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Default Nate Robinson Completely Focused on Winning

Robinson Completely Focused on Winning

July 31, 2007

Knicks guard Nate Robinson recently paid a visit to Madison Square Garden's Last Man Standing One on One Basketball Tournament on July 28 in Union, N.J. caught up with Robinson at the event for this exclusive interview:

Question: What was it like being named the Most Outstanding Player at the NBA Summer League?

Robinson: It was a blessing. I went out there, played hard, shared the ball with my team, and we went 5-0. I told them that as long as we played together, and we do it together, everybody is going to get credit and we are going to win every game.

Question: So you considered yourself the leader of that team in Las Vegas?

Robinson: Yeah. I'm growing and that is the key about basketball. Each day and each year you've got to get better and better and improve your game in some aspect. Mine is to try and be a leader. It's carried me pretty far, and hopefully it continues to take me. The sky's the limit.

Question: How did you think the two rookies played?

Robinson: Oh, Wilson (Chandler) and Demetrius (Nichols) played fantastically. Honestly, I told them they did one of the best jobs that I've seen from a lot of rookies, including those who were drafted high. I'm talking lottery picks. They did better than all of them. They did a fantastic job sharing the ball, defending, shooting and being great teammates.

Question: Have you talked a lot with Isiah Thomas this summer?

Robinson: Yeah, I've seen him every day. He was there and told me to keep doing what I was doing and he can't wait to see all of us this season.

Question: What else have you been doing to get ready for this season?

Robinson: I'm working out at the practice facility still. I'm staying here in New York -- I'm not going home to see my friends and family. I told them that I am trying to do my best in the NBA now and go down in history, so nothing against my family, but right now I'm hungry. I want to win, I want to go to the playoffs, and I want to win a championship. That is my goal, so now I am not going to let anything get in my way. So I am just working out and conditioning. I am watching a lot of film. I'm watching a lot of Steve Nash and other great point guards in the NBA and am just trying to get it done.

Question: Are you staying in contact with a lot of the guys this summer?

Robinson: Yeah, I just got back from Puerto Rico with Eddy (Curry). So I was spending time with his family and his mom. It's fun. He just called me about ten minutes ago. I missed his call, but I am going to call him back. I keep in contact with a lot of the guys like Q and Jamal. That was Steph on the phone (earlier). Everybody on the team, we all keep in touch. It's fun. It's like we're a fellowship and a brotherhood. That's what it's about.

Question: How will adding Zach (Randolph) to this team help you?

Robinson: Oh Big Z-bo! (laughs) Guys are going to get open shots, because with him and Eddy on the block, guys can't double-team them. If you do, then Eddy's open or Zach's open, and then you've got Jamal and Q and other guys who can knock down shots. It's going to open up our whole team, especially with us in the East.

Question: What can the fans expect from the Knicks this season?

Robinson: Just a lot of playing hard and a lot of excitement. It's going to be one of the best experiences that New York has ever experienced. Ever. I really believe that, and I am glad I can be a part of it.

Question: Are you thinking of trying to win back your slam dunk title or are you going to let it go this year?

Robinson: If I can come up with some dunks this year, I wouldn't mind doing it again! I am always up for the challenge of trying some new dunks and coming up with some dunks that nobody has ever seen, but right now all I want to do is win. I will give up everything I can just to win games.

Question: What is the story behind your new hairstyle?

Robinson: It's just a new look. A change. I had braids in high school, so I am just trying a new look. It's a little of the old Nate to go along with the new Nate.

Question: So why are you hiding it under your hat?

Robinson: It's not ready! (laughs) I'm waiting for the season to show it off.

Question: You also have a camp coming up in August, right?

: Yeah, it's gonna be great. It starts August 20, and it's the First Annual Nate Robinson Skills and Drills camp [click here for info]. It's in Mt. Kisco. We've got about 150 kids right now, but we are probably looking to get 200 or 250.

Question: What are they going to be doing there?

Robinson:A lot of skills and drills. A lot of me just introducing the game of fundamentals. A lot of kids on TV see us handle the ball and thinks it comes overnight, but you've really got to work the fundamentals before you can do all that. Some kids really don't know how to dribble with their left hand as good as their right, so I want to teach them stuff like that. But we are also going to play a lot of basketball, a lot of full-court and a lot of fun. They'll have lunch, and I'll have some special guest appearance. I'm not going to tell it now, but we've got a couple of guys coming in. Plus I'll do a bunch of dunks for the kids.

Question: Sounds like you've put a lot into this camp. What are your thoughts heading into it?

Robinson: I'm really looking forward to this. I love doing camps ever since I was a little kid going to them. I always have had fun days doing it with kids since college when I was introduced to working with them. But I'm really excited because this is my camp. I haven't made any appearances at any other camps because this is my camp and right now, this is a goal I had as a kid growing up, and I am about to accomplish it, and I hope to have it every year and go from there. I wanted to start this out right. I've been planning it for two years, so it's really exciting.
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Default Re: Nate Robinson Completely Focused on Winning

That's cute. Nate is answering the interviewers questions just like a big boy!
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Default Re: Nate Robinson Completely Focused on Winning


i wonder if he's gunnu keep growing his hair until he has an afro.
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Default Re: Nate Robinson Completely Focused on Winning

KG just killed the Knicks playoff hopes
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Default Re: Nate Robinson Completely Focused on Winning

Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
KG just killed the Knicks playoff hopes

Knicks would'nt have made it anyways.
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Default Re: Nate Robinson Completely Focused on Winning

nate is a real man.
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