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Default 2013 NBA Playoffs: Predict Bracket and Each Round

2013 Season MVP: Chris Paul

Eastern Conference Standings:
1. Miami
2. NYK
3. Indiana
4. Atlanta
5. Chicago
6. Brooklyn
7. Boston
8. Milwaukee

First Round: Miami vs. Milwaukee: Miami in 6
NYK vs. Boston: NYK in 7
Indiana vs. Brooklyn: Indiana in 6
Atlanta vs. Chicago: Atlanta in 6

Second Round: Miami vs. Atlanta: Miami in 5
NYK vs. Indiana: NYK in 6

Eastern Conference Finals: Miami vs. NYK: Miami in 6

Western Conference Standings:
1. LAC
2. OKC
3. San Antonio
4. Memphis
5. Denver
6. Golden State
7. Houston
8. Portland

First Round: LAC vs. Portland: LAC in 6
OKC vs. Houston: OKC in 4
San Antonio vs. Golden State: San Antonio in 5
Memphis vs. Denver: Memphis in 6

Second Round: LAC vs. Memphis: LAC in 7
OKC vs. San Antonio: OKC in 6

Eastern Conference Finals: LAC vs. OKC: LAC in 6

2013 NBA Finals: Miami vs. LAC: Miami in 6
2013 NBA Finals MVP: Lebron James

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blood yes
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Default Re: 2013 NBA Playoffs: Predict Bracket and Each Round

(Before i give my predictions, i would like to say that these are VERY realistic)

2013 MVP: LeBron James
2013 ROY: Lillard

1. Miami Heat 57-25
2. Indiana Pacers 53-29 (Once Danny Granger comes back, Pacers willbe good)
3. New York Knicks 52-30
4. Atlanta Hawks 50-32
5.Chicago Bulls 49-33
6. Brooklyn Nets 46-36
7. Boston Celtics 42-40
8. Milwakee Bucks 40-42
9. Toronto Raptors 37-45
10. Detroit Pistons 34-48
11. 76ers 33-49

1. LA Clippers 60-22
2. OKC Thunder 59-23
3. San Antonio Spurs 55-27
4. Memphis Grizzlies 53-29
5. Houston Rockets 50-32
6. Golden State Warriors 48-34
7. Denver Nuggets 45-37
8. LA Lakers 40-42
9. Minnesota Timberwolves 39-43
10. Trail Blazers 39-43
11. Utah Jazz 36-46


Heat beat Bucks in 6
Pacers beat Celtics in 7
Knicks beat Nets in 5
Bulls beat Hawks in 4 (Rose will be back just in time for da playoffs)

Lakers beat Clippers in 7 (They got the HC, technically, and Kobe is ready)
Thunder beat Nuggets in 4
Spurs beat Warriorrs in 4
Rockets beat Grizzlies in 6

Heat beat Bulls in 6
Pacers beat Knicks in 7

Rockets beat Lakers in 6
Thunder beat Spurs in 5

Heat beat Pacers in 6
Thunder beat Rockets in 5

Heat beat Thunder in 6

2013 FInals MVP: LeBron James
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Uday Hussein
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Default Re: 2013 NBA Playoffs: Predict Bracket and Each Round

celts win all.
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Default Re: 2013 NBA Playoffs: Predict Bracket and Each Round

Although I'm happy to see the Clippers putting on a display and playing extremely well, I still have my doubts. I don't think they'd make it out of the WCF round versus OKC.

The Knicks I doubt all together and don't know if they'd make it to the ECF.
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Very good NBA starter
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Default Re: 2013 NBA Playoffs: Predict Bracket and Each Round

MVP: Kevin Durant
DPOY: Joakim Noah
ROY: Damian Lillard
MIP: Grevies Vasquez (HM: Nikola Vucevic, Jrue Holiday)
6MOY: JR Smith (HM: Kevin Martin, JJ Redick)
COY: Vinny Del Negro (lol)

1. Miami Heat
2. Brooklyn Nets
3. New York Knicks
4. Indiana Pacers
5. Atlanta Hawks
6. Chicago Bulls
7. Boston Celtics
8. Philadelphia 76ers

1. Oklahoma City Thunders
2. Los Angeles Clippers
3. San Antonio Spurs
4. Memphis Grizzlies
5. Denver Nuggets
6. Houston Rockets
7. Goldenstate Warriors
8. Los Angeles Lakers

Heat in 6 over 76ers
Celtics in 7 over Nets
Knicks in 6 over Bulls
Pacers in 6 over Hawks

Thunders in 4 over Lakers
Clippers in 5 over Warriors
Spurs in 7 over Rockets
Nuggets in 7 over Grizzlies

Heat in 6 over Pacers
Knicks in 7 over Celtics

Thunders in 5 over Nuggets
Clippers in 7 over Spurs

Heat in 7 over Knicks
Thunders in 6 over Clippers

Thunders in 6 over Heat

FMVP: Kevin Durant

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It's A VC3!!!
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Default Re: 2013 NBA Playoffs: Predict Bracket and Each Round

I like these threads when there are 20 or so games remaining. We have 50 games remaining and so much can change in those 50 games. I won't even attempt to guess seeding. I'm wondering why some people have the Nets getting eliminated in the first round? No confidence in the surging Nets?
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