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Default Re: Steph Curry is the GOAT

Originally Posted by Bronbron23
Yes his 17-19 was very good and on par with alot of atg players but not all. Mj had several better. Magics 86-87 was also better. Lebron, Shaq and Kareem also had better seasons.

And Steph wasn't missing half his team. Klay only missed a game. Kd being out hurt but he was just icing on the cake anyway. They were still a great team without him.

Steph is amazing. He's the best shooter ever and will go down a top 20 player. He's far from the goat is all I'm saying.

He had his greatest individual Finals/Playoff game of his career with KD, Klay, Looney all injured. Raptors ran 2-3 guys at him on every possession and he still dropped 47/8/7.

Klay, Looney, Cousins, Iguodala were all playing hurt and sustained major injuries either in the Finals or leading up to it. Iggy shouldn't have even played in his condition, Looney was in terrible pain and Thompson injured and went out early in two of the 6 games, including missing one completely. Durant obviously only played like 12 minutes in that series as well.

That's 5 guys dealing with serious injuries. Steph still made it a close series but got little to no respect after it while people were ready to give Lebron Finals MVP in 2015 for taking 32 shots a game to score his 35 inefficient points lol.
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