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Jerry West
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Default Re: Are these players good....or just spectacular?

Gerald Greene can jump out of the gym, but doesn't have a real skillful pallet or offer much on defense even though you'd think he could have a big defensive impact as a shot blocker if he timed his defense better.
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Everyone's got a price
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Default Re: Are these players good....or just spectacular?

Originally Posted by 72-10
He's had some of the worst shot selection of all time next to Kobe, and been terrible on defense, so he's practically been a detriment to his team at times despite being able to hit the difficult, non-defendable shot like a jump shot from 15 while moving laterally, and this is basically why he's never been an All-Star. You'd have to wonder if they'd have given him an All-Star nod as a lifetime achievement award had he netted 20 a game for a season towards the end here like he did in New York in 2007-08.

Exactly. He's an extremely overrated player if anything. The last year he won the 6MOY was a complete joke. People just see some nice dribble moves and forgot about all other aspects of the game like actual shooting efficiency and defense. I'd say he was more often a detriment to the teams he was on than a positive.
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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: Are these players good....or just spectacular?

Jamall is one of those players who is polarizing to fans but I pretty much never hear basketball people make the claims fans do. How little attention must you think his many coaches and front offices have paid to games when heís been in the NBA playing good minutes for 18 years while making all his teams worse?

Fans have gotten hold of a lot of numbers the last 10 to 15 years and use them to make concrete evaluations of players often directly in the face of the evaluations being made by the people who know a lot more about basketball than they do.

Just like the rest of you I feel like I pay pretty good attention but Iím absolutely certain I donít know Jamal Crawfordís contribution to his teams better than the coaches who live with these guys for seven or eight months of the year do. You donít last nearly 2 decades in the NBA without people finding what you do to be valuable. Obviously they donít care about the same things that fans do.

I somehow doubt that Nate McMillan puts a guy on the court because of his streetball handles or not knowing the game as well as people reading efficiency stats.
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Data Pagan
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Default Re: Are these players good....or just spectacular?

Jason Williams.
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College star
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Default Re: Are these players good....or just spectacular?

One thing fans who played the game and value pure fundamental talent must also come to grips with .....this is an entertainment business, ENTERTAINMENT.

You know what's entertaining ? Flashy players with weak fundamentals who are athletic freaks who can do rare spectacular things. Will you win a title with a team fulla dudes who value creating a SPECTACLE more than winning the game ? Hell nah.

But will you sell tickets, to lay fans, who never played the game at a high level, but who LOVE A SPECTACLE ???? You betttuuuuhhhh beleeeeev ITTTTTT
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