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Old 11-14-2007, 12:59 PM   #46
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Default Re: MJ's divorce may cost him 168 million dollars.

He has probably lost more money gambling than to the divorce settlement. :
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Default Re: MJ's divorce may cost him 168 million dollars.

Originally Posted by adamcz
RMWG, if your view is that the person who earns more is worth more, you shouldn't get married. You need to view someone as your 100% equal in order to have a healthy relationship. Otherwise, we're talking about someone to run errands for you, and for you to boss around. That's called a servant, and if you're rich, you can hire one any time.
You have me a bit mistaken, I didn't say that anyone is "worth more." I pointed out the fact that there is no way that Juanita Jordan was going to make 168 mil. So what she in fact sacrificed nothing by not working in the private sector, and any discussion about what she could have made working in the private sector is in fact a negative in an argument for her. So when you say,
"In most marriages (at least) one person has to sacrafice their career to let the other one live out theirs. It's rare that the best jobs for each partner exist in the same city, and can be lived out to the very fullest without the other person stepping back into a supporting role. How much did MJ help out around the house with raising the kids and all that? Is that stuff not important? Shouldn't MJ have sacrificed his career a little bit so that he could be around the house more often to do some of the laundry and help teach the kids to read?"
I'm going to point out that she lost absolutely nothing financially. Just the opposite, in fact.

Originally Posted by adamcz
If she was nothing more than a nanny and personal assistant to him all these years, then he's dumb for marrying her in the first place and not catching on sooner. If on the other hand, she provided emotional support, had equal say in all the important decisions, and took a step back so that he could become the greatest player ever, that money is as much hers as his.
The reality is, the way he slept around, she probably was, to him, a nanny, without even the "personal assistant" part. He was completely faithless and certainly didn't act like a man in love. He probably only married her to begin with because he got her pregnant and wanted to avoid a major scandal. This was never that romantic. And what on earth did she have to do with his basketball career? Really, that doesn't even make sense. He was going to be great no matter what. Heck, he already was. What was she going to do, tell him he couldn't play in Game 6 vs. Phoenix because she had to go to nursing school? Come on, man. He was dumb for not getting a pre-nup. Oh well, too bad, his problem.

Originally Posted by adamcz
That's how the law looks at marriage, and how you should too. It's a life-long commitment, not a 3-year business deal.
I look at marriage as being whatever the two people involved in it define it as, and have no need for the law's definitions. "The law" prohibits same-sex marriage, something that I don't stand against, and I most certainly do not see why this woman should get 168 million dollars. Not to mention the enormous alimony payments he'll be stuck with. Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense to me. I don't see why a millionaire needs to be an even bigger millionaire, just because she married so-and-so. That just doesn't make any sense, never has, and never will. Are you telling me that it won't be right if she can't afford a 12th Lamborghini? Please...
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Default Re: MJ's divorce may cost him 168 million dollars.

Originally Posted by dawsey6

i was waiting for that!

and i've got to say adamz, i know where you're coming from. my folks were divorced and my mom had to get the law involved to get my dad to pay child support, but this is different, imo. this isn't about providing for herself or her children. give me $3 mil and an ex who can put my kids through college and i'll live pretty well and never work another day in my life. and i live in nyc.

in a lot of cases you can say that what a stay at home spouse puts into a household entitles that person to half of the "bread winner's" nest egg. because the stay at home spouse consciously gave up his or her chance to earn a personal income or maybe helped put his or her spouse though school, maybe allowed the other person to work longer hours by being the primary care giver to the children and custodian of the house. but is that the case here? they didn't get married until after the chicago bulls and nike were the primary care givers, and if i recall from old 60 minute shows, michael's mom was the cook.

don't get me wrong. she was (assumedly) a mother to those children while their father was gambling in atlantic city at all hours, sleeping around, and destroying the knicks and hanging out on set with spike lee to make money. she absolutely deserves security and to be taken care of for her efforts if her absentee spouse has the means to do so (which he does). but the overall amount is not justifiable. it just isn't. what's the difference between having $20MM, $60MM, or $160MM? no one needs that kind of money. her greatgrand kids won't have to work. but then they wouldn't anyway since they'd be mike's great grandkids. this is just juanita and her lawyer giving mj the finger on his way out the door. which is fine. he can crash on oakley's couch. but the amount still isn't justified.
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Default Re: MJ's divorce may cost him 168 million dollars.

It's easy for us thousandaires to discuss if I had or she had 2-5 mil we would be set for life.
Bottom line is when you have change in your pocket it becomes nothing.
Same goes with Millionaires's a wad of cash is just change , but a higher level.
A friend got sued and had to cough up 1/4 of a mil. \
What's the big deal I ask , you got ton's of cash.
He said - 1/4 mil is still a lot of money !!

Jordan doesn't have 10 mil or 100 mil , he has lot's of big money.
He was married a long time , and whether she would be comfortable with her life style at 50 mil or 170 mil is besides the point.
Where they married it was the law , and who is it to say , that Mike didn't want her to be comfortable for the rest of her life ?

If the divorce was on the up and up ... no bickering , you have to say Mike is first class in all ways.


The only question I would have is who is going to support the kids for the rest of their lifes ?? :
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