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Default Re: BREAKING: Cavs officially sign Andrew Wiggins

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
I think the Cavs can trade all 3 if one of them goes to a 3rd team that takes on Barea as reported, but I'm not sure.

Who cares about Sanders wanting to be on the Cavs? He's locked into a 4 year 44 million dollar deal that could be a ****ing steal with cap increases and in the right situation.

If Andy is fully healthy (unlikely) and Lebron goes all out...that team could get by defensively...maybe. But based on last year...I just don't think Lebron really wants to push his energy on defense as often as he used to.

Good defensive bigs are hard to come by.

I like the dude but he's a not sure i trust him to play his heart out when he's in a situation he doesnt want to be it would cost a lot to get him too..
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Default Re: BREAKING: Cavs officially sign Andrew Wiggins

Originally Posted by RoundMoundOfReb
I like the dude but he's a not sure i trust him to play his heart out when he's in a situation he doesnt want to be it would cost a lot to get him too..

Well, that is kind of the point with him. It's a calculated risk. That is why I bet the Bucks would move him. They are rebuilding and starting fresh. My guess is that they are currently shopping Mayo (good luck), Sanders, and Illyasova.

Maybe Sanders the most because of the head case stuff.

I don't know how much it would take to get him. But I'd start there and find out.

Weird shit happens all the time. There were reports Afflalo was gonna be traded for the 11th pick...nobody blinked....5 days later he's traded for Fournier and the 56th pick.

It's hard to gauge the value when you don't know how teams are looking at guys. The Bucks might look at the Sanders contract as a really bad building block and would rather just shed it for relief and a pick. The last thing they'd want to do is play Mayo at sg either...he obviously has no future on that team in any real way unless he decides do to give a shit.

Maybe Waiters and a pick gets you Sanders and Middelton. Who knows.

Last year we saw Okafor on the IR get traded for Gortat on an expiring deal because the Suns thought they were gonna tank...LOL.

My point is that shit happens all the time. Guys become available at pennies on the dollar and the teams with assets capitalize on it.

I don't see the rush unless one were to think that Love was prime Duncan, Dirk, or KG...

And if the standard as Kblaze put is is..."have and incredible team that fails to win the title"...I just don't see how the current Cavs while making one or two small moves...don't already have that on lockdown. Regardless of what happens with Love, this team is going to be battling for making the finals for years to come. Going to win 55 or so games for years to come.

Maybe I'm under-rating Love, but I really don't think so...and it's odd to hear people that don't like him much (like Kblaze) be so in favor of gutting a team this much for him.

I don't know...I look at Chris Paul being traded for Gordon, Aminu, Kaman, and Austin Rivers...

How the hell are the Cavs gonna look in the mirror and trade Wiggins, Bennett, 2 first rounders at least, Haywood's great contract, and cap relief (that cost assets to get) for Love...and have to take on the martin contract which hurts the cap and the defense.

I mean...that just seems nuts to me.

If Wiggins is in the deal. The Cavs should be getting back Love and Dieng. I've said it all along and it's the only way the trade makes sense for the Cavs. Especially if they are giving up Bennett and a first rounder as well.

If the Cavs could do Bennett, Wiggins, 1 pick...for Love/Martin/Dieng. And that was it. Nothing else but cap relief shit contracts and money to bridge the trade gap. I'd do that. The Cavs keep 2 of their picks and keep the Haywood contract which is going to be necessary for them if they make a big move because they can make trades to go over the cap they couldn't do without it.

That deal is fair for both sides. Shit, the Wovles actually still win the damn trade historically, but I'd pull the trigger on that one.

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