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Hamtaro CP3KDKG
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Thumbs up Trolling aside Lebronda deserves credit for going to the West

he didnt have to do it......his believers and stans never thought his finals streak and playoff success in the Least should be looked at in comparison with the west

they didnt believe the conference disparity..........they couldve continued pointing to his numbers against West teams while neglecting him still playing a heavy Least schedule and Least teams.......

he heard all the chatter about his reign in the Least and set out to prove those critics like ISH wrong............he failed spectacularly and got a serious reality check.........but he deserves credit for trying

he couldve stayed in the Least and put up numbers dominating sht teams until teams like Milwaukee, Philly and Boston really took over or he joined of them

congrats on ur 2019 participation..........u can use it during the draft lottery

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34-24 Footwork
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Default Re: Trolling aside Lebronda deserves credit for going to the West

Yeah. True.

Then again, I think he came to the West thinking that he'd be teaming with KD, Kawhi, or Paul George. The media and Magic Johnson made him think that his persona was marketable to other free agents.

It was a COLOSSAL failure for the L.A fanbase but a HUGE financial success for the Lakers franchise as a whole....if that makes sense. For now, those two are separate. But if LeBron continues to play like a defenseless, statpadder, the two will eventually merge and the fans will revolt against LeBron and the organization as a whole.

The media uses the Warriors to justify why LeBron won't win another ring, but theres SOOO many other reasons and plenty other non Lebron-lead teams that stand in the way of him as well.

He's just not that good out West. He's freakish enough to get his numbers, but will never be good enough to actually win it all out West.

Dude didn't make it thru half the season without trying to trade away ALL of our young talent after potentially milking an injury to make them look bad.

Let alone skipping a basketball game against the Warriors for a project with 2Chainz. Yikes.

Dude is a legitimate cancer. T
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Old 03-11-2019, 03:26 AM   #3
DeRozan m8
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Default Re: Trolling aside Lebronda deserves credit for going to the West

He went there for off court reasons and nothing else.
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