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Default Re: Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Yeah the flashbacks in regard to Nucky/Gillian/the Commodore weren't new revelations or plot twists so much as they fleshed out the entire back story. We already knew vaguely that Nucky was somehow responsible for Gillian meeting the Commodore (and subsequently being raped by him and impregnated with Jimmy), but it could've been an innocent introduction and it was possible Nucky didn't know about the Commodore's pedophile inclinations. From the flashbacks, we saw that it was a conscious decision Nucky made in return for his silver reward, knowing full well that the Commodore was a sick child predator. He literally sold the poor girl into sexual slavery.

I could've sworn that Jimmy once snapped at Nucky or something and basically accused Nucky of basically bringing little girls to the Commodore, including his mom, and Nucky had no response, leading us to believe that Nucky always knew what was going on.

Honestly, I feel like the most revealing thing to me about the flashbacks was how much he actually cared about that stuff. I was always under the impression that Nucky never really gave a sh*t that he did that to Gillian. It also makes it a little odd and maybe even worse that he killed Jimmy. I never got the impression until the finale when Nucky almost broke down to Gillian that he ever took any responsibility for any of the ****ed up things he did to the Darmody family.
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Default Re: Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

I too didn't get much fleshed out from the flashbacks. It was sort of a retelling of the story I felt I already knew. And because of that I sort of liked the ending. The Darmondy family sort of finally getting even with Nucky. But if that's going to be the overriding theme of the season, why do it with new performers re-interpretting characters we already knew and were comfortable with, just to drape this newer material over the top of it that felt like a totally different story.

We know Gillian had a relationship with Luciano, I would've more interested in something that put her prominently using those bozos in order to exact her revenge, and it would'nt have required the time jump in order to get the main theme of Darmondy retribution across. They could've easily juggled the timeline for other historical moments. Had it seem like Nucky was creating the national syndicate, then have Luciano turn on him for Gillian at the very end. They could've blown the Gillian history open through her with Luciano.

I don't know. It just felt like there were ways to get what they wanted with a seven year jump forward folloed by a 40 year flashback backward. I'm sure the Darmondy retribution was the endgame when the first scene was written a decade ago or whatever. And I'm sure it was supposed to be Jimmy until there was whatever contractual / backstage issue pushed that relationship toward what really was the shows apex to me.

And I really feel like losing Rothstein was a huge blow to this season.
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