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Summer Basketball Leagues


Main Yearly Pro Summer Basketball Leagues
July 1-6: Orlando Summer Basketball League
July 3-6: Utah Summer Basketball League
July 7-17: Las Vegas Summer League Basketball

New Pro Summer Basketball Leagues Starting in 2017
BIG3 Basketball League
Champions Basketball League (League Never Started)


Summer basketball leagues include everything from professional basketball players going against each other to amateurs with no shot at the pros taking it strong to the hoop.

There used to be a bunch of NBA summer leagues but the list is now down to two: The official Vegas summer basketball league, run by the NBA and far and away the biggest and most important, and the much smaller Orlando summer basketball league, run by the Orlando Magic but recognized by the NBA.

There used to a pro summer league in Salt Lake City, Utah called the Rocky Mountain Revue but it isn't happening for the summer of 2009. The league, which was about one week long, could return in 2010 or the future.

There was also a summer league in Los Angeles (well, technically in Long Beach), California called the Summer pro league which I believe had their last season in 2007. It was NOT run by an NBA team or the league, and should not be included in the list above, but it featured a pretty high level of play and did include a decent amount of NBA players in it.

Years ago, Boston had a league, called the Shaw summer league. It shut down (or moved, or something) years ago. It's gone.

As for non-pro summer basketball leagues, there are tons of them all around the country. Streetball as popularly known via televised tours, tricks and traveling teams, has fallen off, but of course the actual act of playing outside in the playground, either in a league or for fun, will be around forever. But Rucker Park summer action isn't as popular as it used to be. The AND 1 mixtape tour team gets little attention now and only plays a few games per year. And a streetball spinoff team or two that tried to do big things failed to take over.

If you know of any amazing summer basketball leagues worthy of attention, contact us and pass along the info.