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Laxlen 11-13-2012 12:05 PM

One of the better games this season, wrong result
1st Quarter

It was 16-6 for Denver with 6:20 remaining when the dreaded timeout curse strikes again!! By the team the backup unit of McGee, Miller and Brewer hit the floor two minutes later, the lead was down to 2.

That's when McGee took over the game with 3 dunks and a block.

The announcers mocked him for an errant pass that ended up out of bounds but I did not see it that way. McGee had the ball under the rim, lost his dribble, had to get rid of it and saw Gallo basically at the free throw line. As he threw the ball, Gallo rotated away from the pass. This play is a simple miscommunication and not another notch on McGee's track record.

Biggest issue I had this quarter, Gallo spent more time in the offensive paint than Lawson, that is not a recipe for success for this team.

2nd Quarter

The "real" Ty Lawson showed up for this quarter and it was great! Lawson went 4 of 5 shooting with all his shots coming from within the paint.

A candidate for "fist pump of the game" came with the Suns up 48-47. Lawson would race down the court and set up Brewer for the easy deuce then on the next possession, Brewer would race down the court and set up Lawson for the easy deuce.

3rd Quarter

Damned curse of the timeout!! With three minutes remaining, the Nuggets had a 76-73 lead going into a timeout. The Suns finish the quarter on 10-2 run and a 83-78 lead.

Iggy thus far is 6 of 8 shooting. I mention this cause he finished the game 6 of 8, UMM HOW DOES IGGY NOT PUT UP A SHOT DURING THE 4TH QUARTER OF A CLOSE GAME??

4th Quarter

Wilson Chandler scores the Nuggets first bucket of the quarter and follows that up with a three. First time this season, I began to believe any of the hype surrounding his signing. MORE PLEASE!

With 4:30 remaining and the Nuggets down 5, Gallo passed up a shot instead choosing to pass the ball to McGee at the rim for an easy duece. Next possession, Gallo went into the paint and scored the toughest two points he has drained this season to bring the Nugs within one.

Iggy would come up with a huge block on defense and Miller would fumble it away leading to a Suns three pointer. At this point, the game may as well of ended.

Fist Pump of the Game: With the Suns at the charity stripe in the 3rd quarter, they miss the second free throw but get the rebound. This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves especially when the opposing team converts, which the Suns did. On the ensuing Denver possession, Gallo drains his 2nd three of the quarter. Huge fist pump!

Flawless Logic: If I told you the number one team in rebounding would give up almost twice as many offensive rebounds as it collected, you would have laughed at me right?

The Nuggets collected 9 offensive boards, they average 16, while the Suns collected 15.


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