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Default Re: Its baffling how Tony Parker isn't the favorite for MVP

Just like I expected.. not a big drop off when Spurs are without Parker.
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Default Re: Its baffling how Tony Parker isn't the favorite for MVP

Great article comparing Parker vs lebron impactwise on their teams.

2012-13 NBA Most Valuable Player: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Tony Parker

Player Efficiency Rating. Probably the most popular among metrics that most people lean on to determine who the best player is. This involves a complicated formula that determines a player's per-minute productivity.

While Parker has a great PER, at 24.7 (fourth overall), LeBron James is king at 31.5.

If you look at their APER (Alternate PER), which is adjusted for actual assisted and unassisted field goals (last updated February 10th), Parker's efficiency jumps up to 27.04. However, as you might surmise, James' numbers curve upward as well. He tops out at a smooth 32.31

Win Shares. The estimated amount of wins that a player contributes to their team's win total.

Tony Parker, for as awesome as he has been, has a win share total of 8.8 right now (fifth overall). So, he is personally responsible for 8.8 of his team's 44 wins—that's 20 percent. On a per-48 minute basis, Parker is responsible for 23.6 percent (10.4) of his team's victories (sixth overall).

James, on the other hand, accounts for 13.1 total win shares (second overall), accounting for 34.5 percent of his team's victories. On a per-48 minute basis, he trends down to 31.4 percent (first overall)—still higher than Parker.

Plus/Minus When On/Off the Court. Most people are familiar with the concept of Plus/Minus stats. It shows how well a team performs (as it relates to the score) when a player is on or off the court.

A look at the Spurs plus/minus statistics reveals that they are +10.1 when Parker is on the floor, which is quite effective. However, they are still positive without him. When he is not on the floor, his team still maintains a plus/minus of +4.2. Granted, they are 5.9 points better with Tony than without, but [statistically] they are still winning games—even if he isn't playing.

The Heat are +9.6 with LeBron James in the lineup. In contrast, when he is not on the floor, they struggle to the tune of a -7.3 deficit. That's a swing of 16.9 points between when he is playing or resting.

Miami may have ONE more loss than San Antonio, but [statistically speaking] the Heat would be losing a lot more games were they without James.

There are many other statistics that one could look at, but to save you the time...

LeBron James outclasses Tony Parker in every advanced statistical measure save for one: assist percentage—the percentage of teammate field goals a player assisted while on the floor.

Parker ranks seventh at 40.9 percent and James ranks 17th at 34.6, which isn't shabby considering he spends nearly 24 minutes of every game playing the power forward position.

Both men still have a significant number of games left to play (25 for the Spurs; 30 for the Heat), so it can be said that anything can happen.


If the season were to end today, there is no measure by which one could reasonably argue that Tony Parker is more valuable than LeBron James. Period.
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