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Default Re: broy Trade Scenario: Portland - Cleveland

Cle has a legit Star and to build a contender they can either take the lotto strategy and find a few more stars or turn their multiple assets into other star pieces and hopefully have the cap space to lure necessary role players. The OP's trade i think gives up too many assets which will lead to the Cavs being a good team but not a great team. As RBA mentioned they shouldn't make a similar mistakes in the LeBron era now and use patient.
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Default Re: broy Trade Scenario: Portland - Cleveland

Awful trade for the Cavs. Portland gets away with highway robbery.

Cavs add salary and get older while losing out on a premium draft pick... and for what, Aldridge??

If he was worth that, Portland would keep him with Lillard. Prtland becomes the Cavs and the Cavs become Portland, a team with no roster or draft flexibility.
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Default Re: broy Trade Scenario: Portland - Cleveland

what it comes down to, imo, is ceiling.

the ceiling for the cavs drops, if we trade away tristan, dion and a (likely) top 5 pick, a first runder, and two second rounders, for 27yr ol LMA.

he places cleveland on the so called 'treadmill of mediocrity', of not good enough to compete, not bad enough to get good picks for the draf and on top of that, takes away the potential we have for improvement, in tristan, dion, and whomever we draft, in this coming draft.

the cavs have much higher ceiling, as currently constituted.
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Default Re: broy Trade Scenario: Portland - Cleveland

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
You give up a bunch of nothing and you get back a solid 26year old SG, who can shoot and defend and whose contract doesn't reach $7.5Milllion a season. That's a steal. You have a crappy draft coming up, Tristan Thompson is never going to be anywhere near as good as Aldridge is. You give up the potential of Waiters and that's it. But does Waiters even have the potential of Aldridge?
See, this is where we disagree.

The idea with this current incarnation of the Cavs is that these guys are going to grow together and become a playoff contender together. All these guys are around the same age, so the idea is that they will peak at around the same time.

Tristan Thompson is averaging a double-double as a 21-year-old and he's averaging 15/11 since Varejao went down and he took on Andy's role on the floor. He also has massive gaps in his game where he can grow and improve.

I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound like "a bunch of nothing" to me. He doesn't have to be "as good as" LMA at any point in his career for this to be a bad trade, because...

A. We are giving up a ton more than just Thompson.


B. He is freaking 21 years old.

None of us have any idea what either Waiters or Thompson will become in this league. Not me, not you. But, our GM thought enough of them to draft them at No. 4 overall and both have shown flashes as to why... With Thompson, more than just flashes.

No, I don't want to give away all of our valuable assets for a 27 y/o when our franchise player is just 20. There is a timetable in place too, btw. Even Dan Gilbert has spoken about it while sitting in with the Cavs' broadcast team. And, when your starting lineup averages under 22 years, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce the idea isn't to contend for the playoffs immediately.

This roster has been put together very deliberately so far with a bunch of young talent. There is tons of cap space and draft picks to make other major moves when the time is right. The time isn't right yet.

And, when the time is right, moves will be made with draft picks and cap space, not by giving away basically all of the team's young assets not named Irving. If that is what they wanted for LMA and the Cavs' were interested, I'm relatively certain we'd move along to the next name on our list.

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