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Old 04-01-2007, 01:52 PM   #181
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Default Re: Mo Pete's Game Tie-ing Shot vs. Wiz

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
all my replies are on the money and accurate. and I have a point. you're being a fking coward. I don't even care about this... I want you to admit you're wrong. because you are. 100%. even if it doesn't matter, you made it matter, and you were wrong the entire time.

my comparisons and thesis were both true. you can try to make them sound ridiculous all you want, but they're not no matter how much you'd like to pretend they are, if you actually think about it in the context that I put them in, they work. you argument, however is inarguably wrong and you've chewed out this entire board and put probably 20 replies into this post defending it and I want you to admit you're wrong.

what if Ruffin has never tried to miss a FT before? what happens if he doesn't draw rim? that ever occurred to you? what if he tries to miss it hard off the rim and, given his utter lack of coordination it goes haywire and airballs- that's a violation, and now the Raps have a shot at a heave and an attempt from within halfcourt. that's the worst thing that could happen.

if Ruffin makes the FT the game is over. if he misses accidentally, that is the same result as missing on purpose, except without the risk of him over-missing and ending up with a violation. there's no argument for your point. none. you put on the whole "ANY basketball coach would say miss it on purpose, you know nothing about basketball routine."

you're acting like this is a non-issue.... but it was an issue back when you thought you were right. you were a cocky prick when you thought you were right. now you're proven wrong on this non-issue and you're all "ohh, man chill out guys, this isn't even an argument, why you so uptight?"

keep hanging to the notion that I got owned because I don't see it. all I see is any real observer losing respect for you by the second because once again you're being a lying scumbag who won't admit fault. and don't act like you don't care...

what's your reply going to say? I bet 100 bucks it's not going to contain the words "youre right, I was wrong." you're just gonna flip it around like always... you got owned, you're geewiz, you talk out your ass, you compared Webber to Ruffin. but what about you? what have you done in this thread? are you going to address it? gloss right over it? just like always, right? every point i make, skip right over it and go to the stuff you can make fun of.

you're relying on this being let go like it always is. people eventually lose interest. just prolong it until the topic falls to page 3. well, whatever. how about make a post that isn't about anyone but you. tell me about what you've done in this thread and don't even mention me. I dare ya. just once.
calm yourself buddy. i've never seen someone get so worked up over such a small issue. i mean damn, you wrote a f*cking essay just to get Gobb to say he was wrong about a hypothetical situation?
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Old 04-01-2007, 10:30 PM   #182
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Default Re: Mo Pete's Game Tie-ing Shot vs. Wiz

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Default Re: Mo Pete's Game Tie-ing Shot vs. Wiz

Chiillax homeslice and let the good times roll
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Default Re: Mo Pete's Game Tie-ing Shot vs. Wiz

What was that, a miss america speech?
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