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NBA Injuries




| 2006-07

NBA injuries for the 2006-07 season, updated every few days. The NBA injured list usually just reflects major injuries, not minor day-to-day stuff.

Updated Jan. 10, 2007

 Atlanta Hawks
 Josh Smith GF 	Dec 26, 2006 	Back surgery - out 4-6 weeks
 Tyronn Lue PG 	Dec 17, 2006 	Groin strain

 Boston Celtics
 Paul Pierce GF 	Dec 21, 2006 	Left foot stress reaction, out 2-3 weeks
 Theo Ratliff FC 	Nov 13, 2006 	Back surgery - out for season

 Charlotte Bobcats
 Gerald Wallace F 	Jan 1, 2007 	Separated shoulder, out 7-10 days
 Brevin Knight PG 	Dec 28, 2006 	Abdominal surgery - out 4-6 weeks

 Chicago Bulls
 Martynas Andriuskevicius C 	Dec 23, 2006 	Minor skull fracture

 Cleveland Cavaliers
No injuries reported

 Dallas Mavericks
No injuries reported

 Denver Nuggets
 Kenyon Martin PF 	Nov 15, 2006 	Right knee surgery - out for season

 Detroit Pistons
 Chauncey Billups PG 	Dec 29, 2006 	Strained right calf - out 2 weeks
 Lindsey Hunter PG 	Dec 5, 2006 	Sore right Achilles

 Golden State Warriors
 Jason Richardson GF 	Dec 31, 2006 	Broken right hand - out 2 months
 Anthony Roberson G 	Dec 26, 2006 	sprained left big toe

 Houston Rockets
 Bonzi Wells SG 	Dec 30, 2006 	Sore lower back - out 1 week
 Yao Ming C 	Dec 23, 2006 	Fractured right tibia, out 6-8 weeks
 Kirk Snyder SG 	Nov 21, 2006 	Right hand surgery - out 8 to 10 weeks

 Indiana Pacers
No injuries reported

 Los Angeles Clippers
 Corey Maggette GF 	Jan 6, 2007 	Foot
 Zeljko Rebraca C 	Oct 13, 2006 	Lower back pain

 Los Angeles Lakers
 Kwame Brown FC 	Jan 2, 2007 	Sprained ankle - out 3 to 4 weeks
 Lamar Odom F 	Dec 12, 2006 	Sprained right knee - out 3-6 weeks
 Chris Mihm FC 	Nov 10, 2006 	Right ankle surgery - out for season

 Memphis Grizzlies
 Lawrence Roberts F 	Dec 12, 2006 	Knee surgery - out 4-6 weeks
 Kyle Lowry G 	Nov 23, 2006 	Broken left wrist - out indefinitely

 Miami Heat
 Antoine Walker F 	Jan 3, 2007 	Conditioning issue
 James Posey GF 	Jan 3, 2007 	Conditioning issue
 Shaquille O'Neal C 	Nov 17, 2006 	Left knee surgery - out 4 to 6 weeks

 Milwaukee Bucks
 Michael Redd GF 	Jan 7, 2007 	Strained patellar tendon in left knee
 Charlie Villanueva F 	Jan 6, 2007 	Right shoulder tendinitis
 Bobby Simmons GF 	Dec 6, 2006 	Right ankle surgery - out for season

 Minnesota Timberwolves
 Eddie Griffin FC 	Dec 26, 2006 	Flu
 Rashad McCants G 	Oct 1, 2006 	Right knee surgery - out indefinitely

 New Jersey Nets
 Josh Boone FC 	Jan 6, 2007 	Migraines
 Nenad Krstic FC 	Dec 23, 2006 	Torn left ACL, out for season

 New Orleans/OklaCity Hornets
 Chris Paul PG 	Dec 26, 2006 	Sprained right ankle - out 4-6 weeks
 Peja Stojakovic GF 	Nov 26, 2006 	Lower back surgery - out 2-3 months
 David West PF 	Nov 13, 2006 	Arthroscopic surgery, right elbow

 New York Knicks
 Quentin Richardson GF 	Dec 16, 2006 	Back spasms

 Orlando Magic
No injuries reported

 Philadelphia 76ers
 Chris Webber PF 	Dec 30, 2006 	Bruised right foot
 Shavlik Randolph F 	Nov 30, 2006 	Broken left ankle

 Phoenix Suns
No injuries reported

 Portland Trail Blazers
 Darius Miles SF 	Nov 9, 2006 	Right knee surgery - out for season

 Sacramento Kings
No injuries reported

 San Antonio Spurs
 Tony Parker PG 	Jan 7, 2007 	Strained right hip
 Francisco Elson C 	Dec 28, 2006 	Right rotator cuff tear - out 2-3 weeks

 Seattle SuperSonics
 Rashard Lewis SF 	Dec 21, 2006 	Torn tendon, right hand - out 2-3 months
 Robert Swift C 	Oct 27, 2006 	Torn ACL - out for season

 Toronto Raptors
 Pape Sow FC 	Oct 1, 2006 	Neck - out indefinitely

 Utah Jazz
No injuries reported

 Washington Wizards
 Etan Thomas FC 	Dec 9, 2006 	Sprained left ankle
 Michael Ruffin PF 	Nov 24, 2006 	Sprained right foot
 Darius Songaila PF 	Oct 31, 2006 	Back surgery - out 3 months

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