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Default Re: When does birdman debut?

The rest of the NBA is mad that Miami found their Rodman:

Originally Posted by Hank
Well you see, if he's healthy, he's just what the Heat need.

Yes it was limited time, but tonight he altered multiple shots down low in the paint with his defensive positioning and instincts. He rebounded and snatched the ball from the opposing players hands, dived for loose balls, hustled, and moved extremely well. He set very good strong picks/screens (and with lebron and wade your bigs better be good pick setters and Birdman is just that), he rolled smoothly off picks to the basket WIDE OPEN (with more practice time as his teammates get used to him those will be easy points), he doesn't have stone hands like Joel anthony and can catch passes, had a nice put back dunk off a rebound that we're not used to seeing from our centers. And he was very good rotating on defense all over the halfcourt with quickness. This was all very noticeable, and very nice to see for any Miami fan

Birdman has averaged almost 15 rebounds and 4 and a half blocks per 48 minutes. On our team he is a perfect fit if he can stay healthy.

Tattoos all over the place, funky hair, he rebounds, joining the Heat at 34 years of age which is the same age Rodman joined MJ/Pippen, doesn't have the best reputation because of the stupid media and their twisted stories (just like Rodman had back then before joining the Bulls), plays with hustle, an "energy" player, blocks shots, is strong in the paint.... so yes there are similarities to Rodman (not saying he is Rodman I'm saying he'd be our Rodman considering the make up oif our team).
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