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Default Re: Honduras Death Squads: Police Accused Of Killing Gang Members

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
LOL at these responses. People thinking the government should have the right to decide who lives and dies without a fair trial is what leads to mass genocide and witchhunts where countless innocent people are brutally murdered even if they are innocent. Nobody will know if these people truly deserved to die, just "Oh the police said they were affiliated with a gang, good enough for me." Then the government can kill without even having to justify their actions. In these Latin American countires, some entire villages are "gang affiliated" because the gang has their teeth sunk into every aspect of society. People need to respect and cooperate with the gang if needed to avoid having their entire families murdered. Those who simply let the gang exist out of fear could end up persecuted and killed by these death squads simply because they could not afford to leave the area they were born in that the gang now controls. Granting police the power to execute accused gang members is not the way to fix a country and will create more problems than it solves. You can't execute every single criminal, you simply can't. The guy who said this method has improved a lot of Latin American countries is an idiot. Murderous marxist regimes in Latin America have never ended well and have simply served to drive up death tolls while creating further economic and political instability. Peru, Colombia, Cuba; murdering a fraction of the population will not make your country prosper
Your theory is only true if the government kill random gang people.

If they target specific individuals, like the gang leaders and bosses, it will be fine.

The problem is, the police are usually taking bribes too.
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Default Re: Honduras Death Squads: Police Accused Of Killing Gang Members

the problem is how do you determine 100% whos gangbangin and whos not? certain tattoos?

authorities can just dust anyone and be like "oh he was gangbangin".. but whos watching the watchmen so to speak
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