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Like Ginobili, Dante Exum arrived to the league with abilities and attributes that were intriguing, but having proven very little. Like Ginobili, those obvious gifts have often been on display, reminding viewers why he’s special even amid an otherwise uneven start to his career. He has played behind established veterans and seen his playing time and role fluctuate, and his coach has likewise tried to rein him in, sometimes with consternation. Manu and Dante are very different players, but their early experiences as NBA players are parallel in many ways.

comparing Dante with one of the greats?

Something similar happens almost any time Exum is mentioned. It happened when The Athletic’s Tony Jones shared intel that the Jazz are still very high on Exum, and it happened again when recent workout photos of Exum surfaced.

what else are they going to say after drafting him and signing him to that horrible contract?

For example, George Hill to Ricky Rubio was roughly a talent-neutral2 transition made largely because of what’s in Rubio’s heart and bones, and then Rubio to Mike Conley was about taking the talent to the next level without sacrificing what Rubio brought emotionally and intellectually. The same thing happened when Utah replaced Joe Johnson with Jae Crowder, and later upgraded to Bojan Bogdanovic.

Rubio never fit. Hill fit perfectly.

In Exum’s case, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited. While his early career has had its ups and downs, he is still just 24 and he has established a pretty safe “floor” by ensconcing himself on the foundation of a couple of elite skill sets. Players who are elite in one area tend to have long NBA careers, even if they’re mediocre at everything else3. Players who have two elite skill sets have a chance to be really, really special. Even if Exum remains exactly who he is at age 24, he has already shown a capacity to be elite in two really important areas of the game: the ability to break down defenses with his speed4, and on-ball defense.

who cares if he breaks down D's if he can't finish or hold on to the ball?
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