking massive amounts of sh*t to Richard Jefferson, who, in a rare moment of non-intensity, is laughing.

- During a timeout, John Strickland is now right in the face of Jermaine Dupri, who has been on the sideline in the So So Def section all game. The two are jawing back and forth. But Dupri looks, I'm guessing, about 5'7" and 140lbs. Strickland is about 6'8" and 260lbs. It's comical.

- Jefferson has had some free throw troubles, often missing the first of two. He's dominant in every other way, however.

- Jamal Crawford has messed up several times during the overtimes, holding the ball for a long time and not creating like he was earlier in the game. He's faded a bit.

- A highlight defensive play was made by Sebastian Telfair, who broke up an alley-OOP attempt from Ol' Black Magic to Richard Jefferson. Telfair knocked away the pass before it had a chance to rise high in the air.

- With 10 seconds to go in overtime and the score tied, Jamal Crawford dribbled too long before making a move, and time ran out before his team could get a shot off.


- This is the first double-overtime game of the EBC this summer.

- Brandin Knight caught a pass while cutting under the basket, appeared to be all alone, put up a layup, but Brian Reece rejected the sh*t out of it. Seconds later, the announcer loudly told Brandin Knight that "when you come to 155, bring your A-game."

- The teams are trading baskets.

- Richard Jefferson was driving, but Jamal Crawford committeed what in the NBA would have been called a flagrant foul, slamming into him. It wasn't a dangerous foul, but it was hard. Crawford immediately went over to Jefferson to make amends.

In the end, S. Carter, the team in red, loaded with stars, squeezed out a win. will always bring you the hottest streetball events. Best of the best.

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