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Default Re: Steph Curry is the GOAT

Originally Posted by Bronbron23
As far as careers it won't even be close Steph is already 31 and will begin his decline soon. Offensively mj's destroys curry at the same age up until this point.

Even if you want to look at Steph's best season it's still doesn't compare to mj when you factor in playoffs and finals. Regular season yes Curry's 2016 was up there with mj.

Curry 2015 regular season
30.1 pts/ 6.7 ass/ 45% 3pt / 56% 2pt

Mj 1990 regular season
31.5% pts/ 5.5 ass/ 31% 3pt/ 53% 2 pt

I won't even harp on the easier scoring era and mj having to score in iso more. If u just look at there regular seasons offensively Steph was a little better.

The post season and finals which are tougher scoring conditions is a different story.

Curry 2016 playoffs
25.1/5.2 ass/40% 3pt/48% 2 pt

Mj 1991 playoffs
31.1/8.4 ass/39% 3 pt/ 53% 2 pt

So in the playoffs where teams and defences are better and refs let players play more you can see that Steph gets worse while mj gets better. In the finals there's even a bigger disparity as curry continues to get worse while mj gets even better.

Curry 2016 finals
22.6/3.7ass/40% 3pt/ 40% 2pt

Mj 1991 finals
31.2 pts/11.4 ass/ 50% 3 pt/59% 2pt

Again it's not close mj crushes Steph. So if you guys want to clarify and just compare regular season offensive impact for that one year than that's fair but as far as a whole season goes which includes post season, mj is on another level.

So you take Steph's worst Finals series and compare it to MJ's best to make a point?

Steph got injured early in the 2016 Playoffs (twice, I might add), so his Playoff averages already tank because he had to leave early in his first two games and the injury was significant enough that he played a total of 38 minutes in the first 8 Playoff games. Not only are the injuries a factor, but the first 3 games of the Finals were all blowouts, where he either played a low amount of minutes or barely shot the basketball due to the games being decided in the first half. As bad as his series was overall, he still broke the Finals 3-Point record while shooting 40% from three at 11.4 attempts per game. His team was up 3 - 1 with him hobbling and then his best teammate in that series gets suspended for a closeout game at home, where his starting Center suffers a series-ending injury. Not only that, but in the next game Iguodala gets injured and is left hobbling for the rest of the series as well. A healthy, non-suspended Warriors squad closes the series out in 5 games and we don't have this stupid discussion.
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