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Default Re: What is the ideal way for a player to handle not wanting to sign?

Originally Posted by eliteballer
We all know that's not always possible due factors outside of a teams control.

Key supporting pieces get injured.

Previous regime traded away picks or gave out bad contracts.

You're applying a very simple thought process to a more complicated problem.

It is a simple idea, but far from a simple solution. I agree on that, but the problem actually isn't complicated.

The problem is simple. Certain markets have inherent advantages. This is never changing.

Now, what can a franchise control? It can control how well it does building around the star they lucked into in the draft.

Like I said before...until I start seeing star players demanding trades when said franchise does a great job building around them (the example I gave was KD walking from an elite supporting cast and more money...but even then he was simply a free agent leaving after 9 years)...this just isn't a big enough problem.

Like I said think it would be a problem if KAT demanded a trade? Why? The Wolves have decades of failing to put quality teams around star players.

KG / Love / KAT....they've put utter dogshit around them overall. Essentially wasted a large part of a top 25 player of all time in KG.

I don't want all-time great players playing on shit franchises.

You really want to watch prime Lebron playing with Mo Williams and Jamison and some other scrubs or something?

I, like most fans, want to see the best players playing on title contending teams. This system puts more and more pressure on these teams to figure out a way to build towards that in 5 to 7 years after drafting a star.

Again, if they can't do that in 5 to 7 years...they don't deserve to keep players longer than that imo.
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Default Re: What is the ideal way for a player to handle not wanting to sign?

Elite while youre reading Silvers comments from yesterday read up on his "Unintended consequences" segment. He flat out says the purpose of changing the CBA so players could extend a year earlier than they used to was so if they had a chance to get something for them in a trade early...instead of last minute where the value is reduced. They WANTED it to work this way...he admitted it.

They just cant keep it quiet. Trade talks will always leak. But they changed the CBA specifically to allow players to sign back early...and if they give teams time to trade them. This is the system working. They just didnt intend for it to go public the way it always does.
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