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Default Anyone have the gif..

Of lefraud pretending like he wanted the ball in the paint on the last possession from last nights game?

Also, he was bringing the ball up in all the games, why wasn’t he bringing it up on that last possession? Could it be so that he could blame someone else for the loss?

So glad JR missed that shot - cuz we all know if he made it, the next days headline would be something like “lebron wins game 3”.
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Default Re: Anyone have the gif..

Found it

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Old 04-22-2018, 12:09 PM   #3
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Default Re: Anyone have the gif..

Dude ... there's plenty to criticize about how the Cavs played in game 3, including LeBron's performance, but this???

There were five seconds left in the game. Cavs had no timeouts. The shooter at the line was 83% FT shooter and had every incentive to hit both. The plan was obviously for Kevin Love to try to heave down a full court pass to LeBron, or at least a long outlet to another player, who would have then tried to hit LeBron. It's really f***ing hard to go full court and get a good shot off in 5 seconds, much less when the man you want shooting it is double teamed.

That all went to hell when Indiana missed the second free throw. Clock's instantly running, JR Smith is being challenged up court and can barely even get passed half court in five seconds. I suppose LeBron could have come out further for an outlet pass further away from the basket but apparently he thought his teammates could still get it to him close to the basket with the chance to tie. Maybe not the best strategic choice, but hardly indication of choking or not wanting the ball.

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Default Re: Anyone have the gif..

The biggest problem the Cavs have is STAYING aggressive. They ease up when they have a lead. Nothing new. Indiana didn't even come out ready to play on their home floor. Even after easing up, Indy barely won. This team would be easy to beat if we stayed aggressive. I hope they turn it up. I can't remember the last time LeBron was down 2 games in a First Round series. Been at least 10 years.

Edit: Looked it up. LeBron has NEVER been down 2 games in a First Round series. 2006 and 2008, the series was tied 2-2. So, Indy gets one more game won and we are seeing history made.

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