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Default Re: Nash with his 5th +15 assist game in a row

Sure, replace Nash with another PG and they might get 19 assists. But lets look at that number 19. Replace that 9 with a 0 and it's only 10 assists. Not so impressive now, is it?!

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Default Re: Nash with his 5th +15 assist game in a row

Nor is it a coincidence that Nash has done what he's done when grouped with the roster Phoenix has in Mike D'Antoni's system.
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Default Re: Nash with his 5th +15 assist game in a row

Barbosa has been on the Suns since he was 20. He wasnt a major player till 3 years in. Hes just improved over time. That what young guys are supposed to do. Not like he went from garbage to great the first year with Nash. Bell was putting up 12ppg and shooting 40% from 3 on the Jazz. He went from 24 minutes to 37. Why shouldnt he have career numbers and bump it up around 15? And Diaw? Nash hardly makes Diaw anything. Did he make Diaw have back to back triple doubles with 16 and 12 assists with Nash out?

All of those players benefit from Nash but no more than they benefit from the team i ngeneral. None of them can be doubled because the rest of them will go off. Nash moves the ball where it needs to go and does a great job of it. But they are as responsible as anyone for making shots that keep the offense going.

Amare was a 25/9 player for 3 months of the season before Nash. Marion was a 21/10 all star pre Nash. JJ seems fine on the Hawks and he was fine putting up 19-20ppg with Amare after Marbury was gone in 04 without Nash. Qrich is about the only player in 3 years nash/the Suns helped do anything he didnt show signs of before or after them. And in a way he didnt either. He scored more and shot better on the Clippers.

Nash isnt having to make something of nothing. Hes helped mold already good(and developing good) players into a system that benefits himself as well as them. The only Suns player in this stretch that didnt prove themselves on teams without him is Diaw who is probably the least helped player of their good players. His talents are his own and hes proven able to do his thing without Nash on the floor.

All of these guys being together reduces the D any of them can face...that along with the coaches demands they run and shoot all game has as much to do with career highs as Nash does.

The Suns as a team and system are as beneficial to each individual as Nash is to each individual.

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