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Default Re: Andre Drummond warned by the NBA for violating the Anti-Flop Policy

Originally Posted by pauk
Exactly and thats how it is abused. Dont get me wrong, it is a GREAT RULE if treated with all honesty..... its just so easy to be exploited and players are doing just that, most of the time (why not when it gives your team a great advantage?)....

Look, if you grab a def. rebound and see only one defender under the rim, he is standing there completely still, prepared for the charge and you now go coast-to-coast racing a straight line up towards the opponents rim with all the speed in the world and you make a superhero stop just 1 inch from his body (or even further) or a superquick change of direction..... i guarantee you HE WILL FALL....

You see this actually happen often when a deceptively quick player who makes a sudden stop or change of direction and the defender anticipated the charge/starts falling......... *bam* a FINE for him.... if the off. player didnt trick him then the call would go at his favor.... understand? Whats the difference between those two scenarios? Nothing, the guy who took the charge did two exactly the same things........ in one he got caught, in the other he didnt....

It is a great rule, but abused/exploited...... and it all goes so fast and "looks so real", players get away with it very often..... until its way to obvious and he gets a fine....
As someone who made a living off taking charges during a long-gone portion of my basketball career, a part of the play is subconscious self-preservation. But that does not mean I was falling whether a player hit me or not, so I must disagree with your guarantee. It was really just about establishing legal position and letting my body remain open to contact (i.e. not fighting contact with a counter-force).

I'll say, I do recall drawing a charge becoming contagious on one of my teams, and a teammate who was not well-versed in drawing a charge did have a terrible habit of beginning to fall before he was actually hit, but that's because he was doing it wrong. He was usually tagged with blocking fouls.

In Drummond's case, it really doesn't look like it was a matter of him establishing himself and allowing his body to "be open to contact", so to speak. Instead, it mostly looked like he decided to make himself fall. It's not the most blatant thing I've ever seen in the world, but it doesn't appear completely natural either. He kind of reminded me of my old teammate who'd try to draw charges back in the day.

I think there's little exaggerations and embellishments that happen all the time. However, it seems the NBA is most concerned with addressing the atrocious, wild, and blatent flails and flops that leave little to no doubt about a player's intent to deceive.

But regarding the fundamental charge draw, no, I do not believe it has much in common with flopping.

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Default Re: Andre Drummond warned by the NBA for violating the Anti-Flop Policy

Kirk Hinrich is a big time flopper. He should be broke from all the fines.
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