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Default Re: Paul George or Carmelo Anthony?

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
Not going to give the original question a response...for it is pure trolling.

However, on the TMac thing. When should Tmac have gotten out of the first round? Idiots look at basketball (and yes I know many of the media talking heads do the same, and yes they are idiots) and say oh he hasn't gotten out of the first round...he doesn't know how to win. Obviously, being too stupid to realize that it takes help and teammates, and favorable matchups to make that happen.

Tmac was compared to Kobe. Kobe was a teammate of arguably the most dominant player ever in Shaq, while Tmac signed up to join forces with Grant Hill who never played. It was impressive enough that the Magic were making the playoffs. Then he goes to Houston to have a strong season wins 20+ games in a row at a stretch (even without Yao for much of it) and Yao ultimately goes out for the rest of the year during that stretch. One player can keep you in games, can win you games...but its very tough to say that one great player (no matter who) can win a series by himself vs a more complete team.

Look at Wade, when Shaq left. Look at Kobe when Shaq left immediately, until Pau replaced him.

Look at KG for example. KG is a guy that along with Duncan are the 2 players I look at as maybe the 2 best power forwards ever (it's arguable even in my head, but still). KG never got out of the first round in Minnie, he got an over the hill Spreewell and Cassell and went to the WCF and won MVP, and that would've been the only time it happened had he not gotten traded to Boston and lead a team to a title that first year. Carmelo was on teams that couldn't shoot, and didn't defend, and were very an over the hill Billups and if not for a terrible matchup in the paint with Gasol/Bynum over Kmart/Nene could've won a title in 09. Lebron has never not gotten out of the first round, but would've missed the playoffs maybe more often than not if Cleveland were in the West...the Finals team wouldn't have made it out of the West first round that season ( many ECFinalists teams would've had that same scenario around that time).

Statements regarding team, and more specifically playoff success based on one player is way too often overstated when comparing players or judging players. It's nuts.

If Tmac and Kobe traded teams in the early 2000s, Tmac would've been a great champion with Shaq...while Kobe struggled to get out of the first round with the Magic...unless he had some magic beans to make Grant Hill healthy.

Love these guys, but Magic, Bird, Jordan had teams that would've competed for their conference with lesser players at their positions substituting for them. The current Miami Heat have a team that led by Wade and Bosh, are good enough to either compete in the 2nd round or even sneak into the Finals (only to lose of course) if Lebron James were replaced by Ron Artest.

Repped. T-Mac had the worst luck of any star player
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Default Re: Paul George or Carmelo Anthony?

Originally Posted by hitmanyr2k
Where has Carmelo's scoring gotten him or his teams? That guy has been out of the first round only once his entire career. Erase 2009 and he's T-Mac all over again.

Are you being serious right now??? How about to the WCF with Billups.

Look at the damn teams he had to face in the 1st round you dip shit.

I'm not even a Melo fan. I'd just rather have his scoring than George's all around ability in the Playoffs.

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