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Default Re: 00 & 14 Raptors Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
The 00-01 Raptors were better than the 99-00 Raptors because they did make it farther that year and were 1 shot away from making the ECF. The 00 team was special, though, since it was the first time they made the playoffs.

I personally feel the 13-14 team is more likable both on an off the court outside of Valanciunas D.U.I.. With the fans able to pile up Maple Leaf Square (Jurassic Park) during the playoffs, the "We the North" slogan, and a promising young core (Lowry, Patterson, and Vasquez coming back hopefully)...this is only the beginning for them. Here's also hoping it changes the fortunes of the franchise.
True but there was a reason why I didn't include tha 01 raptors tho
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