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NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis to Lakers

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Hot NBA News Stories: The Pelicans per ESPN will reportedly trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No. 4 pick in the 2019 NBA draft, and two other first round picks. The trade will reportedly not become official until July 6. Raptors beat Warriors in six games to win the 2019 NBA championship... Kawhi Leonard named 2019 NBA Finals MVP... Klay Thompson suffers torn ACL... Kevin Durant suffers ruptured Achilles... Jimmy Butler reportedly plans to opt out / Updated June 15, 2019

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NBA Power Rankings
The most important thing in NBA basketball is winning. And if you're going to judge how good various NBA teams are, certainly their win-loss record is the biggest indicator. That's where NBA standings come in. But what about teams with similar records? Or teams with key injuries? Or squads that should be better, but haven't played up to standards yet. Those are judgement calls. And the fun NBA basketball website measure of such subjective calls are NBA power rankings.

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NBA Playoffs
The Raptors won the 2019 NBA championship Thursday, beating the injury-riddled Warriors in six games... Hit our NBA Playoffs home page. for complete postseason results.

NBA Draft
The Pelicans won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery (Grizzlies got No. 2, Knicks No. 3). Thus setting the NBA draft order. On June 11, the NBA Draft early entry list was finalized. The 2019 NBA Draft is Thursday, June 20.

NBA Rumors
With the and NBA free agency approaching, serious rumor season is upon us. NBA franchise-changing signings, trades, contract decisions, etc. will be taking place. All season, but especially throughout June and July, you should bookmark and hit our NBA rumors page at least once per day as we watch what happens with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and other stars.

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What matters most in the NBA? Playing basketball games. And the results of those games. For a daily roundup all on one page, hit our NBA daily game recaps page.

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To truly understand NBA basketball, you need to watch the games. But checking out top plays and highlights is always fun. To see the most awe-inspiring, best plays, dunks, passes, shot-blocks and more, hit our NBA video clips page.

NBA Stats
The Inside Hoops NBA stats section focuses on the essentials, namely which players put up big-time numbers, and stats which shed insight on what each team is good or not so good at. A key page is the NBA player stat leaders page. Also in that section is NBA attendance info.