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Jason Kidd NBA Trade Deadline Interview




| Feb. 22, 2007

Jason Kidd interviewThe NBA trade deadline is Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, and Nets star Jason Kidd has been rumored to be on the trading block, with the Lakers definitely interested. Wednesday night in New Jersey, before the start of a Nets-Hornets game, editor Jeff Lenchiner and a few other reporters spoke with Kidd. Various reporters asked the questions, but is the only place you'll see the full conversation.

Question: What do you expect tonight?

Jason Kidd: To play a game. That's the only thing I'm concentrating on right now is the game that we have tonight. That's it.

Question: Have you spoken to Nets upper management?

Jason Kidd: No. Didn't really see a need to talk to either one. But the big thing is whatever happens, happens. Stay or not basketball doesn't change. The game doesn't change. Just different cities, and if I get traded, if I stay, nothing happens.

Question: Do you expect one way or the other?

Jason Kidd: You never know in this league. Anything is capable of happening. It won't be the first time I've been traded. The big thing is that if I get traded, you got to move on. That's just the nature of the business. If I don't, you got to try to go out there and win as many games as you can, make it to the playoffs.

Question: When you step out on the court tonight, will it at least cross your mind that this could be your last game as a Net?

Jason Kidd: The crowd doesn't change. You play the game. This is your job to go out there and win. I'm concentrating on trying to beat the Hornets tonight. To hopefully get us going in the right direction.

Question: When were you traded from Dallas, was it midseason?

Jason Kidd: That was Christmas. It was a Christmas gift.

Question: When you were traded in the past, did you feel it coming?

Jason Kidd: Neither one, I didn't think was coming. Dallas, the aveage age was 23. So, we were too young. But the business side of that got in the way, with all the different owners. Phoenix, didn't see that coming. But it worked out for the best. And if I'm traded to where everybody is speculating, I think that could work out, too. This is as much attention as I've ever seen on the possibility of a trade, so we'll see what happens.

Question: If you could dictate what goes down by the deadline tomorrow, what would it be?

Jason Kidd: Nothing. I love to play the game no matter if it's here in New Jersey or if it's where everybody's speculating. So whatever happens, happens. I have no say in it. I'm just an employee.

Question: Any idea about other suitors besides the main one being speculated? (Besides the Lakers.)

Jason Kidd: There's only the one that I've been told, so we'll see if it happens.

Question: Any idea about if Vince Carter may be traded?

Jason Kidd: I can't keep up with everybody's stuff, so. Vince is Vince and whatever happens with Vince happens with Vince. I have no idea who's involved or if he's going to be traded. I don't know what's going on. You have to ask him.

Question: Is it easier to be traded after it's happened a few times? Or is it generally better to stay in one place?

Jason Kidd: You would like to stay in one place. I've really enjoyed New Jersey, but things change in this league. They don't change slowly. Things happen fast, so you have to be prepared at all times that things can change.

Question: Heard anything about Mike Bibby?

Jason Kidd: I don't think Bibby's going to end up anywhere close to Jersey. Maybe somewhere in the Midwest is what I hear.

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