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Default Re: what is your favorite aspect of the game? Why do you follow? (stragegy/psychologi

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
I love the whole paradox of it. I love how it's the ultimate team sport, one in which every player is expected to contribute and can have equal impact no matter what their position (compare this to football or soccer and you'll see what I mean), yet it's also the sport in which the individual can have the greatest impact. It's at once a macro and a micro contest.

It's not about Xs and Os to me. although I can recognize it, to me it's about flow and momentum. I'm a big believer in psychological momentum (and hope to research it someday but that's another story) and basketball is 90% momentum- any team can beat any other team if they master the momentum. I love noticing and actually being able to feel when the tipping point to momentum control has been surpassed and a team gets "hot" and you can feel a run coming.
nice point. you can see the players who really get that concept too. bird and magic were masters of it. so was zeke. jordan, stockton, and barkley were the best at it for their generation. duncan gets it. kobe gets it. nash and kidd own it. and all those guys would step up and use their own strengths to turn momentum. charles might take consecutive rebounds end to end to give a massive swing in momentum. duncan might attack the offensive glass with a vengence. kobe or bird might bury two or three tough js. magic and kidd would start pushing the pace. isiah or jordan might start attacking the rim and making dump down assist passes. whatever works.
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Default Re: what is your favorite aspect of the game? Why do you follow? (stragegy/psychological)

I love watching my team (The Cavs) play in a hostile environment such as the Palace. You know that everyone there is giving them grief. Can they block it out? Also, it's inevidable that the home team is gonna make a run. How are they gonna deal with the excitment generated by the roaring throngs in favor of the home team, knowing that each little mistake they make is gonna throw the whole joint closer to a total state of pandemonium? The great players can block this out. LeBron proved to me this year that he can go on the road in front of a hostile crowd in a building in which they had a poor history in, and shut up the people that were just sitting back and waiting for a reason to explode. In these types of games, every dribble, screen, pick, box out, etc is important. On your home court, you can get by with playing more freely, but fundamentals are SO important in a tough setting where that moron announcer is looking for ANY excuse at all to yell DETROIT BASKETBALL!

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Default Re: what is your favorite aspect of the game? Why do you follow? (stragegy/psychological)

I love everything of the game. Apart from selfishness, I hate that. I love teamwork, defense, offense, a great dunk, a perfectly placed bank shot or just a simple hook shot, I love everything about the game especially low post play, footwork and rebounding.

Recently I have been getting more interested in the strategy side of the game, due to I have to learn quite alot for my team but I know there is alot of guys on ISH that would rape me in knowledge in this department.
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Default Re: what is your favorite aspect of the game? Why do you follow? (stragegy/psychological)

im not gonna lie, i love dunks, crossovers, and amazing individual performances.. but when one team has alot of players i like i can get excited about the team's success.. for example i loved watching the warriors beat the mavs because of the way the whole team played together, i didnt really care who scored the points as long as the team won.
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