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NBA Rumors: Suns Fire Coach Kokoskov

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Hot NBA News Stories: The Suns Monday night reportedly fired head coach Igor Kokoskov... Bucks and Celtics advance to second round... Magic, Nets and Thunder face elimination Tuesday / Updated April 23, 2019

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NBA Power Rankings
The most important thing in NBA basketball is winning. And if you're going to judge how good various NBA teams are, certainly their win-loss record is the biggest indicator. That's where NBA standings come in. But what about teams with similar records? Or teams with key injuries? Or squads that should be better, but haven't played up to standards yet. Those are judgement calls. And the fun NBA basketball website measure of such subjective calls are NBA power rankings.

NBA Playoffs
The 2019 playoffs began April 13. Hit our NBA Playoffs home page for complete coverage, schedules, key stats and more.

NBA Rumors
There are different types of NBA news. Some is very straightforward, as in the case of NBA transactions like official signings, trades, etc. Then there's the juicy stuff, like what the latest NBA news really means, the story behind the story, and what could come next. For that, hit our NBA rumors page on a daily basis.

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What matters most in the NBA? Playing basketball games. And the results of those games. For a daily roundup all on one page, hit our NBA daily game recaps page.

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Numbers rarely tell the full story. But they definitely tell part of it. The Inside Hoops NBA stats section make sure you know the essentials, namely what each NBA basketball team and player is especially good at. And of course, what they're not so good at. Our main stat pages are updated almost daily during the season.

NBA Playoffs
The NBA regular season is loads of fun. And the vast majority of games matter, because they determine which 16 teams -- two from the Eastern conference and two from the West -- will make the NBA Playoffs and compete for a championship.