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Quiet Storm
Saw a basketball once
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Default Top Ten

1. Phoenix - I just think they have too much fire power, great leadership from Nash and with Amare back are going to be a force down low as well

2. Miami - Shaq is basically a non factor. It is Dwyane Wade that places them here

3. Dallas - Still an unbelievably talented team that probably could have won the finals last year

4. Cleveland - And I am the biggest Lebron James hater in the world

5. Sacramento - A talented team that made a good coaching change. Ron Artest must play the full season, they won't miss Bonzi, he was only playing for a contract in the playoffs

6. San Antonio - Seems funny having them this low, I am sure they will surprise me

7. Chicago - Scott Skiles is the best coach in the NBA, just give him some talent

8. Detroit - Loss of Ben Wallace as anchor of defense and team leader hurts, still a talented team though. I don't like coaching situation as far as playoffs are concerned, but regular season will be fine

9. New Jersey - Will rack up plenty of regular season wins in weak Atlantic division

10. Denver - Carmelo Anthony really played well in the Olympics. I don't much like his supporting cast on this team, however.
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Originally Posted by baller_04
what are u talking about the lakers r still not that good. they wont make the playoffs hornets, kings , houston are much better

1. San Antonio
2. Dallas
3. Miami
4. Bulls
5. Phoenix
6. Sacramento
7. Clippers
8. Cavs
9. Hornets

What is who talking about? If you were referring to my post I sighted examples for you unlike your post!!! point #1 the Lakers made the playoffs in a higher seed then the Kings Point #2 Houston didnít even make the playoffs and like I said (and it is a sad thing to say) but T-Mac has seen his glory days go!!! . Pont # 3 the Lakers were only 3 games behind the Clippers and they lost 15 games by 3 pts or less like I said I donít see that happening since they have VRad to spread the floor and a better PG and some good roll players + the Buss family has pride in being the best team in LA. I will agree the Hornets have a shot of sliding in there with the additions of BJ and Peja but it also could take a Ĺ season or even a full season for that new roster to jell. We saw from the USA team you canít just assemble a team and expect because they have good players that they are instant contenders. (Be real not just a blind Laker hater and before you try and call me some Kobe groupie look at who I put in the top spot itís called unbiased)
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NBA sixth man of the year
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Originally Posted by Boss_Baller_34
1. Indiana
2. Phoenix
3. Dallas
4. Cleveland
5. Detroit
6. San Antonio
7. Miami
8. Clippers
9. New Jersey
10. Nuggets

Pacers are going to be a sleeper team this year. With the addition of Al Harrington, not to mention 6 key players who can play new west coast offense, I really feel that this is going to be the team to contend with. People may think I am crazy now, but watch. Phoenix would be number one, but I still don't think that they will have enough defense to go with there offense. I don't see Dallas getting over the hump, Miami is just going to be out of gas by resigning all of their borderline retirees. Again mark my words, the Pacers will be the team to beat!

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High School Varsity 6th Man
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Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
1. Heat
2. Mavericks
3. Spurs
4. Suns
5. Pistons
6. Nets
7. Cavaliers
8. Clippers
9. Nuggets
10. Sacramento

a lot of you guys are basing your assertions off "well this year so and so is healthy and we've added so and so and we've trade so and so"

please wait until the season starts before hyping up your team like that. wait until results come before talking.

Lakers at 5?

Magic at 7?


Was this thread not started saying to give reasons? Doesnít mean people are hyping up there team! I guess since I praised Melo and the Nuggets Iím a Nuggets fan? I just love how if someone even mentions the Lakers all you Laker haters cringe and you have the die hard Laker haters saying there going to miss the playoffs altogether the same crap that was said last year and for the posters scoffing at some people including myself putting them up at the 5-6th spot didnít they make the 7th seed last year? you need to check the hatred at the door.
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Saw a basketball once
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Cool the real top 10

1. Miami - they are the champs and the team to beat...
2. San Antonio - every year people always forget about them spurs.
3. Phoenix - with Amare back, this team is going to be deadly.
4. NEW JERSEY - yes thats right NJ Nets. All the Nets needed was a shooter and back up point guard for the unbelievable Jason Kidd. They got Eddie House and Marcus Williams. If uncle cliffy can stay off the grass, nets can beat ANYBODY! And i think Jason Kidd is aware that his clock is ticking.
5.Dallas - I just dont think they have a chance against San Antonio or Phoenix. They might not even get past the Rockets!
6. Houston - Going to be great to see McGrady back, but can he finally get out of the first round!
7. Denver - This team has sooo much potential. I mean soooo much potential, but the players dont seem to get along with the coach, and vice versa!
8. Clippers - Elton Brand is a great power foward!, But I always seem to think Sam Cassel has nothing left in his tank, but then again hes always proved me wrong.
9. Cleveland - Sorry Lebron, but your team doesnt know how step up, besides you of course. I still think your amazing.
10. Detroit - Losing Ben will hurt them a good amount. No one is going to be scared of playing them anymore. No one will be scared of driving inside. There will no more bell noises, because no more blocked shots. They lost their defensive anchor!
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1. Dallas- They were screwed by the refs in Game 5, Wade is not MJ. So why give him all those free throws, and that photom foul at the end. I still waiting for game 7. Mavs should come out with a mission!
2. San Atonio- Still has a great team, Duncan will have less min, Prep for the play-off, the west got better
3. Lakers- Kobe played last year with a bad knee, not this year! Brown found his purpose. Bynum will get playing time. Odom will play some point. This is the last year of Grants 15 mil contract. More money to throw around next year, so players will be stepping up. Show me da money!! And they added Vrad a younger Peja type player and farmer who was born to play da triangle.
And some rope playing defenders.
4. Chicago- This team has upgraded big. I see this team playing great D' they might be the best team in the East.
5. Miami- Shaq has very little left, and now Wades has a ego,the NBA refs spoiled him, and now Watching wade on the USA team, complaining after every miss not getting back on D'. And hearing the other teams trash talk to him saying your not Jordon, and then Schooling him. Wade will now get the same treatment this year in the NBA.
6. Cleveland-The team will do everything they can to make him better, until James starts playing as a team and of course D' No rings for the so called King or should I say Queen.:rollingeyes:
7. Phoenix- This team has to many good players, but even with Amare's return Well if he does return considering he was not well enough for Team USA. Nash is almost done too much caring the team last year, has put too much weight on his back he might be done after this year.
8. Clippers- This team had talent every year but always failed, but last year they were pretty good. But Sam want out, wants to play for the Lakers. Unless they pick up Baby Shaq or maybe Sprewell he is gone after this year and so are there play-off chances.
9. Detroit- Losing Ben was a big lose more than they want admit, this team will fall apart. Ya they still got a great team. But the only reason they got a ring is that Stern wanted show the NBA fans that anyone can win a championship with out star player. So the refs let them get away with hard fouls. Timidating the other team. But with no Ben a big part of their D' is gone so this year more team will be attacking the inside.
10.New York- Looking to much like team USA, will makes some big moves during the season. If not I would pick Houston for the 10th spot, with the combo of T-mac and Ming and a good supportings staff. But T-Mac may never be what he once was. At least not for a whole year. With that in mind if both team don't step up the 10th spot will go the team with the worst owners. The Kings, Ron Artest is a great player, but he also does not want to be there. He should had been a Laker but the Kings. Sucker the Pacers in offering Peja at the last moment. Hiding the fact that he was done, with a bad back. He may recover but thats too much to chance. And the Pacer wanted Odom or Bynum to high of a price. So they had to let him go. The Kings have a great team Bibby Miller and Artest but with owners and coach that plays a 7 men rotation all year round squeezing out everything you got then throwing you away like if you were trash. No wonder why they had notning left when it came to the play-off.

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Saw a basketball once
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Default The rockets?

People who say that the rockets are gonna be a contendar this year are loopy. The bench on that team is so thin I seen them on "intervention" the other night.
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NBA sixth man of the year
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knicks at 10?
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Learning to shoot layups
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1. Dallas: They got robbed, but moving on
2. Detroit: Losing Ben hurt, but Nazr is amore conventional center and he can't possible shoot free throws worst than Ben. Don't forget this was the best team for most of 2005-2006
3. Phoenix: It's official Euroball is superior to the NBA game, theyll never make it out the west finals until they play D tho.
4. Clippers: I like their team, Depth, Two big men with offensive game, and two point guards that should both start.
5. Miami: They'd be higher if it was circa 1998. It's my opinion that with a little aid from the refs and antoine walker playing out of his mind, they overachieved in the playoffs. and where was dwayne wade's improved midrange J during the world championships?
6. San Antonio: Tim Duncan needs to show me that he is the best power forward in the game again. The rest of the team is solid, but they feed off of Tim.
7. Indiana: They should return to old form by mid season if J.O. stays healthy. All their problems in the last 2 years has only strengthened their depth.
8. Cleveland: David Wesley is a great add for them, their attempt at adding shooters around Lebron was kind of a bust take away the Washington series. I'd like to see Lebron run the point a little more with this team.
9. Denver: Carmello is going to be an MVP candidate. If Camby stays healthy this team can beat anyone, but when was the last time that happened?
10. Houston: can't put enough emphasis on the IFFFF....Tmac and Yao stay healthy. Shane Battier is great for the short run (Rudy Gay will end up as a poor mans Tmac in the long run which isnt that bad).
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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Regular Season Power Rankings

Regular Season Power Rankings

1. Dallas - They're always strong during the regular season, with depth and new confidence and experience from going deep into the playoffs, they should lead the league in wins.
2. Miami - Despite being the champs they're an aging team, however they seemed to tap the right chemistry during their playoff run. Although with Shaq's regular season philosphy, (win enough games for the playoffs) their regular season record may go as high as 48-49 wins, enough to win the Atlantic.
3. San Antonio - They still have the pieces to finish the season with the top record and win it all. Their only obstacle is sharing the same division and state as Dallas. Injuries are begining to really be a plague on this team.
4. Detroit - People jumped off the Pistons bandwagon after their meltdown in the playoffs. Much like last year, these guys have yet something new to prove. Winning without Big Ben. These guys thrive on being the underdogs.
5. Phoenix - Barring injuries, Nash, Marion, Amare and Co. should blaze through another 50+ win season with their refined uptempo game. Their bench is loaded with solid players.
6. New Jersey - After one full season w/ Kidd, Carter, Jefferson we found that this is a team capable of winning every night. With the right chemistry formulated w/the starters, the question remains with the bench.
7. Cleveland - Team gained a lot of confidence after a stong finish in the playoffs. They'll be under attack all season as east contenders will try to figure out how to dismantle them before heading into the playoffs.
8. LA Clippers - Well balanced team with a clear focus on a championship, not just making the playoffs. Young gun Livingston coming up with rejuvenated swingman Tim Thomas coming off the bench.
9. Sacramento - Ron Artest starts the season w/ the Kings. New coach should rejuvenate the offense. Before Artest they were horrible, they carry a similar projection the Nuggets had the year before.
10. Denver - Should claim a weak Northwest division title. With Carmelo Anthony blowing up, Kenyon Martin growing up, and the rest of the team staying healthy, they should be back on course to all the high expectations that had preceded them the year before.

On the brink of a breakout season (the best of the rest)
LA Lakers, Chicago, Houston, Indiana, New Orleans, Orlando
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Just like this season for college football, there are a lot of teams capable of winning not only their conference, but the NBA championship. Several of the teams in my prediction can move up or down a slot. I feel that my guesses are pretty good though.

1. Miami Heat: Defending champs. The roster (assuming GP re-signs) has stayed the same. The reason they are number one is because Wade is a year older and that much better coming off a solid run at the Olympics this summer. I don't expect his busy summer to impact his play at all, he is still young.

2. Phoenix Suns: It's simple. A team that wins 54 games and averages 108ppg in the regular season and 107 in the playoffs without Amare Stoudemire can only be expected to be ranked this high. Great addition in Jumaine Jones. Losing Tim Thomas won't hurt this team. Expect Barbosa and Diaw to only get a little better, but still contribute enough to push this team.

3. Dallas Mavericks: The Sun's and Mav's are pretty much a tie for the second best team in the league. The reason I decided the Sun's deserved the second best is because of the reasons I gave above. I feel strongly about what I said. I like how Dallas played during the playoffs and there is no reason to believe they won't be as good, if not better. This summer may or may not have slowed down Nowitzki but that should only be a factor early on in the season.

4. San Antonio Spurs: Don't expect 63 wins this year only because Tim Duncan may see less time on the floor to prepare for the playoffs. With a comfortable seed in the post season, like always, this core of Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Bowen, and Finley will have a chance to win it all.

5. Chicago Bulls: I grouped the Bulls and Detroit together for a good reason. In my opinion, the Bulls have taken a step ahead of the Pistons with the addition of Ben Wallace. Last year his numbers were down, but I think having Sheed, Dyce, Prince, and other capable rebounders/shot blockers played a really big role in that. I expect him to average around 13 rpg again and I also expect to see him average atleast 10-12 points a game. After this summer, I expect Hinrich to come in with more confidence and take over as a leader. Gordon, Deng, and most importantly Nocioni will improve as usual and help this team become solid. It will be another year or two before I think they can REALLY contend for the championship.

6. Detroit Pistons: With the loss of Wallace, I really feel this team has taken a step back....but not too far back. They still have one of the best PG's in the game today in Billups and a solid supporting cast. Losing Wallace only hurts them so much, I wouldn't be surprised to see them get far in the playoffs.

7. Denver Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony. The guy is going to have a breakout year. The team is just too good to be any worse than 7th best in the league and I personally don't think that Coach Karl would allow it. PG: Andre Miller SG: J.R. Smith SF: Melo PF: Kenyon martin C: Marcus Camby. If Nene actually produces, I wonder where he falls into play with this team?

8. Los Angelas Clipplers: Could be number 7, but I really think Denver has a step on them. Brand will be Brand. It is up to the rest of the team though to decide their future. Tim Thomas was a great addition to the bench. Kaman should be solid and will improve on his averages. Beyond this year, the future of this team depends on Livingston getting more minutes, he still can be a star.

9. Sacramento Kings: Losing Bonzi won't hurt this team. After a year of developing chemistry, the starting lineup consists of PG: Mike Bibby SG: Kevin Martin SF: Ron Artest PF: Reef C: Brad Miller. Their bench is pretty nice too with new addition John Salmons expected to do well in his new role. Kenny Thomas will be a banger with expected consistancy off the bench. This season really lies on Bibby's shoulder. They really need him to hold this team together and take it under his wing. If he does well, it could be a very good season for the Kings.

10. Indiana Pacers: Al Harrington is a huge pickup, that goes without say. But Armstrong was even better. His leadership will help things progress for this team. Marquis Daniels should excel with his role on this team. The lineup of PG: Tinsley SG: Stephen Jackson SF: Danny Granger PF: Al Harrington C: Jermaine O'Neal will be interesting. Their bench is pretty darn solid with Daniels, Armstrong, Foster, Jasikevicius, and big body - David Harrison is nice. They could do good things this year.
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I Dont Care What Anyone Better Put Kings In Your Top 10..k.martin And F.garcia Are Gonna Step Up..they Have A Deeper Bench ..with Some More Big Guys...losing Bonzi Was His Fault..with Bibby (most Underrated Player) Artest And Miller On That Team..i Have Them 3rd In The West..with the coaching of eric...hes a defensive minded beleive there not in your top 10..

1 Pistons
2. spurs
3. miami
4. mavs
5. kings
6. suns
7. clippers
8. rockets
9 wizards
10 lakers

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joe lucky
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1. Dallas (learned from their mistakes)
2. Phoenix (Amare + a whole season of chemistry will push them to near the top). Playoff-wise though teams will be more ready for the run and gun.
3. San Antonio (Popovich always comes out with a well disciplined team that knows how to win. Look to even more deferrment to Parker/Ginobili as Duncan slows a bit)
4. Miami (Shaq and Wade will get the needed wins but the supporting cast won't be able to get them as far as last year due to aging)
5. Detroit (Saunders needs these guys to start playing the way they used to. Ben Wallace was the spirit of that team so they need to reinvent quickly preferrably around the skills of Tayshaun Prince and Billups).
6. LA Clippers (Deep at all positions, Look for Kaman/Brand to be an even beastier duo and Livingston begins to start for them)
7. Chicago (I predict a slow start as the players adjust but a strong finish as always from this team...perhaps even an upset in the playoffs).
8. New Jersey (Hopefully the trio will all be healthy enough for another solid playoff run)
9. LA Lakers (Phil knows what to do to win. Kobe/Lamar and a supporting cast that went from bad last year to mediocre this year probably means more wins and a playoff seed (I say 7th seed in the West again).
10. Denver (Just a gut feeling that Carmelo is going to blow up this year and somehow Camby, Nene and KMart stay healthy. Note to KiKi: forfeit the first game).

Just missing: Cleveland, Sacramento and the Rockets. The Kings probably can make the playoffs again as well as Cleveland. The Rockets will be better than the Hornets and Grizzlies with Battier and T-Mac healthy enough to play some games.

I made this list just thinking: If I was the opposing team who would I least want to play in a series?
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NBA sixth man of the year
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Originally Posted by joe lucky
10. Denver (Just a gut feeling that Carmelo is going to blow up this year and somehow Camby, Nene and KMart stay healthy. Note to KiKi: forfeit the first game).

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Saw a basketball once
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1. Dallas- Dirks on his prime and young players like Devin Harris and Josh Howard will improve from the previous playoff experience.

2. San Antonio- Tim will bounce back from after having some statistical career lows, Manu and Parker will be consistent. But NOT making it to the Finals last season will be the reason why it will benefit them and motivate the team tremendously.

3. Cleveland- LBJ will have an MVP season. Z and the Brazilian enforcer will be rock solid throughout the whole year, Wesley and Damon Jones will keep the defense honest. If this roster doesn't work, a coaching change might happen!

4. Miami- Flash put the whole franchise on his shoulder during the Finals. they struggled during the season and getting lucky with the Nets( Cliff Robinson getting suspended). Shaq's still great but to win the title back to back, Wade has to be more than amazing again.

5. Houston- the addition off Shane Battier and Casey Jacobson will give the roster toughness on defense and outside shooting. An injury free season from Yao and T-Mac will determine the teams fate.

6. Phoenix- Amare is a question mark. few players have regained their usual form after having his kind of surgery. Nash has to be great for the Suns to be considered as contenders.

7. L.A. Lakers- A bittertaste of the previous playoffs will inspire this team throughout the year. Kobe will have a fresh start sporting his new no.24, and everyone should be very familiar with the triangle this time around!

8. Chicago- A very good mix of Good young players and fiery Veterans makes the roster very appealing. With Nocioni and Big Ben. it gives the team a lot of toughness in the frontcourt. while the backcourt was never a problem with Gordon and Kirk leading the way.

9. Detroit- It hurts me to put the Pistons at number nine. I dont understand why the offense wasn't going through Rasheed, and Why Rip chooses to dribble and penetrate to the Hoop more instead of doing what he does best of moving through screens,doing catch and shoot around the perimeter during the playoffs. unless they go back to what they usually do, it's only a matter of time before Joe D. really starts making changes.

10. Charlotte Bobcats- Laugh all you want guys. But im betting for this team to make alot of noise this upcoming season. Adam Morrison i think is something. A lot of positives are happening within the Franchise and with MJ around, things should get alot better!!!
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