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Eric Snow Interview




/ Dec. 27, 2004

Eric SnowThe Cleveland Cavaliers played in New Jersey shortly after it was announced that Vince Carter had been traded to the Nets. editor Jeff Lenchiner talked to Cavs guard Eric Snow about the deal, LeBron's greatness, and more. Note that this exclusive interview was recorded just before it turned out that Alonzo Mourning wasn't going to stick with the Raptors. What's your take on the Vince Carter trade? As you know, Toronto got Eric Williams, Alonzo Mourning, Aaron Williams and draft picks. And the Nets got Vince.

Eric Snow: Some people don't like it for Toronto, but I happen to like it for them, because they got a solid veteran in Eric Williams who can bring some defense and toughness on the perimeter. They still have guys who can score, Jalen Rose, Lamond Murray, Morris Peterson, and he brings some athletic ability at that position, and they bring in two quality veterans, bigs that can play alongside Chris Bosh. They still have Donyell Marshall. They have some pieces. I think if they started the year together, that's the type of team, with so much depth and versatility, they could cause teams trouble. And the best part of that deal is they have the possibility of getting two high draft picks. I'd rather go that route than just trading Vince for the sake of trading him, and just getting salaries and not necessarily getting talent. That keeps happens, trading more for contracts than players.

Eric Snow: Yeah, you just get salaries. Just because guys make the same amount of money doesn't make them the same player for your team. And as far as here (for New Jersey), you put Vince in a situation where you got his talent and his ability and you put it with the best point guard and the best play-maker in the league, so ultimately he's going to be a better player just from that. I'm picturing the Nets at the one, two and three spots, they should be able to run in a big way.

Eric Snow: It's going to be a tough cover for people. If Jason and the big fellas continue to grow. I'm not sure if this year they'll be as good as maybe expectations you would think, but if they keep this group together and they're able to go get some nice free agents, they're definitely going to be someone to reckon with. Do you think NBA players have something against playing in Toronto?

Eric Snow: Naw. When I first came out, people talked about the taxes, living in a different country. I think if it's a good situation for guys, I don't think guys will not go because it's in Toronto. Guys are willing to look at their best options. If that's their best option, they'll go. It is a different country, and some people have different situations. Some people's family likes to travel to games a lot, and some people don't want their families going through customs every time they come... you have to balance it out. Is their offer a lot better, is it about the same? The one thing that may hurt Toronto is if the offer is if the same with people, most likely they'll stay in the States. And, as for LeBron James, he's going crazy this season. I think he's top ten, maybe top five in the league now.

Eric Snow: He's definitely top ten. Top five, that's kind of tough to say right now, because a lot of different guys have proven it for four, five, six, seven, eight years. But he's definitely top ten. He's playing great basketball, leading the team, all around, defending, assists, rebounds, scoring, changes the game. The guy ultimately makes people better, and makes his team better, and you know he's ultimately getting the job done. Take Michael Jordan and add muscle, and maybe you get LeBron. What do you think?

Eric Snow: I honestly think he's like, down the middle, from Michael (Jordan) and Magic (Johnson). I think he's straight down the middle. He can score, but I don't think his game will ever be its best if he's coming out and scoring 30 points a night. And then I don't think his game would be its best if he's just coming out just passing every time off, so I think he's like right down the middle. He'll have some nights where he scores, some nights where he just gets everybody off and makes plays, so I'd say he's right in-between. His athletic ability talent reminds you of Mike. His awareness, it's Magic.

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