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Default Re: So who will be the next set of unsuccessful veterans to join the Heat

Originally Posted by Clutch
That's true but he would be the man and fight against other superteam that's probably better.
Melo came to a franchise that didn't have any success over the past 10 years or so.
Heat role players were coming to the team with 2 straight Finals appearances and has best player in basketball.

Ray Allen and other Heat role players just came to ride the Big Three's coattails for a ring.
They play a role but not significant. Can the Heat win a title without Ray Allen ? Obviously they can.

And in Ray Allen's case it's even worse. He played for the Celtics,the team that got eliminated by the Heat two years in a row. Then he decided to join "the evil force". He basically joined their biggest opponent. If I was KG I would be pissed too.

To that I say, what's wrong with that?

Let's be honest, any fan with a shred of objectivity knows that there are about 4 teams that can legitimately win a championship. The rest just can't, a lot don't even try.

There's a laundry list of players that would play for those top teams if they could, and would forgo salary to do so. There's only so many roster spots though. You don't hear about the many more players that would "ring chase" if they could but they're out there.

There's another group of players that choose to make the maximum amount of money that they can in this league. Doesn't mean that they don't want to win a championship, but it's not their first priority. They clearly are making a decision that their pocketbook is more important than a championship. That's fine. You make it to the NBA, it's your right to take full advantage of the time you have in, in any way that you can.

I still don't get the outrage. Seems like fake hate to me, calling them "ring chasers" as though that's something derogatory. These guys don't have to prove anything to me. I'm not an athlete but I'm successful in what I do for a living. I can't hate on someone that wants to win at the highest level in their game. After the game is done with a player, all they'll be remembered for is if they won or not.

And I'm sorry, KG needs to grow up with that bitterness. The NBA is a business. The most successful players never lose sight of that. He'd have a few more rings had he woken up earlier in his career and realized that.
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Old 04-16-2013, 02:54 PM   #47
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Default Re: So who will be the next set of unsuccessful veterans to join the Heat

Originally Posted by Clutch
Well,that's completely different.

Melo went to NY to be the man and try to lead them to championship. He didn't join Miami,he joined their opponent. To get the championship he needs to beat the most stacked team in the league.
Players go to Miami just to play 10-20 minutes per game and cruise to the championship because they have LeBron/Wade/Bosh on the team.

Look at Ray Allen. "I can't beat them so I'll join them". I completely lost respect for him.

Melo went to NYK bc it gives u bright lights and street cred as a baller. Please dont act like he was some sort of career minded, focused, driven man on a mission. He was pretty immature at that time.

Oh wait, youre a Knicks fan. So you actually believe Melo is MVP, Knicks are winning the title, theyre on the verge of a dynasty, knicks roster should be all-nba etc.

I swear, this must be why the new york times is so bias and delusional. Because thats what its readers are.
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Default Re: So who will be the next set of unsuccessful veterans to join the Heat

after lebron, allen and birdman i dont know
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Default Re: So who will be the next set of unsuccessful veterans to join the Heat

You act as if all of Miami's vet players just ride the big 3. They were successful players before they came here, and they all have an impact on this team.
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