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Default 07-08 Celtics compared to 96 Bulls!!!!

I read this post in the main forum, i don't know if any of you Bulls fans saw it but wow is it pathetic. I wrote a really really long response that dominated him. I was outraged to think that the Celtics would win 72 games and the championship. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is, its good stuff....

Originally Posted by Dizzle-2k7
If a disgruntled Kobe/Shaq + oldass payton + injured Malone can make it to the Finals... prime KG, Pierce and Rayray are definately making it to the finals. They are gonna steamroll through the league like the 96 Bulls.

KG vs Duncan in the Finals is gonna be incredible. Wilt vs Russell all over again.

I really am angered that you compared this Celtics team to the 96 Bulls. I mean the only feeling it really gives me to read that is amazement in your lack of basketball knowledge. No chance in all f'ing hell does this team come anywhere within the same Universe as the 96 Bulls. They were the definition of Domination. You have no idea how good the Celtics are gonne be. I know your opinion, but here's mine, and you have to see it because of that pathetic comparison you made. I'm actually gonna compare the 2007-08 Bulls to the 2007-08 Celtics. Ray Allen has a lot to prove when you realize that he is what 31/32 and just had double ankle surgery. He is a one of the best shooters in the game, but at this point his mobility can make his D a liability. Younger and quicker stars will be burning him frequently, no discussion. We know Paul Pierce can do his thing and you know what to expect from him but, he is getting older and slower and his D isn't to good anymore either, I saw Deng hold him to 8 points twice last year(lowest output of season) and drop 20 + on him on the other end. DENG HAS PIERCE ON LOCK. KG is the man, i love him always have and he should really be the guy to take them where ever they're going. He has logged a lot of minutes year after year, and eventually maybe not this year but soon something on that 6'11-7 foot frame will break down. But i can't really say KG isn't gonna be good next year, he will be. But KG offensively against Ben Wallace will be a war. The way Ben Wallace played D on Shaq in the first round of the playoffs, i finally felt the contract he got was worth it(Chandler couldn't do that.) The Bulls match up well and also now have a solid vet in Joe Smith. And definitely note this, Tyrus Thomas will Alley-oop and dunk all over everyone of the C's.Kendrick Perkins is alright but I wouldnt feel confident in him being a starter.And And the Bulls also got Joakim Noah to play D, have energy, and be scrappy.Oh yeah and Scot Pollard sucks. The Bulls have the Celtics downlow for sure. And I also would take the Bulls in SF positon. I would definitely rather have a Deng/Nocioni combo over Pierce/Posey. Deng is longer, quicker, and much younger than Pierce and gives him major problems which i stated earlier. The bulls whooped Posey's behind in the playoffs last year. He is scum bag. He viciously flagrant fouled Deng and took a cheapshot at Hinrich, then broke Tyrus Thomas nose. He won't do crap against the bulls they've already overcomed his ignorant ass. Comparing guards i would most definitely take Hinrich/Gordon over Rondo/Allen. BG is going to be a better scorer than Allen next year, he gets better every year and averaged 21 in like 27-30 minutes. He will guard Rondo on D, and all second team defense Hinrich will take Ray. Hinrich had a rough year and is better than that. A summer of really no USA basketball is going to save him from being burnt out again. Don't even need to compare benches cuz the celtics have none and the Bulls are atleast 10-12 deep. Coaches... I like Doc Rivers, from Chi-town, good coach, but Skiles is a man of pure intensity , and especially when it comes to winning and improvement. AND... Just to compare GM's, Paxson blows Ainge out of the water. Paxson has created such a foundation for success for 10 years, while Ainge had to blow up his team , all the young talent, which Jefferson/Gomes/Green is damn good young talent, just to save his job. When the Celtics don't win crap, and KG/RAY/PP are too old to win, Ainge will be gone. Oh and Paxson and the Bulls beat Ainge and the Blazers in 92, then the next year in 93' against Ainge and the Suns. AINGE = B I A T C H

Hate it up C's fans....
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Default Re: 07-08 Celtics compared to 96 Bulls!!!!

It's pretty crazy to compare any team this year to the Bulls of the mid 90's.
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Default Re: 07-08 Celtics compared to 96 Bulls!!!!

Originally Posted by BULLS
Just listen to this fool get his feelings hurt over what some Celtics fans are saying. :

This thread is garbage. Everyone knows that the 96' Bulls are, and always will be the greatest team assembled in league history.

OMFG, I actually agree with you on something. Is there an emoticon that expresses the 4th horseman of the appocolypse is at hand?
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Default Re: 07-08 Celtics compared to 96 Bulls!!!!

Wow....shouldn't have waste my time with this thread but I need more posts. Celtics fans need to calm nobody will be 72-10 no no no comparison this is really getting rediculous man..
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Post Re: 07-08 Celtics compared to 96 Bulls!!!!

Originally Posted by lurch67
OMFG, I actually agree with you on something. Is there an emoticon that expresses the 4th horseman of the appocolypse is at hand?

Hahahah...well played Lurch. As for the Celtics, they can do whatever they feel they need to, but even if they make it to the postseason and sweep every playoff game, they will be a fluke, not one of the best teams ever. If they don't win, hello second coming of the Knicks.
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