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We're talking about the GOAT perimeter defender here vs the GOAT, what, petulant crybaby and backchatter?

Anyway, to make a serious point, basketball is a game of two halves, in more ways than one. Defense is worth as much as offense in championships runs, and no perimeter defender could do it all (man, help, versatility and leadership) like Pippen.

You can come up with migraines (which is worth how much of his overall career?), but Pippen was a dominant defender for 6 championship runs and carried his team in 94, one win away from the ECF after a bogus call for the Knicks (who lost to the Rockets in 7). Pippen led that team in points, rebounds, assists AND defense. And took them close without MJ, even racking up a 55 win regular season.

Playing with the GOAT doesn't demean Pip's accomplishments. He is one of the 20 greatest players of all time.

Wade was a great defender in his hey day, but the gap between defense is larger than the gap in offense between the two, if we take into account the totality of the game.

With the logic some of you are using, Billups might as well as be considered greater than Pippen. My word that one time he led his team to victory sure outweighs Pippen's career.

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