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Conley hasnít often played with a rim-rolling center who feasts on lobs, like Gobert; Ingles lost his pick-and-roll partner in Derrick Favors; Mitchell hasn't played with a point guard who scores as much as Conley.

Conley's got a great floater. Should be a great weapon . A lob or a floater. Keep D's guessing

If Dante Exum or Mudiay prove to be consistent enough to lead the second unit, the Jazz could very well start their best five players. If not, donít be surprised to see Ingles come off the bench to stabilize things as a point forward ó or even just to provide another offensive punch.

They don't want Ingles getting worn out or playing the 4. Want Bojan at the 3

Such a move would push Royce OíNeale or Green into the starting lineup, depending on the matchup. OíNeale is arguably the teamís best perimeter defender, and he shot 39% from 3-point range last season. Green, meanwhile, could be used to match up against bigger frontcourts. These wouldnít be bad options for the Jazz to explore in the starting lineup.

Or Niang. Should play whoever works best with the other 4

Regardless of who starts, expect plenty of staggering to keep a scoring threat on the floor at all times. Bogdanovic, Conley and Mitchell have all been effective in their careers as a teamís top-scoring option ó the Jazz should be able to use that to their advantage.

try to keep 2 of them at all times and 3 of 4 with Gobert in that mix

Favors was arguably the Jazzís third-best player as he embraced his hybrid starter/backup role. By some metrics, it was Favors ó not Gobert ó who was the best rim protector in the league last season. Having that as your backup center was a nice luxury.

better rim protector than the guy that no one ants to challenge?

Davis wonít provide the Gobert injury insurance that Favors did, but things point to him being able to fill the backup center role.

why won't he?

This is the first Jazz team that Snyder has coached with this much offensive talent. Snyderís advantage basketball system has done wonders to create open shots for teams with much less firepower. Imagine what he can do with this yearís squad.

He needs to worry about his rotations and getting the right guys on the floor and letting them play. Not overthink and show us how smart he is

This isnít a new trend: You need a superstar to win a title. The question is: Can Mitchell be that for the Jazz? Heís already well on his way. In fact, heís pretty close to being there.

They have their superstar. When Mitchell is the best player on the team let's talk
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