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Richard Hamilton interview after Pistons-Cavs Game 4




| May 29, 2007

Richard Hamilton playoffs interviewTuesday night in Eastern conference finals Game 4 of the 2007 NBA Playoffs the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Detroit Pistons 91-87 to the series at two games apiece. Richard Hamilton needed 21 shots to get his 19 points. He added 8 rebounds. Here's what Hamilton said after the game:

Q. Rip, could you talk about the fourth quarter, which is a time when you guys in the past have shown poise and patience, but you guys struggled with that. Could you talk about what's going on?

RIP HAMILTON: I think the last two games here we had -- we were bad down the stretch. The most important thing was we actually turned the ball over, not getting shots up and we're a better team than that. We thrive on taking our time getting into what we want to get in to and getting a play and getting a shot up.

Q. And it seems bad decisions down the stretch have come with Chauncey, could you talk about him because this is not the usual Chauncey Billups down the stretch.

RIP HAMILTON: Things happen, it's nothing that we put our head down on, as long as we're out there being aggressive. Like I said, a couple of times -- they're mixing it up with him and the one thing -- like I said, coming down the stretch, we can't turn the ball over, we have to put it up on the backboard, where our bigs can get tip-ins, but we can't turn the ball over, especially late in the game.

Q. Rip, what was going on on the foul line there with LeBron? Was that shades of last year with Gilbert? That's what he thought, that you were bumping him, trying to say a few things to him.

RIP HAMILTON: Nothing really. Part of the game, trying to stall him a little bit, hopefully he'll miss a shot, but tonight he stepped up and knocked down two free-throws.

Q. Rip, what do you guys need to do to win the next game?

RIP HAMILTON: Like I said, we've been getting ourselves in a hole, you know. Every game we haven't had more than a five-point lead, I think our biggest thing is turning the ball over. We're a lot better team than that, especially in the fourth quarter and we turned the ball over so many times and we have to get better than that.

Q. 2-2 a year ago, Game 5 at home you guys lost that game, is there anymore sense of urgency going home this time? These have been four games that could have gone either way.

RIP HAMILTON: The series 2-2, we've got to go home and get a win in front of our fans. We're confident in that, you know, but we've got to be better, bottom line. Like I said, turnovers, coming out of the gate early and playing just to stay in the game, no, we've got to play harder to get a lead and keep a lead.

Q. Hey, Rip, the mental game of this team is in Cleveland's court, can you talk about what that is to you guys.

RIP HAMILTON: This ain't nothing new for us. I think this is the same old story. The first couple rounds we've been great with it, 2-2, we get an opportunity to go home and get a win, our confidence is still the same, we have to take one game at a time, but this is nothing new for us.

Q. Could you talk about Daniel Gibson a little bit. He had a great game in Game 3 and what he did tonight, can you talk about him.

RIP HAMILTON: He came off the bench, he was aggressive, shot 12 free-throws, we've got to do a better job of recognizing where he's at, take away his penetration and things like that, you know. But he played well for them.

Q. Rip, when Sheed took the T, was he frustrated that you didn't get back on the ball before Sasha laid it in?

RIP HAMILTON: I didn't know why he got a technical foul, to tell the truth, but it happens. We still felt we had the opportunity to win the basketball game, you know, but we've got to be better in those tight situations, we can't give up technicals, give them free points. We've got to be better with it.

Q. With a minute to go, LeBron went to the free-throw line to ice the game and we saw you walk over and say something in his ear, was that Scottie Pippen or Gilbert Arenas from last year?

RIP HAMILTON: You just try to stall the shooter. LeBron knocked down two free-throws, hopefully they miss but he did a great job of knocking them down.

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