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Default Game #6 Observations (jasper)

Down 3-2 Heat on home floor :

Variables : Terry , Marion , Haslem , Lebron

Qtr 1 :
First 5 min. Heat controling tempo and Lebron proactive getting his rythem.
Past games he's facilitated getting Bosh and D-Wade into rythem , because if they don't get their shots into rythem early on , the Heat lose all offense continuity of their offensive flow. It becomes a stagnant offense.
*This signals Heat coaching staff realize Lebron is having issues with his 'O'
From that point on Mav's dictate tempo , with crisp passing (this has been a major issue for the Heat) Quick passes stops a proactive defensive team from trapping and creates weak side open shots.
In my notes I put a bigfrekin' astric (*) 40-28 GAME OVER.
Mav's 32 point 1st Qtr is not HEAT BALL !!!!!!!!!!

Here is why : Heat not playing mid lane zone "D" Allowing JJ breaking down teams open passing lanes. After James inital offensive push , he is not pushing the ball.
Heat were not blocking out on the boards

Qtr #2
Mario C. gambles in passing lane , steals pass. (This what needs to happen to break Mav's quick passes to weak side)
*This was 1of 3 steals in weakside passing lanes the whole game
Heat's offense going thru Wade , Heat back in tempo.
Example : Wade blocks Chandler dunk , fast break House nails jumper Heats tempo controling game with 6:25 left.
Time out :
Teams push chests out ... Haslem actually initiates Stevenson to push him , but all this junk should be a non-call.
Ironically Haslem didn't initate contact , and Stevenson should of been thrown out , yet Ref's award a free throw against Haslem
Total Ref bad calls thru game was 4 (2-2) no fav.

The worst of these calls was a non-foul with 6 minutes left against Dirk.
It would of put him at 3 and would of been benched for rest of half.

Point is if your a good enough team to win the championship - you over come all these obsticules.
*Terry playing more PG and driving thru and around lane creating as much defensive issues for the Heat as JJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I stated this two games ago , Heat needed to stop Terry , because if he started using his old PG skills , the Heat would be dead.
Were is James Jones ????
2:15 left Lebron Missing two freethrows.
A perfect signal he is not confident with his shot.
When Lebron feels uncomfortable he doesn't attack , but looks to get teammates involved. For most players you want a player to do this.
BUT this is the most talented player in the league , and his team needs him to attack the hoop as well as take jumpers.
Heat behind in half , but are in control of the tempo.

3rd QTR
50% of the offense is facilitated by JJ.
Lebron 10 minutes of the Qtr mark passes up 3 OPEN jumpers and passes to teammates for contested jumpers , and passes to deep under the hoop.
He has lost all confidence (did he loss his mind)
These passes are all in traffic !!!

Mav's throughout the last two games and now have perfected their 4 corners offense 1/2 court set.
Pulling Heat defenders out (baiting) the mav's have a fast break 1/2 court set : meaning swing passes creating slashing lanes and passes.
*Has anyone noticed that Kidd has not slashed to the hoop for two games
JJ and Terry and Stevenson are doing it , while the 6' 5" Kidd camps out at the 3 pt lane , for set shoots !!!!!!!!
35 seconds left :
lebron to the line and misses his third straight free throw. (makes second)

Finishing the Qtr the MAv's 2nd chance rebounds are Heats own fault.
Final Qtr shot 81-72 game over folks.

4th Qtr :

Heat down by 9 (2-3 in series) if your a champ you come back and win.
How do they react ????
They didn't deserve to be champs , here is why -

What appears all series long , what appears an uncontroled offense is actually the Mav's offense. If they don't fast break , get shots in transition , they get into a strong side spread 1/2 set or 4 corners. In other words its a game plan that is like a 1/2 court fast break.
Heat can never figure out how to stop this.
Heat try to bait JJ into a double team which becomes the Mav's strong suit.

* what Heat should of done , was have a lengthy fast player like James Jones , or Mario play only defense on JJ.
And when he isn't in the game , take a player and exclusively play Terry defense .. denying him the ball at all costs.
This would of forced the Mav's to play a much more traditional 1/2 court set.
8+ minutes left :

GAME over. For some reason the Heat didn't not play full court defense. The Mav's were content now to play clock management , and force the Heat to play all phases of the game (WHICH THEY DIDN'T)

Here is a perfect example :
8:10 left Lebron jumper a brick
JJ goes full court and drives the lane for an uncontested layup
2:10 left HEAT FLAT / Mav's getting offensive boards.


Few thoughts :
Jeff Van Gundy statement : Lebron or Wade need to go , trade for Howard

I stated before the series started if the Mav's win it would be in 6.
Heat if they changed their ways through game 2-6 by driving to the hoop 80% of the time , and changing their defense , would of swept or taken the series. They failed to do it.

Congrad's to these players :

* Just think Chandler was a Bull and that organization gave up on him.
* Just think Chandler played for N.O. and they gave up on him.
* Just think Chandler played for the Bobcats and they gave up on him.

Do you think the Mav's are happy they got him

thanks for reading

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Default Re: Game #6 Observations (jasper)

chandler was so huge for them, he was their only good rebounding presence and only shotblocker(once haywood went down). without him they dont win it, he had a huge game in game 4 i think.
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