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Basketball Rumors





These are basketball rumors from two days ago. For the most recent stories click here.

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NBA Rumors for Friday, November 21

InsideHoops NBA rumors updated 1:00 p.m. ET. More NBA rumors stories and other news also appears on the InsideHoops basketball blog.

nba rumors Jason Kidd made his first return to Brooklyn since his ugly June exit from the Nets, when his reported power play to go over the head of general manager Billy King and get more say regarding personnel was foiled. Perhaps caught up in the uniqueness of the moment, Kidd on Wednesday night swerved off his usual non-controversial answers and criticized the team that gave him his first head coaching job only a few weeks after he retired from playing despite his lack of previous bench experience. NY Newsday

Kidd insisted he never tried to go over King's head, and said he didn't want more control. "No. No, I didn't try to promote myself," he said. "Billy's the GM. He put the Brooklyn Nets together, so it is what it is. I didn't try to promote myself. I'm still learning to be a coach. This is my second season. I had a very interesting first year as a coach. I thought it was kind of funny that you guys were marking down how many times I held the clipboard. You do that to [Lionel] Hollins?" NY Newsday

"Well, he was management, so my relationship with Billy was to figure out how to put things right when he was around," Kidd said. "There was really no relationship." NY Newsday

nba rumors The Cavaliers will have to make a move. There are holes on the defensive end that need to be patched up and the players currently on the roster aren't equipped to handle the necessary repairs. With this underwhelming 5-5 start, it is essential for Cleveland to pick up a defensive boost. Cleveland's $5.3 million trade exception is the logical solution, but Brendan Haywood's unusual contract could be thrown into the mix. And make no mistake, it eventually will. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Haywood is being paid a salary of $2.2 million this season, but next year he has a non-guaranteed income of $10.5 million. It becomes fully guaranteed if he is not waived by the Aug. 1 deadline of 2015. The chances of a team making that type of commitment at this stage of his career are slim to none. Cleveland Plain Dealer

What's attractive about Haywood's deal is next summer his $10.5 million income would apply towards the league's salary-matching requirements, which would allow the Cavaliers, or whichever team has him at that time, to trade Haywood for an impact player making up to approximately $14 million annually. Cleveland Plain Dealer

nba rumors J.R. Smith's head was down and he barely looked up as he spoke in a low voice, epitomizing the Knicks 13 games into the Derek Fisher era. The Knicks are down, feeling low, and things aren't looking up. At this point, they were expected to be showing progress. They're not. NY Newsday

After the games in Milwaukee and Minnesota, Smith provided the soundtracks for the Knicks' season thus far. He called it "really embarrassing" that at halftime, Fisher had to challenge the Knicks to play harder against the Bucks. About 24 hours later, Smith said, "It's not fun anymore." NY Newsday

One positive is that Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani are expected to practice Friday and could make their debuts Saturday night. Both should help offensively. Calderon will be able to get the Knicks into their offense better than Shane Larkin has. Calderon also is a good shooter who can make teams pay if he's left open. Bargnani's strength also is scoring. But neither is a good defensive player, and that is the part of the game that concerns the Knicks most. NY Newsday

nba rumors For LaMarcus Aldridge, the meeting with Chicago is a chance to face the franchise that drafted him No. 2 overall in 2006 before trading him to Portland in exchange for Tyrus Thomas on draft night. Aldridge said he doesn't think about the Bulls trading him on draft day as much as he did early in his career. "I think early in my career I might have used it for motivation," he said. "But now I'm too old to be still holding that grudge." Oregonian

Along with Portland, Golden State and Toronto, Chicago is one of four teams that ranks in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency according to Stotts said the Blazers won't change their approach defensively against Chicago, but noted the Bulls have a variety of scoring threats. "Their offense is very efficient particularly when they're healthy when they have Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol. But they have post up threats, they have pick and roll threats, they're very patient at the offensive end," Stotts said. "They play together, they have three point shooters, they have wings who can post, so they have a lot of options offensively." Oregonian

nba rumors The head of the National Basketball Players Association is calling Jeff Taylor’s 24-game suspension “excessive, without precedent and a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.” Michele Roberts’ strongly-worded statement Thursday suggests the union is prepared to appeal the suspension on behalf of Taylor, the Charlotte Hornets small forward who has been on paid leave. Charlotte Observer

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Wednesday that Taylor would serve a 24-game suspension after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic-violence charge in Michigan. Charlotte Observer

The Brooklyn Nets scored more than $250,000 from a physical- therapy practice by selling them a corporate sponsorship complete with advertising at games and player appearances. But they stiffed the practice by not providing any of the promised perks and even revoked the practice’s season tickets, a new lawsuit charges. “Borough Park Physical Therapy signed an agreement with the Nets to be one of their sponsors and the Nets strung them along, got about $250,000 from them, and then once they had the money they failed to provide the print advertising and player appearances,” said plaintiff’s attorney Asher Gulko. NY Post

[Dwight] Howard was limping after the Rockets loss in Memphis on Monday. He joked that night that he would soon need a cane and downplayed the injury, calling it the usual “post-game pain.” The Rockets did not list him at all in the subsequent injury reports. By Thursday, there was no such secrecy, with the Rockets speaking more about playing without Howard than hoping he could quickly bounce back. “We’re in a situation,” McHale said, “no Dwight probably.” Houston Chronicle

Rookie K.J. McDaniels played just 11 minutes for the 76ers on Wednesday night, scoring eight points. His role has diminished over the last four games since he played 28 minutes last week against Toronto. It is frustrating and hard to deal with, he said. "But I'm just coming in here and trying to work hard every day," McDaniels said. "I'm trying to leave it to Coach and stay humble about it." His mother chose to be a bit more open. Shawn Chapman McDaniels posted on Twitter Wednesday during the loss to the Celtics that the Sixers were tanking the season and messing with her son. Philadelphia Inquirer

In October, she tweeted that the Sixers were a "screwed up program." McDaniels said Thursday that he did not see his mother's social media activity. The Twitter account @KJsMOMshawn was deleted sometime after the team's afternoon practice. Philadelphia Inquirer


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