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Aussie Dunker
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Default Paul George to the Pistons (Rumor)

Has anyone been keeping up with this Paul George to the Pistons rumor that has been circulating the past few days? Pacers have been one of the more dissapointing teams this year as a lot of people were saying they could be a #2, #3, #4 seed in the East, but have been struggling big time...

Although it is a rumor, and about 98% chance nothing comes of it, the proposed trade that has been circulating is:

The latest, which really picked up steam Friday afternoon, detailed Indiana Pacers stars Paul George and Monta Ellis heading to Detroit to join Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond.

The Pistons reportedly would have to give up Tobias Harris, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Stanley Johnson and three first-round picks to pull off the deal.

Now as SWEET as building a team around Dre and George for the next 5 years, that is a huge price to pay for him. And for good reason, he is a borderline superstar, who thrives in the playoffs. A true go-to guy.

Ellis at this stage of his career I see as more of a Jamal Crawford / Lou Williams type, 6th man to bring instant offense off the bench.

What is everyone thoughts on this?....
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Default Re: Paul George to the Pistons (Rumor)

I'd be all-in on this deal.

This Pistons team, as constructed, doesn't have a chance at the championship. They are all wildly inconsistent, besides Tobias Harris, and even he has only picked up his high level consistency as of late.

Letting go of Tobias and Stanley helps with our log jam at SF. That, plus Stanley is not developing. Not only is he not developing, SVG is complaining about the kids work ethic.

KCP, probably our biggest bargaining chip in this trade, is also wildly inconsistent.

So us losing those 3 players is not a big deal to me. We go from fringe playoffs to no playoffs if they left us. That's it.

But what about the draft picks? 3?!?!? I'd deal them. Have we been getting talent with our 8th picks over and over and over again? Yes. But, we are seeing these are not bonafide stars. Besides Drummond, I can't say we have another all-star talent. KCP is close this year, but still not there.

So, at our current trajectory, we will keep getting late-lottery or mid-first round picks. This won't help us get to the chip.

But with PG13...we finally have that go-to guy we desperately need. And it would finally define who are our true SF is, Marcus Morris, and not this committee we have going of Tobias (yes I know he plays a lot of PF, but I don't like it) and Stanley Johnson.

And this would allow us to have Monte come off the bench as the Lou Williams type, as you said.

I don't see a drawback to this. We aren't selling our future because those picks aren't going to be game changers. Stanley might turn into a Khris Middleton situation, which would lead to some regrets.

- And let's not forget this caveat. Having Paul George and Andre Drummond on the same team is going to attract some free agents to Detroit. Paul George to Detroit = championship. This is the Kevin Durant signing we wanted.
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Default Re: Paul George to the Pistons (Rumor)

Had to look up some articles about this after I posted and....


Seems as if SVG has debunked these rumors. This debunking has been posted on several other websites, as well. Although none are "established" sources, these multiple sources are all quoting SVG the same way.

This is a heartbreaking way to start my Sunday. To hoping SVG is just trying to keep this under the table until it happens.
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