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Jason Kidd interview about possible Mavericks trade




| Feb. 15, 2008

Jason Kidd interview about possible trade to Dallas Mavericks2008 NBA All-Star Weekend kicks off tonight. This afternoon, superstar point guard Jason Kidd met with the media and discussed the possible trade that was set to send him to the Dallas Mavericks but has hit a snag. Kidd comments on being nearly traded and more.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard that the trade had been stopped? Because there was talk you were gone and then you found out you were staying here.

Jason Kidd: I didn't talk about it or not. I knew there was a snag in the deal. And like I said then, that everything will work itself out one way or the other. Because there are so many players involved, both sides have to make decisions on a lot of things. So that's where we're at.

Q: What was your reaction?

Jason Kidd: My reaction? I was at peace with it because I know management with Rod (Thorn) and those guys did everything that they could do. I knew I could have a chance to win, also with respect to those guys they've got to return.

Q: You don't feel like it was an opportunity or a chance that you could still go?

Jason Kidd: I haven't talked to anybody. I spent last night with my family and just trying to enjoy the All Star festivities today. That's it. You know, I'm a Net until I'm told otherwise, that I'm a Mav or something else.

Q: What's been the toughest thing, Jason, about dealing with some of the uncertainty in your situation?

Jason Kidd: This isn't the first time I've been traded, so I don't think there's anything that really bothered me. It's just we'll find out here soon if there's a trade or not. Either way, the game of basketball doesn't change, it's just in a different city, maybe.

Q. You did ask for a trade, Jason. So maybe Thursday comes and goes and you're still there, what's it going to be like for you.

Jason Kidd: The nice thing is I know everybody on the team.

Q: When everybody thought you were out the door and you thought so too, was it difficult to readjust to the fact that you might wind up staying?

Jason Kidd: No. You know, I'm back, I guess they didn't want me to go. There's a lot of personality in that locker room. I played there for seven years, so it's an opportunity, if I do go back, to try and try to make the playoffs.

Q: Do you make the Mavericks a championship contender if this does go through?

Jason Kidd: I don't know. I'm just a piece of the puzzle. I hope we could compete for a championship, that would be nice.

Q: It seems that the West is getting bigger, and the Mavs would be getting smaller having you. Have you thought what you'd have to do compensate?

Jason Kidd: I haven't thought about anything. You know, the thing is right now I'm on vacation, sort of, kind of. Relaxing. Trying to enjoy this time off. Then maybe I'll find out here in the next couple of days if I'm a Mav or still a Net. Do I help them by getting smaller? We've just got to go out there and play. The Warriors were small and they won. So, it's just a matter of just playing, and see what happens.

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