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Default Re: So who got MVP for team USA?????

Originally Posted by YAWN
lbj came on strong during the last couple games. He was solid for the first part of the tournament and then stepped it up. Melo was solid the whole tournament. Those that couldnt see that need to set their lebron bias aside and look at it objectively.

Id be willing to bet 70% of all the shots he made in the tournament came within 2 feet of the basket. Not saying that to detract from his performance but dont throw out that percentage and say "shooting"; Let me for the record state that I think his jumper has improved immensly and he was stroking it well during this tournament. Im excited to see if he can carry it over to the NBA. But I still think Melo was better this series. The FIBA people seemed to agree with me as well seeing that Melo finished second in the MVP voting to Scola.

One could make an argument for either Bron or Kobe as well but from what I saw Melo was the most important piece out there.

With all that said. Everyone played the roles that were needed in order to make this team run effectively.
Here is a percentage that I will throw out there and say "shooting"....

3-point %
LeBron - 23-37 (62.2%)
Melo - 26-45 (57.8%)

Melo did absolutely nothing that we didn't expect out of him. He shot spot up jumpers... he did his job well, but LeBron's overall performance was off the charts.

LeBron shot roughly the same percentage from 3-point range that Melo did from 2-point range.

Meanwhile, LeBron shot an insane 85% on his 2-pointers.

I don't see what area of the game you can point to and say 'Melo was better than LeBron in that area'... I see several areas where you can say it about LeBron.

Free throws, I guess... but Melo was only 71% on his freebies... not much difference, there.
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Default Re: So who got MVP for team USA?????

Can't really tell, since if we got rid of any one player on the team, we still would have gone undefeated throughout the tournament.
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Default Re: So who got MVP for team USA?????

1a. Lebron
1b. Melo
3. Kobe
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