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Default Re: Dirk on Devin: Avery held him back

Originally Posted by stephanieg
I'm not sure why that's absurd. For example, many think Pop is a spectacular coach on some sort of all time level but he probably wouldn't be considered such if he was coach of the Bucks or Bobcats or something. But he wouldn't be any different, would he?
Um no look at Jerry Sloan you know DURR THE COACH OF THE JAZZ he never won a chip and cant get top level players to come play in his crappy state ok Deron is a stud but look boozer second round pic sloan made him an allstar, guys with not that much talent but so much hard work like matt harpring, they become great players for Sloans teams, he is a great coach it doesn't matter what his team is he makes them good, also popovic he does all the pics look at these amazing spurs pics

Ginobili second round
George Hill
Trading for that Mason fool
Scola-even tho not play for spurs drafted by them

coach does alot for a team great coaches make great teams not the other way around
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Default Re: Dirk on Devin: Avery held him back

Originally Posted by kentatm

Just remember this every time you get Avery up on TV acting like Harris was his son who he loved and never wanted traded. Avery did NOT trust Harris, WANTED Kidd and then wouldn't even let Kidd run the offense.

You do NOT want Avery. Raptors fans, I'm looking at you. Don't get Sam Mitchell 2.0 if you guys want to do more than win in the regular season.

I always knew Avery was overrated, but that tends to go for most coaches people put on a pedestal that haven't done much. Avery got so much hype out of nowhere tho, and all he did was inherit an already good team with veteran stars from Nelson. I thought he sounded like an idiot half the time in the huddles, but whatever tho
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Default Re: Dirk on Devin: Avery held him back

Originally Posted by eliteballer
Ya, Avery's not a good coach but led the Mavs to the Finals and 67 wins in seperate seasons. Just a coincidence

Wrong. Avery rode Dirk's coattail and tried to hold him down at the same time. That showed how awesome Dirk is, until he ran into that David Stern erected obstacle.
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