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Default Re: Steph Curry is the GOAT

Originally Posted by Bronbron23
Yes his 17-19 was very good and on par with alot of atg players but not all. Mj had several better. Magics 86-87 was also better. Lebron, Shaq and Kareem also had better seasons.

And Steph wasn't missing half his team. Klay only missed a game. Kd being out hurt but he was just icing on the cake anyway. They were still a great team without him.

Steph is amazing. He's the best shooter ever and will go down a top 20 player. He's far from the goat is all I'm saying.

Magic's 1987 wasn't better than Curry's 2017—and that was with idiotic commentators proclaiming 2017 to be a "down year" for Curry for the entire first half of it.
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