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Saw a basketball once
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Default Re: Your Finest Basketball Moment(s)

My brother and I play together in a fairly high level Rec league in my hometown. We played the top team. We had two guys call in sick so we only had four on the court. Thought we had no chance, but we hit 16 threes between us and I ended up with my career high of 53 and he had 32 . We won by 8.
Best feeling balling with your best mate and you are both raining shots
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Go Gators
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Default Re: Your Finest Basketball Moment(s)

I play with a bunch of UF football players all of the time at the UF rec facility. Chris Rainey is the kid I hoop with the most, he's a guy who was drafted into the NFL.

I've had lots of memorable plays from high school and AAU. Being a 5'10 white guy, the best ones were where I showed off my vert (40 in) and nobody expected it. One game, a 6'4 monster of an athlete caught the ball at mid court (he was cherry picking) and jogged it towards the basket, and got up to throw down a dunk and I sprinted behind him and chase down glassed the shit out of him. Whole place went nuts even though we were getting blown out.

Broken a few kids ankles in games, that's always a hilarious experience. I can't stop from laughing when it happens, even in the middle of a game.

The most fun part about basketball for me is walking into a gym or to a basketball court, and immediately being profiled as a scrub because of the way I look, and then grabbing the nearest ball and doing some crazy dunk. The reactions are priceless, every. single. time.

I live for the moments in basketball where everyone is amazed at what you just did, and I guess that's why I focussed so hard on working on my vert and my handles, because those are two things that let the highlights happen.
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By Any Means
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Default Re: Your Finest Basketball Moment(s)

probably getting my ass handed to me by shumpert at tech

i could not get past him. it just wasn't happening at all.
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Putang Ina Nyo!
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Default Re: Your Finest Basketball Moment(s)

when my team is down big.. then suddenly me and my teammates explode.. i got 45 points and 16 rebounds.. but we loss in that game..
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College superstar
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Default Re: Your Finest Basketball Moment(s)

I was chubby and slow in HS, so I rarely played. Our team was down 12 with 1:50 left in the game. Coach put all the bench players in. I'm basically a Glen Rice (In HS) clone, in that I was the 2nd tallest player on my team, but by far the best 3p shooter, and I couldn't dribble. To force me to work on my ball-handling (thanks coach-that-I-dislike!), he put me at PG.
Anyway, I was trying to get this other kid to run point so I didn't get embarrassed. He wouldn't do it. I crossed half court, shrugged my shoulders, took 2 steps, pulled up... nothing but net. I remember the entire gym being dead silent when I pulled up. I was about 32 feet from the hoop... 74' court, 2 steps past the 37' half court line... and we were home. Everyone shut up. Except my middle school Social Studies teacher. I heard him say "What the He..." and then BEDLAM when it went in.
We got the rebound on the next team's possession, and I dribbled up and pulled it from 25'. Nothing but net. Now we're only down 6 with over a minute left. Other coach calls a timeout, and my coach put starters back in

We lost.

My senior year, I transformed as a player a bit (JR year I went to a diff. school, played a ton, and then went back to my old school SR year) and could still shoot the same, but also busted my butt on D. I loved nothing more than chase-down blocks, or blocks from behind. I'd concede the spot in the post to the player, then block their shot, because I could. My coach stuck me on this team's PG one game, and his mantra all year was "Beat your man to the spot". 3 times in a row I let the PG beat me to "the spot". He ran the same little curl-play to get "free" about 10' from the hoop. I'd trail him, even though I knew where he was going, then kinda come out of nowhere to swat his shot. Hit the stands the third time I did it.
Coach reamed me at halftime for not beating him to his spot. So the first possession in the 3rd I did it a fourth time. Just to show the kid I could. After that, though, I started playing "sound" defense.

Then in the Senior All Star game everyone remembered me as the kid that could shoot, and I was pretty lights-out to start the game. At the end of the game, my team losing by about 20, the entire crowd was chanting for me to shoot a half court shot (been pulling up deep all night.. ASG, for crying out loud). So I dribbled back to half court, with my defender harassing me, and launched it..... air ball. Also did the Jordan-eyes-closed FT in that game, and missed one. Felt like an idiot for the air-ball, and missing eyes closed, but at the same time it was a great feeling to have the crowd chant for something like that..

Then the obligatory screwing around in college... having an entire gym full of kids see me make a full court shot. I took A LOT of them while screwing around, but it's so satisfying when you make your first one, especially if there's a ton of people watching. In my life I've made 17 full court shots, but shot probably hundreds, and none were in a game.

Holy cow long. I have to think that, reading these, it must seem like I'm a decent player. I'm not. I was not good enough to play on my D3 team. Just come from an untalented district, where I was head and shoulders above most kids in athletic ability.
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Reign of Error
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Default Re: Your Finest Basketball Moment(s)

I was defending this tall, very athletic swingman with tons of moves - amazing handles, footwork, fakes you name it. On one play he put an absolute show for me, spinning around, dribbling behind his legs... but he couldn't get me out of the play, and in the end I just viciously blocked his shot like all he did was for nothing. It was my "Indiana Jones just shoots the guy" moment
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