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Default Re: Steph Curry is the GOAT

Originally Posted by Stephonit
What I know is that Curry's career isn't over yet. He has a claim to one of the best if not the best regular seasons ever. He has a claim to one of the best if not the best playoffs ever. He was on a team that was historically great by certain measures—and that was before another all-time great teamed up with him. Curry plays in the modern era. He's been playing in the tougher conference. I'm more impressed with Curry than LeBron who many say they believe is the best player they've ever seen. Curry isn't as reliant as other greats on getting a favorable whistle. Curry changed the game.
See this is what I mean. Steph fans just make up shit when it come to his career. I'll give u the regular season claim. It's a fair one. He dosnt have a claim to one of the best playoffs ever. Mj's, Kareems, magic LeBron and Shaq all had better.

The pre kd warriors we're not historically great. The only had one chip and it was against a heavily depleted Cavs team that still won 2 games and beat them with the same squad the following year when fully healthy. Yeah they had the greatest regular season ever but they didn't win and like pip said it don't mean a thing without the ring.

Curry didn't change the game. Teams shoot more threes now because of Morey and the rockets. They came up with the analytics of why it makes sense and they implemented it first and other teams like the warriors followed. That's a fact. So how did Steph change the game exactly? He didnt.
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