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NBA Rumors: Steve Ballmer buying LA Forum

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Top NBA News Headlines: Clippers owner is buying the LA Forum, but keeping it as a concert venue, and will build new sports arena nearby... NBA season currently on hold, but keep reading Inside Hoops every day because whatever news does develop will always either be here, on our NBA rumors page or our basketball blog / Updated March 28, 2020

NBA News Headlines

Former Knicks coach says team needs a point guard who can shoot from deep
Pistons forward Christian Wood almost fully recovered from coronavirus
Pistons scout Maury Hanks hospitalized due to coronavirus
Will the Heat and Jae Crowder stick together?
Clippers owner Steve Ballmer will buy the LA Forum and build new arena near it
Stan Van Gundy discusses Nets and Knicks coaching jobs
UPDATE: No salary reductions for Sixers at-will employees
Pacers salary cap situation looks to be in good shape
Charles Barkley tests negative for coronavirus
Utah Jazz arena employees to receive financial relief
Pacers reportedly taking measured approach to coronavirus
LeBron James shares insight on pivotal time with the Miami Heat
Two Lakers players test positive for coronavirus
Boston Celtics player tests positive for coronavirus
Three members of Sixers organization test positive for coronavirus
Member of Denver Nuggets tests positive for coronavirus

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The Pelicans won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery (Grizzlies got No. 2, Knicks No. 3). Thus setting the NBA draft order. On June 11, the NBA Draft early entry list was finalized. The 2019 NBA Draft took place on June 20 and the first few picks went as expected: the Pelicans drafted Zion Williamson No. 1 overall, the Grizzlies took Ja Morant at No. 2, and the Knicks took R.J. Barrett at No. 3.

NBA Summer Leagues
There were three NBA Summer Leagues in 2019. The Salt Lake City Summer League (run by the Jazz) and California Classic (run by the Kings) both ran from July 1-3. The big main league, Las Vegas NBA Summer League, involving all 30 NBA teams, ran from July 5-15.

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- Rising Stars Game
Saturday, Feb. 15
- Skills Challenge
- Three-point Shootout
- Slam Dunk Contest
Sunday, Feb. 16
- NBA All-Star Game

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