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Default Re: during hot days do you drive with the AC on or windows down?

Originally Posted by KG215
Pshhh..Arizona and their dry heat. Come to the south and see what it's like when it's 100+ degrees with 80-90 percent humidity in the summer.

Oh, and I almost always go windows down driving around town and AC on the interstate and highways.

Yep, AC on highways and windows everywhere else. I prefer windows but AC is just better onthe highway.
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Default Re: during hot days do you drive with the AC on or windows down?

I actually vaguely remember watching an MB episode on this, don't remember the outcome. A quick google search:

Explanation: When the weather warms up, is driving with the windows down or with the air conditioning running more fuel efficient? Auto experts have claimed that AC is the wisest way to go, but MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage fueled up two identical SUVs and took them to the tracks to truly solve this roadside riddle.

With five gallons of gasoline in each tank, the MythBusters saddled up their SUVs and circled Northern California's Altamont Raceway at 45 miles (72 kilometers) per hour to see which one ran out of fuel first. Before starting their engines, Jamie cranked up the AC, Adam rolled down his windows, and the pair set off on their race to nowhere.

In the end, Jamie's air-conditioned SUV stopped first, while Adam's window-cooled car ran for 15 miles (24 kilometers) more. Since rolling down the windows sustained Adam's SUV for a significantly longer distance, the MythBusters busted the expert advice.

For fuel-savvy summertime driving, keep your air cooling au naturel.
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Default Re: during hot days do you drive with the AC on or windows down?

Originally Posted by PHX_Phan
This is kind of why I feel the dry heat is worse, at least from a health perspective. I don't deny that humid heat is a lot more unbearable on a general level. I spent a summer back east and it was probably the most uncomfortable living I've ever felt in my life. It was like I could never dry off after getting out the shower.

That being said, the dry summers here can be very dangerous if you don't take proper caution. Headaches, muscle stiffness, tunnel vision, light-headedness. When the sweat evaporates so quickly, it's hard to tell when you are dehydrated because of the rapid loss of water. We get quite a few yearly deaths, mostly from out-of-towners who underestimate the effect dry climates have on the body.

If you want to do any outdoor activities, sunscreen or protective clothing and tons of water is an absolute must. It's also smart to keep a drinking routine in mind, because you really won't know how much your body needs the water until you start feeling the effects.
idk which is worse in terms of dry or moist heat but i can tell you that i fcking hate humidity for that sole reason you just mentioned, you never really become dry after a shower. your clothes will become dirty quickly and forget about white clothing lol.

anynow, the summer that lies upon for us phoenicians is fcking hell. you get in your car and it is an ovem, seatbelts too hot to touch, steering wheel too hot, seats too hot, everyone on the road is angry too.
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